Mobile App Marketing Services

As an experienced app marketing and development company, Interexy helps promote your iOS and Android apps with well-thought-out marketing strategies to make your product visible, attractive, boost downloads and increase revenue.

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Mobile App Marketing Services
Marketing Services
Partnering with a trusted company that provides various marketing services can help businesses reach more potential clients, reach a high level of engagement with targeted marketing messages, grow awareness around your product, increase revenue and support your business growth in multiple ways.

What does Interexy provide?

  • Custom mobile app marketing campaign
  • Increase downloads and user acquisition
  • Mobile app paid advertising
  • Practice-proven promotion and optimization strategies
  • App engagement marketing services
  • Mobile targeting advertising
  • Product management services

Mobile App Marketing Services by Interexy

App Store
Optimization Services

We analyze the data regularly to adapt our practices, write descriptions, titles and create keyword lists based on research, perform

A/B testing, leading you to success in the market.

App Store Optimization Services

Marketing Research

Our marketing research is made up of the gathering, recording, and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data regarding issues about the product to identify how the strategy impacts customer behavior.

Marketing Research

Paid Advertising

We provide paid advertising services to show ads and promotions within slots on a chosen platform and network.

Paid Advertising

Targeting Advertising

With targeted advertising services at Interexy, you get ad campaigns focused on a specific audience based on demographics, location, interests to boost retention rates.

Targeting Advertising

Product Management

We help companies build the talent capabilities and put in place the correct product operating model and infrastructure according to the product context.

Product Management Services

Interexy is a renowned company who can become a trusted partner for any idea, complexity and requirement.

We are highly experienced in all vital marketing strategies and help you apply them in practice to grow your business, boost customer’s base and show the product you have to the whole world. Consult our specialists and let’s start your promotion!

How We Do Mobile App Marketing

Since every situation requires a unique solution, we start with a personal approach and market analysis depending on your sphere. When needed data is collected, we go forward with content marketing using practice-proven tips and create a perfect first impression for your customers. Then we provide app store optimization and app monetization, leading your product through the whole process in the most efficient and unique way

Mobile App Marketing Services

App Marketing Consultation

We start with app marketing consultation where we discuss the competitors, best techniques for your brand and create customized ASO solutions.


Pre Launch App Marketing Strategy

To ensure the successful launch of the app, we craft a pre launch marketing strategy after exploring the app and identifying patterns of your target audience.


App User Engagement

To keep customers engaged, we also provide content for welcome pages and for push notifications. At this stage we also collect user feedback and analyse app data to gain more value from promotion.


App Store Optimization

Using best practices we optimize the mobile app to rank higher in marketplaces and help make your app more visible.


App Monetization

The last stage is to help your app monetize by advertising and ad mediation platforms. This helps you not only gain revenue, but also always promote the app in the future by offering new updates.

We make your app easily visible to users, allowing your services to grow in value and your business open new opportunities.

As a renowned app marketing company, Interexy promotes Android, iOS or progressive applications using out of the box ideas, time-proven marketing strategies to boost downloads and increase monetization.




Make your app more accessible to your prospective users



Gro awareness around your services and products



Boost conversation rates with more visible application



Increase number of downloads and boost user acquisition results



Make your app rank higher and get to the top of the marketplace



Increase organic downloads and retention rate

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Professional marketing experts

We ensure your app will be promoted by only an experienced team of high-skilled professionals!

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Custom marketing services

We guarantee only personal approach and following unique requirements according to your business needs and sphere.

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We do not hide anything from you as we strive to be transparent and keep you informed regarding each stage, while also providing constant support.

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Jason Kelley

Founder @MUSL

““I was always looking at where it intersects with the skill base of the team and the customer service, communication, project management. You can have a really amazing team of talented developers and …” Read more

Saad Saeed

Founder & CEO @ Crumb

““Within its first nine weeks, the app received 8,000 users and a 4.7-star rating. The platform is well designed and hasn’t had many bugs. Interexy LLC is fast and efficient at building new features as well as taking scope changes in stride. Expertise and responsiveness are hallmarks of their work.” Read more

Will von Behr

Founder @ Urbs Travel

““I got an amazing product that was exactly what I envisioned when I first sat out & drew the plans. The two areas that I think where Stan & his team particularly excel: first is attention to detail (…) & secondly the kind of support they’ve provided after the app was largely complete. I’m sure the number of teams just do the bug work & leave it but they are [Interexy team] always on hand to answer any questions really at any time of day which is incredible.

So I’d encourage anyone who wants to build any sort of product to use Stan & his team. It’ll accelerate your business and make your life a whole lot easier.””
Read more

Rob Fedun

Founder of Tinga Nutrition Inc.

“I was very impressed by their level of knowledge, willingness to learn, creativity and customer service. They are a growing company and take this opportunity very seriously, looking to learn from their overall process and client interactions. Interexy LLC is in line with our expectations and they are always available.” Read more


Why Are Mobile App Marketing Services Important?

Imagine any other product that has just been released. How can you show the audience what you get? How will people know about your product or services? The same happens with mobile apps that have been developed and released. Applying proper marketing strategies helps companies fulfill users’ needs and make the product visible and attractive.

What Are App Store Optimization (ASO) Services?

These services refer to the process of improving the visibility of an application on the marketplace to increase downloads and monetization.

What Is A Mobile App Paid Advertising?

Paid advertising is a term used to describe ads and ad campaigns expressly intended for mobile devices. They can appear within apps, on platforms, and on websites viewed from mobile devices.

Why Is Marketing Research Important When Developing A New App And Services?

Every project should start with in-depth research, as it can give a clear picture of the competitors, help identify the target audience, what already exists and what unique things can be done to maximize chances of success.

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