NFT Marketplace App Development Services

Let’s learn more about our NFT marketplace development solutions and enter the most popular industry in 2022. Being completely secure, based on the blockchain and with an engaging user interface, we can develop a next competitor for market giants to help you stay in demand.

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NFT Marketplace App Development Services

By 704%

The NFT boom started in 2021. According to statistics, the value of worldwide NFT transactions in the third quarter of 2021 hit $10.7 billion. And the total volume increased by 704% between Q1 and Q3 of the same year.

$41 billion

Based on the report provided by blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis Inc., the NFT marketplace share increased to almost $41 billion last year, closing in on regular art sales.

Collectible NFTs

The demand for NFTs has increased during the last couple of years, where the collectible NFTs are rapidly increasing in value and are considered to be the most popular ones today.

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NFT Marketplace Development Solutions by Interexy

NFT Marketplace Development Solutions by Interexy

Provide your customers with an all-in-one marketplace application with our team to get stable income and get higher retention rates. Mobile apps help you always get users informed, while giving you a chance to directly communicate with them.

NFT Marketplace Web Development

Let your users find, place, sell and purchase NFTs through their web device using our NFTmarketplace web development services. Web apps are easier to build and suitable for a wide target audience, while giving many promoting opportunities.

White Label NFT Marketplace Solution

Use our whitelabel NFT marketplace development solutions to provide the best user experience for your future users. We ensure flexibility, a wide range of payment options, wallets to their liking, several language options and advanced security options.

NFT Development

Our NFT development services cover any industry you want to enter, including art, collectibles, game, music as the most popular today. Boost your business with our high-skilled blockchain and NFT engineers that provide smooth experience.

NFT Marketplace Maintenance and Upgradation

Since the NFT market is growing everyday with an immense speed, you will likely want to stay in demand with new features, updates and make sure your product satisfies market needs with our nft game marketplace development.

NFT Smart
Contract Audit

Our comprehensive security assessment of your NFT smart contract can help identify vulnerabilities and provide best ways to fix them. We use practice-proven audit methodology to check code’s logic and ensure your program works as required.

We ensure NFT marketplace platform development with advanced security, unique features, engaging design and compliant with strict industry’s requirements.

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Non-Fungible Tokens Marketplace key features


Multi-Chain (with EVM chains)

Multi-chain technology is essential for NFT marketplace development as it allows projects to exist on at least two blockchains at the same time boosting communication between various blockchains.


Gasless offers (with Wyvern Protocol)

This feature uses a relayer to send another user’s transactions and pay for the gas cost. This feature allows users to sign messages about every transaction they would like to perform.


Token rankings

Allow your customers to earn the list of tokens and compare the price with token rankings in your NFT marketplace app. This brings clarity and easy learning for both newbies and experts.


Collection rankings

The same as with tokens, collection rankings make it easier for users to search for the best NFT for them as well as help them compare various collections with no hassle.


Token & Collection filters

Filters are essential as they give customers a better vision of the marketplace, reduce time they need to buy something and also improve marketplace behavior.


Wallet inventories

Connect various wallets with your marketplace for higher user satisfaction and let them always stay informed about the amount they have at each given time.


Wallet trade histories

Help your users better manage their spending with a wallet trading history feature, so they will always know every transaction happens.

White Label NFT Marketplace Development Services

We provide White-label NFT marketplace solutions that can be easily integrated with different blockchain like Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, Matic Polkadot, and Solana

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Our NFT Marketplace Development Tech Stack


Ethereum Polygon Binance Smart Chain Avalanche
Fantom Tron EOS Solana
Tezos Immutable X

Front-End Frameworks:

React Angular Vue

Storage Platforms:

IPFS Arweave Pinata

Token Standards:

ERC-20 ERC-721 ERC-721A ERC-1155 BEP-20

NFT marketplace development process

Arrow stages

Idea & Planning

We always start from collecting your requirements and creating a detailed concept with timelines and budget.


Select assets to tokenize

The next step is to choose tokens depending on the idea and concept we crafted, allowing us to craft a well-structured plan.


Create a user-friendly UX design

The design also plays an essential role in the NFT marketplace, so this is a third step in our process so you can make changes and adjustments before development.


MVP Development & Analysis

MVP is the essential part of the process, so we first show the most basic prototype of the marketplace, allowing you to check the product before starting the main part.


NFT Marketplace App Development

Once we are ready with everything before, our NFT and blockchain developers choose the best approach to make your app on time and compliant with requirements.


QA & Testing

Since we always make sure the app is bugs-free and has a stable code, we perform in-depth testing to find out how the app functions.


Launch & Maintenance

Once you approve the last version of the app we help you launch the product on the chosen marketplace and then support it by adding new features and maintaining.

Craft your next-gen NFT marketplace for any industry with a trusted custom NFT marketplace development company.

We make sure your product is developed by an experienced team of developers and designers who is aware of every minor point and can guarantee your success in this tricky market.

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Team of highly-skilled blockchain developers

We ensure your product will be developed by an in-house team of only top-notch and highly-skilled blockchain engineers who know the latest technologies.


Vast expertise in the
NFT market

Since we have been working with various NFt projects, we can craft a unique solution for your business needs with any features you want to add.



As a trusted NFt development company, we understand the importance of staying silent in some cases. So we can sign an NDA and not ask questions further for your peace of mind.


Quick and flexible development

The market is moving with an immense speed and we do not stay apart. Our skilled experts can develop your product in tight timelines adjusting any new changes during the process thanks to Agile development.

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Let’s get deeper in our experience and learn how our clients
reach the highest goals with our dedicated team!

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NXTG3NZ NFT Collection

$11M NFT launch – Lil Durk NFT Drop with Gary Vee Involved – American rapper with best album 2022

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Vending Machines NFT Collection
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Vending Machines NFT Collection

4444 unique Vending Machine NFTs have been introduced to the Avalanche network.

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CyberMetaverse Productions, Inc
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CyberMetaverse Productions, Inc

The company CyberMetaverse Productions, Inc. will help the CyberAgent Group’s track record in DX support in retail enterprises, AI, and 3DCG technology. This will help many brands like retail and apparel companies create new revenue streams via virtual stores.

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“Was great working with Interexy once again! He and his team really know the space and are able to come through on even the hardest challenges. Looking forward to our next collaboration.” Read more
“Excellent job! It was a breeze working with Interexy throughout each stage of the process. He impressed us with his technical knowledge with regards to blockchain technology and was able to deliver high-quality secure Solidity code in a timely manner. Security audit passed without any vulnerabilities found. Probably the only person on this site who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to crypto.” Read more
“After a lengthy interview process with lots of agencies and freelancers who promised results but couldn’t quite explain how they’d actually deliver, we spoke to Interexy. And boy am I glad we decided to go with him and his team.” Read more
“Interexy was able to transform our raw ideas into a specific set of requirements that he then implemented. The code he delivered was of top quality, with comments all over the place which made it possible even for me, a non-technical person, to understand the code. Additionally, after conducting an audit of the code by an external independent security team, no security issues were found which further increased my confidence about Interexy. If you’re in doubt, schedule an intro call with him. I’m sure you’ll feel different.” Read more
“Working with Interexy has been a very pleasant experience. He coded the smart contracts exactly as described and with the highest standards of code quality and security. He then seamlessly integrated them to our front-end and even took the time to explain everything in the end. Highly recommend!” Read more


What is NFT Marketplace app development?

NFT marketplace development refers to a process of crafting the all-in-one place for enthusiasts looking for selling and purchasing NFTs regardless of the sphere.

How do NFT Marketplaces Make Money?

Actually in several ways. But most common is fees that users will pay you when creating an account, creating NFT, selling them, etc. Depending on the platforms, fees may vary from $10 to $150.

How to Start an NFT Marketplace?

The main step you have to perform is to find a trusted development partner. The team should be highly experienced with the NFT market and aware of all minor points required by the sphere.

How Much Does It Cost to Create an Nft Marketplace?

The answer highly depends on many factors, like complexity, timelines, chosen blockchain and more. However, the minimum price starts from $50.000.

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