Staff Augmentation Services For Software Development

IT Staff Augmentation Services For Software Development

Interexy is a leading IT staff augmentation company providing flexible cooperation models for clients depending on their needs, budget and projects. We offer clients experts with specific skills, experts in latest technologies and developers with relevant backgrounds. Our staff augmentation services provide you the support and assistance you need right now

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IT Staff Augmentation Company

Have an idea and need developers with unique skills? Looking for engineers with specific backgrounds and expertise? Hire augmented developers from Interexy to get candidates within 5 business days and kick off the project as soon as possible

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IT Staff Augmentation Services We Provide

Looking for dedicated team services with a specific skill set to extend your team? Our IT staffing services can help you reduce costs on hiring, fill the skill gap and boost the development


IT Staff Augmentation Services

Extend your exciting team by adding high-quality developers with specific skills based on your industry and requirements


Full Project Outsourcing

Delegate the entire project development to our team containing developers, designers, PM, BAs and QAs



Hire a full team instead of building from scratch, reducing costs on hiring, eliminating recruitment and managing


Long-Term Partnership

Always have a trusted outstaffed development team wherever you need to add feature, kick of a new project or finish one


Manage Your Project

Hire not only developers but also Project Managers and Business Analyst to delegate managing your project to skilled specialists



Change your provider with our dedicated team services and get new developers within 5 business days to continue the project asap

Our IT Team Augmentation Process

New Request
The recruitment process: search, interviewing & evaluation to provide you with the best potential fit for the particular request
Skills, qualifications, background,research, scanning databases and choosing the engineers who suit your project best
Careful evaluation of engineers chosen for the project making sure they fit all the parameters outlined in the request formed initially
Client Evaluation
Scheduling, CV sharing, personal interview & receiving feedback. Evaluation calls with you so you can check outsourced experts directly
Onboarding, settling the processes, giving accesses & arranging workplaces so the transition goes smoothly for each new member
Project Start
We’re kicking off the project with allocated resources and making sure the development is standardized and efficient for you

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Let’s have a free consultation with our experts to discuss your future blockchain smart contract project

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Experts in The Following Tech Stack

iOS (Obj-C | Swift)
Android (Java | Kotlin)
React Native

Experts You Can Hire

Database Architecture

Project Manager


UX & UI Designer

Data Scientist


Support Specialists

Industries Transformed With Our Augmentation Development Services





Virtual reality

Augmented Reality

Machine Learning


Flexible Engagement Models

Fixed Price Model

Outsource the entire project development to our team and focus on business tasks

Team Augmentation

Extend your team and fill the skill gap with our staff augmentation services

Dedicated Team

Hire the full remote team of experts you need based on project requirements

Benefits Of Our IT Staff Augmentation Services


No Recruitment Hassles

Leave the recruitment process to our team and save money


Access to
Unique Skills

Hire experts with unique skills and expertises to boost your project



Get all the benefits of outsource yet be in charge of the entire process


Fewer Legal Hassles

Reduce legal issues related to full-time employees and kick of the project asap

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The app is in development stage, although the client is satisfied with our work and wants to go further with our team after raising investments.

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Gamifly is a Web3 gateway that connects traditional gaming companies and mass consumers to the Web3 ecosystem, by offering no-fuss SDK to onboard…

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NFT Ticketing

Since the NFT industry is growing rapidly, NFT Ticketing should become one of pioneers in the field of sending tickets in the form of non-fungible tokens.

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Treasure Hunt

The client is from the US and runs a startup. He came to our team with an idea and concept of Treasure Hunt – a brand-new application for the NFT industry.

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Medico Stores Delivery

Medico Stores is the retail mobile application designed to work as a marketplace for medications and connect users, retailers, pharmacies or private clinics and couriers.

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ELOSIA is a health check app designed to allow users of private clinic to easily perform analysis of urine right in their homes.

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Solstice would not have been able to develop our MVP or test out our proof-of-concept without Interexy’s help and are grateful for the hard work.

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Ryan Ruud is a businessman who works in the Compassly organization focused on supporting people struggling with autism disease.

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Highly Satisfied Clients


Interexy LLC is a Miami-headquartered custom software development and IT consulting company with a deep expertise in over 15 industries offering innovative solutions for such market giants as SAP, Pampers & General Electric

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