React.js Development Services

React.js Development Services

Looking for a trusted React.js development company that creates a standout user experience? Hire React.js development team from Interexy to get stable and scalable solutions

#1 React.js Development Company

Our React.js development agency has been providing React.js development services since 2017. As a modern yet experienced company, we successfully delivered 40+ projects to clients from all across the world.

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Our React.js
Development Services

Explore our React.js development services that made us a leading React.js development company


React Front-end development

Leverage our React.js development services to build a project from scratch and based on your unique needs and your unique business approach


React Web App Development

As a leading React.js web application development agency, we can turn ideas into business-driven and stable web applications that cover your business needs


React Mobile App Development

Benefit from experiencing the full power of the quality cross-platform mobile applications by using our React.js app development solutions


React for Enterprise

We offer experienced and skilled React.js developers who provide scalable and secure solutions to develop large scale B2B & Enterprise web apps


React Migration & Integration

We provide React.js services that help businesses implement React functionality through encapsulating architecture code in React components


React Support & Maintenance

You don’t need to worry about future maintenance and support services, since we believe in the long-term relationships with our clients and ensure app is stable

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The app is in development stage, although the client is satisfied with our work and wants to go further with our team after raising investments.

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Gamifly is a Web3 gateway that connects traditional gaming companies and mass consumers to the Web3 ecosystem, by offering no-fuss SDK to onboard…

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NFT Ticketing

Since the NFT industry is growing rapidly, NFT Ticketing should become one of pioneers in the field of sending tickets in the form of non-fungible tokens.

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Labster is an AR startup helping teachers & students across the world to get study faster & efficiently by providing virtual labs experience.

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Medico Stores Delivery

Medico Stores is the retail mobile application designed to work as a marketplace for medications and connect users, retailers, pharmacies or private clinics and couriers.

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ELOSIA is a health check app designed to allow users of private clinic networks to easily perform analysis of urine right in their homes

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Ryan Ruud is a businessman who works in the Compassly organization focused on supporting people struggling with autism disease.

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Working with Interexy has been incredible, the team is easy to communicate with, understands the healthcare industry in-depth and is always open to implementing new ideas as they come up.

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Flexible Engagement Models

Instead of following an unwanted rigid parameters, you can choose the suitable cooperation approach

Fixed Price Model

Outsource your React development to our carefully developed team based on your request

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React.js team augmentation

Hire our hire React.js developers to extend your team and fulfill the skill gap to drive business success

Extend your team

Dedicated React.js team

Get a dedicated React.js team to develop efficient and stable solutions for your business

Hire react.js developers

React.js Team Augmentation

Hiring React.js developers to expand your exciting team or cover specific task is a popular model since it offers:

  • Hiring flexibility
  • Full management control
  • Short-term projects
  • Full-time remote team or a specialist
Hire React.js engineers
  • Gathering requirements
  • Assembling the team
  • Talent selection
  • Integrating the team
  • The result
Hire a Dedicated Team

React.js Dedicated Team

Hire our React.js dedicated team to extend your staff with skilled and remote specialists that are fully under your control. In this model we are in charge of their administration and professional development. The process is made up of the following steps:

Our React.js Developers


Senior Software Engineer · 5y. of experience

Emma joined our team two years ago and is now one of the most popular React.js developers for clients in a dedicated team model.


Senior Software Engineer · 7y. of experience

With 7 years of experience, Liam is our leading React.js developer who is known for his dedication, fresh ideas, problem-solving capabilities and excellent soft skills.


Middle Software Engineer · 4y. of experience

Joshua usually works as a developer for hire since he has shown exceptional skills in developing unique features and projects

Why Our React.js Development Services?

Flexible cooperation

We offer clients a vast choice of cooperation models for flexibility, higher convenience and based on budget

No hidden fees

Our processes are always transparent and clients can see the current situation at each given time and rest assured

Experts in the field

With years of experience and dedicated hiring process, we offer developers with relevant experience

Dedicated Project Manager

We offer a dedicated project manager responsible for all issues and questions, you can enjoy the process with no stress

Senior & Middle Engineers

Since we hire only experienced engineers, clients get senior and middle developers with relevant background

Agile Approach

Striving to make the process and smooth as possible, we follow Agile approach in most our projects

Highly Satisfied Clients


Interexy LLC is a Miami-headquartered custom software development and IT consulting company with deep expertise in over 15 industries offering innovative solutions for such market giants as SAP, Pampers & General Electric.

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