Cryptocurrency App Development Services

With people starting investing in cryptocurrency and the immense growth of this space, we can cover all your development needs and produce efficient, stable and engaging applications.

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Cryptocurrency App Development Services
crypto development services
Interexy is an experienced provider of cryptocurrency app development services. We have buckled up with in-depth expertise in building quality apps focused on various purposes. With years of developing products in smart contracts, cloud mining, DEX, exchange platforms and more, we are skilled enough to realise any idea.

Why do businesses need crypto development services?

  • Save money and time;
  • Opens up new business channels and product types;
  • Easily track and trace vital data;
  • Get access to any data stored on the blockchain;
  • Gain trust and transparency within your brand.

How Cryptocurrency Works

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The system accept the transaction and it represents online as a block
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The block is broadcasted to all parties in the network
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Those present in network accept transaction as valid
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The block can be then added to the chain, providing a transparent report of transactions – transaction is complete

Partner a high-skilled cryptocurrency app development company

to help startups and large companies leverage the decentralized network, craft solutions on blockchain networks and bring a new level of efficiency, transparency and higher revenue into your business process.

Features of Cryptocurrency App

High Secure User

Each user can safely manage needed data as well as the dashboard’s layout and structure.

Investment Plan

This feature helps users easily see and identify what tokens require special attention and create investment plans based on needs.


If something changes or a user wants to add new tokens to their plan, this feature will be a life-saver.

Registration System

We always add an extra layer of security to your app.

Features of Cryptocurrency App

Total Profit

This gives users a chance to check the entire profit history to understand trends and apply best techniques.

Total Deposit

Give users a chance to view deposit history in an effortless way.

100% Secure

To guarantee unmatched security, our team always makes sure to provide 100% secure login.


We add this feature to help customers manage their finances within the app by only a few finger taps.

Our Crypto App
Development Processes

Gathering requirements
UI/UX Design
Quality Assurance
Support & Maintenance
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Gathering requirements

Before we start the development, we gather all requirements and perform market analysis for accurate and efficient results.


UI/UX Design

Since the design makes 70% of success, our design team makes it based on the first step.



This stage is vital to show you a layout of the future app and collect next wishes.



For the development process we take only skilled experts who worked with the needed niche.


Quality Assurance

The step includes various testing to ensure the app is stable, efficient, works properly and satisfies users needs.



To start your business growth and show customers what services you provide, we performed deployment on chosen platforms.


Support & Maintenance

Since any app requires updates and has to be tracked after the launching, we offer constant support and later maintenance.

Launch your crypto applications, software solution, white label
exchange wallet or even your unique coin with our dedicated
and expertised team!

Technologies We Use

The tech side of our cryptocurrency development process usually consists of the following technologies:

cryptocurrency technologies


Since this is one of the most trusted programming languages provided by Apple Inc for iOS and OS X development, we use Swift to ensure stable code, absence of bugs and efficient usage.



We use this integrated development environment (IDE) combined with other software development tools by Apple for software working on macOS, iOS, iPad, watchOS, and tvOS.


Web 3

This is a blend of useful libraries, allowing us to to work with a local or remote Ethereum node, through an HTTP or IPC connection.



This is a popular programming language that applies to the ECMAScript specification and boasts a multi-paradigm platform we use for any software products.



Rust is widely used for cryptocurrency app development due to its great documentation, a friendly compiler with error messages, and high-quality tooling.



We use Solidity as an object-oriented language for smart contracts that run on Ethereum. It helps us create stable and efficient blockchain platforms.

Most powerful cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Bitcoin
Ripple Ripple
Litecoin Litecoin
Etherum Etherum
Bitshares Bitshares
Banx Shares Banx Shares

Industry experts

We ensure your project will be performed by our team of experts in the blockchain field to guarantee unmatched quality and compliance with industry’s guidelines.

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Custom crypto development services

Whether you want a unique coin or just want a crypt app customized to your needs, we always heer to suggest you only brand-new products according to requirements.

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Complete transparency and support

Our team believes that fruitful corporations are built on transparency and support, so we show you the whole working process and keep you informed almost 24/7.

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Jason Kelley

Founder @MUSL

““I was always looking at where it intersects with the skill base of the team and the customer service, communication, project management. You can have a really amazing team of talented developers and …” Read more

Saad Saeed

Founder & CEO @ Crumb

““Within its first nine weeks, the app received 8,000 users and a 4.7-star rating. The platform is well designed and hasn’t had many bugs. Interexy LLC is fast and efficient at building new features as well as taking scope changes in stride. Expertise and responsiveness are hallmarks of their work.” Read more

Will von Behr

Founder @ Urbs Travel

““I got an amazing product that was exactly what I envisioned when I first sat out & drew the plans. The two areas that I think where Stan & his team particularly excel: first is attention to detail (…) & secondly the kind of support they’ve provided after the app was largely complete. I’m sure the number of teams just do the bug work & leave it but they are [Interexy team] always on hand to answer any questions really at any time of day which is incredible.

So I’d encourage anyone who wants to build any sort of product to use Stan and his team. It’ll accelerate your business and make your life a whole lot easier.””
Read more

Rob Fedun

Founder of Tinga Nutrition Inc.

“I was very impressed by their level of knowledge, willingness to learn, creativity and customer service. They are a growing company and take this opportunity very seriously, looking to learn from their overall process and client interactions. Interexy LLC is in line with our expectations and they are always available.” Read more


What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency means digital or virtual currency which operates on the blockchain and is secured by cryptography. Therefore it can’t be replaced or stolen anyway.

What Is A Crypto Wallet?

Technically, it is your regular wallet but in digital format. It allows users to store and manage their cryptocurrency.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Crypto Wallet?

The answer depends on many factors, like complexity, number of features, the location of the development company and more. However, the prices usually start from $50.000.

How Does Business Get Benefit From Crypto Wallet Development?

Developing a crypto wallet, companies can get a chance to easily store the funds they receive from purchased products and services. They can also get profits from people using this product.

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