Real Estate Tokenization Services

Real Estate Tokenization Services

Tokenization of real estate has the ability to dramatically change the way people invest in real estate all across the world. Take advantage of its potential and digitize your illiquid assets with experienced blockchain developers

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Real Estate Tokenization Development Company

Since the NFT and Metaverse market is growing in popularity, we, as a top blockchain Dubai & Miami development company, fill our team with only high-skilled experts. We have already seen a demand for tokenizing real estate and now are known as industry’s experts in that new yet promising field.

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Benefits of Real Estate Tokenization

High-volume Liquidity

While real estate has always been an illiquid asset, tokenized property assets will be fractionalized, giving investors an easy entry, making the tokens even more liquid


With blockchain real estate tokenization, nothing prevents users from buying a home on the other side of the globe. Users globally will benefit from housing estates

Process Automation

Real estate tokenization, buying, and selling properties is an automated process thanks to the application of smart contracts that also process instant settlements


Smart contract code is triggered automatically by an on-chain transaction, with immediate execution of the contract when the rules are met. This reduces the need for any escrow, paperwork and prevention of manual errors

Types of Real Estate Tokenization

According to your needs and types of properties you have, our Real Estate tokenization services are divided into four groups:

Commercial Real Estate Tokenization

Through this process we can tokenize the ownership of commercial properties following legally-compliant protocols

Residential Real Estate Tokenization

Here we can tokenize the fractional ownership of residential real estate for asset owners, investors, developers and institutions

Single Real Estate Tokenization

Our experts can tokenize real estate assets that usually represent iconic buildings in prime locations having strong real estate underpinnings

Trophy Real Estate Tokenization

If you want to gain revenue from a property with strong real estate value, we can tokenize iconic and famous buildings in prime locations

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Our Real Estate Tokenization Solutions

Real Estate Tokenization Platform Development

We offer tokenization platform development services that provide you with a marketplace that facilitates the buying and selling of real estate property tokens

Hybrid Tokenization Platform Development

Our dev team will build a hybrid platform through which an owner, agency, developer, or builder can issue different types of equity tokens for their services

Fractional Tokenization Services

Gain multiple revenue channels by dividing your property through splitting your real estate property into fractions and sell them as F-NFTs on the tokenization platforms

Leasing & Rental Services

Thanks to our experience, our dev team can integrate tokenized renting and leasing services into the tokenization real estate marketplace as an addition to selling and purchasing services

Loan & Mortgage Facilitation

If you want to allow asset tokens to avail loans and mortgages, we pack your tokenization marketing platform with loan and mortgage availing services for tokenized residential and commercial properties

Real Estate NFT Development

Power up your business and open new opportunities in the Metaverse by developing real estate in the form of NFT. Sell NFT properties, create concerts, meetings and enjoy the benefits of blockchain

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As a well-known real estate tokenization development company with in-depth experience in this market, we always build user-friendly, scalable, stable and secure products that meet industry’s strict requirements and overcome user expectations.

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Our Process of Real Estate Tokenization

Deal Structuring

We always start with deciding on the asset kind, shareholder type, jurisdiction, and relevant rules that will have an impact in this initial phase of structuring deals

Legal Structure
We need to create a legal wrapper over the individual property (SPV &REIT) to securitize and form an investment vehicle, which is a key step to digitize real estate
Technology Selection
Once we define the legal structure, the next stage is to choose the right technology. The process involves our specialists who have already worked on similar projects
Distribution and Marketing
The final step in our real estate tokenization development process is token generation, distribution and them marketing of your real estate token for higher revenue

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Why Engage Interexy For Real Estate Tokenization?


Security Token Offering (STO)

We use tokenized asset offering (TAO) Security Token Offering (STO) in the development process


Delivered over 50 Blockchain Projects

Since we are a leading real estate tokenization company, we’ve built over 50 blockchain projects


In-house Blockchain team

We have an experienced team of blockchain experts and offer clients devs with relevant backgrounds


250+ Years Of Experience

When combining years of experience of all our blockchain specialists, we have over 250+ years of overall experience

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The app is in development stage, although the client is satisfied with our work and wants to go further with our team after raising investments.

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NFT Ticketing

Since the NFT industry is growing rapidly, NFT Ticketing should become one of pioneers in the field of sending tickets in the form of non-fungible tokens.

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