About Interexy

Erase the distance and keep sustainable connection with your customers. Break the borders and mobilize your business with high-quality and multi-compliant app.

Why Interexy

Evolve and adapt to modern reality, keeping a sustainable connection with your customers

We help to adapt to innovative technologies immediately and provide next-gen expertise to save your time and money on app development.

Open new-world opportunities

We combine your business ideas, new market challenges, answers, and next-gen technologies and transform them into specifications and product prototypes to illuminate all risks and create strong solutions.

Secure & compliant always

Innovations can be strong and healthy just when it’s safe.
We care about the security of your customer’ and your business data, and will make an app compliant to legal and user requirements.

Our partners

We are an experienced mobile app development company, focused on doing more than coding native apps: we work with innovative entrepreneurs to launch products that solve real market needs and create delightful experiences for their users.

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Interexy LLC is a Miami-headquartered custom software development and IT consulting company with a deep expertise in over 15 industries offering innovative solutions for such market giants as SAP, Pampers & General Electric

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Our goal

Help businesses digitize their processes and improve customer experience through mobile apps & provide end-to-end service with a strong network of partners to build the products from scratch.

Our mission

Help bridge the gap in communication and reduce the distance between business and client. Ensure conditions to feel independent and comfortable in a digital environment even without opportunities to interact with clients directly.

Meet the team

Stan Sakharchuk

Co-Founder & CEO

My mission is to ensure that we, at Interexy, always stick to our values. We have an obsession with our clients’ success, laser focus on a select few businesses and staying at the forefront of mobile development to help our clients beat the market.

Evgeny Mahnach

Co-Founder & CTO

I am a scientist turned Software Engineer turned Senior IT Consultant and will be the bridge between your business objectives and development strategies. My intention is to be the last developer you will ever need to partner with.

Andrey Bulynko

Head of HR & Recruitment

Liza Shubenok

Head of Business Development

Dmitrii Nekrasov

Lead Project Manager

Yaroslav Redevsky

Head of Marketing

Our History


How it started

Two native iOS developers – Stan & Evgeny started the company. We were working in several development agencies in the roles of software engineers and saw all the typical problems they experienced.

With a clear idea of all the above, we built a strong company mission and started our own mobile development agency.



Team of 70 driven and mobile professionals on the path to help business digitize processes and meet its goals through app development with a human approach.



Successful projects in the rapidly developing industries, including healthcare and delivery.



16 apps in release (App Store & Google Play).

How much are you willing to invest to reach your project target?

    Project budget (USD)*
    $20 - 50k
    $250 - 500k
    $50 - 100k
    $500 - 1M
    $100 - 250k
    Fill the form / email us at info@interexy.com or give us a call at +48571793561 +19312469959 (8:00 am to 5:00 pm pacific time)