MedKitDoc: Business Class in Digital Healthcare

Brand Story

MedKitDoc is German-based startups committed to disrupting the digital health industry with a revolutionary product — an app allowing physicians & patients to connect online.


Deliver a quality product from scratch within tight deadlines in order to fundraise & continue the development process.


Building a complex medical solution from scratch complying to German security standards & building functionalities of the product that were not present in the marketplace before.

We kicked off the process with technical specification development — outlining the core product functionalities, target audience, safety & business requirements, building low-fidelity mockups for the product & figuring out technical stack.

We had a pretty tight deadline for the development of the solution, especially including the revolutionary concept of the service.


The solution is built & being polished currently — we’re getting ready to launch.

Complex parts of the product are tied up together & working well through the whole workflow process of the service.

Product Plans

Lots of things planned for the development, improvement & expansion of the product in the upcoming future — starting from the Android version ending building a full-scale white-labeled platform for B2B markets in the area.

Dorian Koch

Founder & CEO @ MedKitDoc

«Project is not yet done. Review will be given after project is finalized.»

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