Linguix: Case Study of Free Writing Assistant App Development

Brand Story

Linguix is a free writing assistant. It’s more than a grammar checker and mistake checker. It’s a SaaS product with Russian-originated founders dedicated to the improvement of the writing capabilities of its users all over the world.

Keep reading to learn more about obstacles and outcomes in our case study of a writing assistant app.


Create a writing assistant app, make a smooth, high-quality & stable mobile application based on the AI-algorithm the service is using currently. One of the interesting points is that the final mobile solution should be not the regular app, but a utility application vastly connected with the user keyboard.


Create quality mobile applications from scratch using the existing AI-based backend & combine everything smoothly in utility keyboard applications for App Store & Google Play.

We kicked off the process with technical specification development for the product, outlining priority functionalities & parts of the product, working on the design of the service, clearly setting up the environment for the development & focusing on the most important parts of the product development.

Native iOS & Android development languages — Swift & Kotlin, respectively — were chosen for the development of the application since it’s a keyboard utility app with certain platform-specific functionalities.

Backend API was provided from the client’s end since they already had a web-based product built — so we were just implementing that.


Online writing assistant app development in progress at the moment — we’re finishing some parts of it & polishing the whole product to respond to quality standards of the service — at the end of the day, Grammarly is the main popular competitor of the company.

Product Plans

Future plans are clear & simple — improvement of a current version of the application, iterative process of gathering user feedback & market response in order to beat the competition & gain a foothold on the market.

Alex Lashkov

Founder @ Linguix

«Despite the fact the free writing assistant app development is still in progress we really enjoy working with interexy professional team. They’re caring and provide us with good feedback on iOS & Android development & know their craft very well. Interexy’s experience includes not only case study of writing assistance application, but also a wide range of other custom solutions. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who’s looking for reliable app builders and the team with free writing assistant apps case study”.

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