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Become a hero in the delivery industry with a mobile app optimized for speed, choice, and personalized customer experience.

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The pandemic has more than doubled
food delivery app business

Online food delivery industry on the restaurant market in the US due
to the COVID-19 from 2020 to 2025

Source: Statista

Keep up with the mobile-first world!

Get in touch to build a multifunctional, user-friendly, secure mobile app for your business.

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Mobile app part and parcel

for a delivery business

Reach local & global levels with an easy-to-use innovative mobile


Make your delivery business adaptable and benefit from COVID time’s changes on the market. Create a delivery app that completely satisfies the needs of your business in digitizing.

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Raise brand awareness with the delivery service app development that combines the newest cutting-edge technologies and possibilities.

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Increase return on investment. Realize your business idea together with the delivery app development company.

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Make the revenue as much as possible by engaging a new audience using development services for ordering apps.

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Automate your business processes and procedures. Have your business manageable at most and automated where needed.

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Build loyalty among your customers with a delivery app development solution:

  • launch custom settings for new positions;
  • increase the client’s LTV at a distance through various discounts & bonuses;
  • stop paying huge commissions to food delivery services.
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Business verticals that can take advantage of digitization

pizza delivery

Pizza delivery

To boost the revenue and attract the attention of pizza lovers to your pizzeria we can help create an on-demand pizza delivery app product. User-friendly & functional mobile app will cover the needs of both the business and the end customer.

Food delivery app

Food delivery app

App for ordering food is not just the trend but a vital need during COVID‐19. Stay competitive in increased food delivery demand. Provide convenient food delivery service with custom delivery mobile app development.

Courier delivery

Courier delivery

Build and develop a trustworthy courier service with a robust delivery app. Ensure timely high-quality delivery of parcels thanks to an application that will facilitate and speed up the delivery process.

Grocery delivery

Grocery delivery

Provide your customers with fresh produce, meat, dairy, and pantry staples on the dot even at the height of the pandemic and social distancing. Get a reliable mobile app via innovative delivery app development.



Digitize your taxi business with modern on-demand delivery mobile app development and raise brand awareness with applications like Uber that rocked the world already.

Alcohol delivery

Alcohol delivery

Apps for quick and easy wine & alcohol delivery. An on-demand app will help both the customers and the sellers efficiently. Let your clients get in touch with your service with a click.

Cannabis delivery

Cannabis delivery

Ensure reliable medical cannabis delivery to your clients front door anywhere with a safe mobile app, compliant with the cannabis industry laws & regulations.

Flower delivery

Flower delivery

Let’s create a functional and user-friendly mobile application that will allow you to deliver flowers carefully and exactly on time.

Core features we use to build functional solutions for delivery mobile apps

Payment gateway integrations

User Friendly Interface

Customer Support

Real Time Tracking

Authentication and Security

Real-time Tracking

The Wishlist Feature

Ratings & Reviews



Multilanguage & Currency

Referral System

In-app Chat

Manage Orders & Deliveries

Camera Functionalities

Location Management



Core features we use to build functional solutions for delivery mobile apps

We ensure:

Quality & stability


Fresh minds

Structured and professional communication

Responsiveness and responsibility

Deadline compliance

Relevant cases & experience

Well-balanced & effective on-demand app developers

Post-production product support and scaling

Keep up with the mobile-first world!

Get in touch to build a multifunctional, user-friendly, secure mobile app for your business.

Pre-estimate my app project

How app looks like

What the application looks like

See our customers’ evolution

One Rover

One Rover is a leader in Rideshare cost savings, options, and satisfaction. A Rover is a professional partner Driver that is dedicated to providing robust commute options to One Rover platform users in boundless locations around the world.


Develop a stable mobile solution for existing SaaS web-based products to automate logistics & items scanning activities for employees in cannabis businesses.


During the development process we faced different issues, some of them:
1. Building a product from scratch
2. Matching Algorithm, Geofencing & Driver Payments
3. Different Applications for Different Entities


In partnership with our full-cycle mobile app development company, One Rover had the application delivered on time & on budget. Even though we had multiple alterations through the development process: we modified the design several times to adjust to a changing target audience & marketing team requirements.

Technology expertise for solid solutions

React Native (JS, Typescript, CoffeeScript)

React Vue.js



PHP Python Ruby on Rails

Native iOS (Swift)

Kotlin Multiplatform

Android (Kotlin, Java)

Flutter (Dart)




Mobile Front-end


Web Front-end

Technology expertise for solid solutions



Jason Kelley

Founder @MUSL

““I was always looking at where it intersects with the skill base of the team and the customer service, communication, project management. You can have a really amazing team of talented developers and …” Read more

Saad Saeed

Founder & CEO @ Crumb

““Within its first nine weeks, the app received 8,000 users and a 4.7-star rating. The platform is well designed and hasn’t had many bugs. Interexy LLC is fast and efficient at building new features as well as taking scope changes in stride. Expertise and responsiveness are hallmarks of their work.” Read more

Will von Behr

Founder @ Urbs Travel

““I got an amazing product that was exactly what I envisioned when I first sat out & drew the plans. The two areas that I think where Stan & his team particularly excel: first is attention to detail (…) & secondly the kind of support they’ve provided after the app was largely complete. I’m sure the number of teams just do the bug work & leave it but they are [Interexy team] always on hand to answer any questions really at any time of day which is incredible.

So I’d encourage anyone who wants to build any sort of product to use Stan & his team. It’ll accelerate your business and make your life a whole lot easier.””
Read more

Rob Fedun

Founder of Tinga Nutrition Inc.

“I was very impressed by their level of knowledge, willingness to learn, creativity and customer service. They are a growing company and take this opportunity very seriously, looking to learn from their overall process and client interactions. Interexy LLC is in line with our expectations and they are always available.” Read more

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