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Cannabis Apps

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Let’s see some facts and growth statistics:


250,000 jobs

The cannabis industry is expected to add nearly 250,000 full-time jobs between 2020 and 2024



49% of millennials consume cannabis for recreational


Double sales

Recreational pot sales could double medical sales
by 2022

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Meet the next challenges to be competitive with your product

Leverage & centralize a delivery process

Deliver a product
just in time

Know the market & all the legalities

Deal with a complex regulatory structure

Find the formula for compliance

Keep dispensary delivery drivers safe

Cannabis App Development Services to stay ahead of the competition as an industry leader

We offer an extensive range of technical solutions to build a robust & user friendly app for your business.

Medical Cannabis Delivery App Development

We deliver complex medical marijuana delivery app development solutions to create user friendly applications for cannabis delivery service

Apps for Managing cannabis compliance

Help users explore and buy properties across their desired locations. Simplify communication with the owner of the properties in all issues

Information-driven App

Apps to provide real-time cannabis data and analytics, industry insights for cannabis retailers, growers and health care professionals.

Cannabis Logistics Management App Development

We create mobile apps for cannabis supply chain automation.

Live video streaming cannabis app

We build apps to go live or live-stream stories of inventions and novelties in the healthcare industry and cannabis sector. enable the cannabis community/group to help people rediscover medical cannabis through content, directories & marketplace

Custom Cannabis App Development

We have a flexible and experienced team of cannabis mobile app developers ready to realize your business ideas for the development of custom and workable solutions.

Uber-Like App for Medical Cannabis

We can help you with development of on-demand cannabis applications to gain a loyal customer faster & safer, providing them with legal delivery services.

Key features in Cannabis Apps Development

Payment gateway integrations



Real-time tracking

Camera functionalities

Push notifications

GPS map integration

Simple, human-centered UI

Strain explorer features

Route building

Information-driven app

Comprehensive database of marijuana strains

Online video streaming

Identity verification

Product reviews features

Cannabis regulatory compliance

Location management

Trending cannabis news

Key features in Cannabis Apps Development

Interexy’s experience in Cannabis App Development


Cannabis Apps Flutter iOS Australia

The Parsl is a solution for managing cannabis compliance and regulation enforcement.


Develop a stable mobile solution for existing SaaS web-based products to automate logistics & items scanning activities for employees in cannabis businesses.


The main challenge was to integrate the application with complex backend infrastructure and establish a seamless workflow using Flutter – we had to automate scanning activities and thus worked heavily with background threading, main UI thread & local memory a lot.


The application was developed successfully & is live on the marketplace – it’s already being used in cannabis businesses across the West Coast.

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Cannabis Apps 02 /03
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Cannabis Mobile App Development Process

Meeting the Regulatory Requirements
Project Scoping
Data Engineering
Building the Model
Business Analysis
Launch (AppStore &
Google Play approval)
Software Specification
Meeting the Regulatory Requirements
Project Scoping
Data Engineering
Building the Model
Business Analysis
Launch (AppStore & Google Play approval)

Why Choose Interexy as a Medical Cannabis Application Development Company

Niche expertise in Cannabis App Development

We are on the same page with regulatory actors. We have real experience & successfully implemented projects.

Openness to complex challenge

We provide uncompromising quality and flexibility, working with innovations and new solutions that have not yet been on the market.

Strong account management & communication

We provide structured and professional communication on every stage of the project.

Transparent collaboration

We quickly dive into innovative processes as a technological partner and find the best ways to realize your ideas.

Highly Satisfied Clients


Interexy LLC is a Miami-headquartered custom software development and IT consulting company with deep expertise in over 15 industries offering innovative solutions for such market giants as SAP, Pampers & General Electric.

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