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Let’s discover new business channels, building a strong brand name and ways you can benefit from our fitness app development services. Trigger a health & wellness revolution with our fitness app development company to build activity tracking, data collection, social fitness applications, yoga and meditation solutions.

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Fitness App Development Services

$1.7 Billion

The global fitness app development industry generated a staggering $1.7 billion in revenue, overcoming expectations and showing its resilience in the face of adversity.


The fitness app market was valued at $1.3 billion in 2022 and is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.6% from 2023 to 2030.

$33.04 Billion

A revenue of a segment of fitness apps is suggested to reach a market volume of $33.04 billion by 2027.


Why Do You Need
Fitness App Development Services?


Enter the flourishing fitness & wellness apps market


Reach a broader target audience


Create new business channels


Save money, time and resources with an app


Get new stable revenue streams


Boost visibility and get a strong brand name


Discover business insights



Why Choose
Interexy for Fitness App Development?


No Extra Fees and Constant Support

We want to give you peace of mind during the whole process, by keeping you informed and being transparent at each step of the development.



Our team is made up of the best developers with outstanding skill sets, providing apps that are compliant with all industry’s requirements.


Unique App

We want you to stand out from the crowd by creating unique products that will attract numerous users and allow you to achieve success.


On time

Our team is made up of highly skilled professionals who always make everything possible to deliver your app on time according to the required timelines.

Hire mobile fitness app developers

Lean on Interexy to build a market-ready nutrition & fitness app or revamp your existing solution into a pitch-ready workout app. Share your project details, and we’ll take your app from ideation to launch.

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Open an in-demand world of fitness & wellness apps and stand out from the crowd
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Healthcare app regulations you must know in 2023

Download this file to see what mHealth solutions have strict rules, guidelines, and regulations you must know to develop safe software.

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24/7 Availability

Whether offline, online, when travelling or just at home – mobile apps offer 24/7 availability and do not require any additional efforts.

Allow users to track their progress over time

Since fitness app development services help users track their progress, users enjoy the workouts more and get back to your product regularly to achieve their goals.

Monetize your app ads & subscriptions

Fitness application development allows you to get a stable revenue stream by offering a wide range of monetization options.

Allow for remote workouts

Since COVID-19 ruined workouts, such apps can help people keep a healthy active lifestyle remotely.

Benefits of Fitness Mobile Apps

Higher retention rates

According to statistics, mobile apps have x2 higher retention rates as they are easier to use compared to web solutions.

User-friendly & Convenient

Fitness mobile apps do not require any specific knowledge and can be easily used by a large category of people.

No need for a specific geolocation

In contrast to most apps, it is easier to build a successful fitness app as it does not require you to focus on geolocation.

Boost customer loyalty

Applications provide push notifications, promo codes and other features that boost customer loyalty.

Highly Satisfied Clients


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Must-have Features of Fitness Applications

One-on-One Video

Customized Fitness

Advanced Nutrition

Schedule fitness




Real-Time Chat With

Tracking Progress &

Video and

Health & fitness



Interexy’s Experience in Fitness Application Development


Hamburg-based fintech health startup mobile application based on the idea of rewarding users for health & fitness activities


Creation of the first MVP for the company from scratch based on a project that was created in a very short time to convince investors of the need for a financial round.


We decided to rewrite the whole product from scratch, using native iOS development technologies.
HealthKit integration was one of the main reasons for us to make this kind of decision since the app was built using cross-platform React Native technology.


We got to the top 17th of the German Health & Fitness App Store page — the product was competing with a multi-million dollar application, and we built an MVP within 1.5 months with under a $20k budget. Awesome user reviews are the best validation of the work done.

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Our Roadmap to Creating a Successful Fitness App Development

Arrow stages

Idea & Planning

The development process always starts from the concept creation to identify main points, timelines and resources needed.


Create a user-friendly UX design

At this stage all the information goes to our UX/UI team and they create engaging yet simple to follow design.


MVP Development & Analysis

In order to help you stay updated and allow you to make any changes without unnecessary costs, we create an MVP and perform market analysis for success.


Fitness App Development #1

Once we identified the tech stack and features required, we started the development process.


Fitness App Development #2

We always ensure stable code and the absence of bugs, so testing is an essential part in our process


Fitness App Deployment

Our services include the deployment of your app, so you can rest assured knowing the app will be successfully launched.


Guarantee and Support

Whether you need to collect customer feedback, improve your app over time or apply marketing campaigns, we provide constant support.

Hire A Fitness App Development Company To Achieve Your Business Goals Faster

Having a trusted fitness app development partner behind your idea, you will achieve immense success on the market with no stress or overpayments. If you want to achieve your goals and bring your idea to reality, let us know more about your project!

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Our Fitness App Development Expertise in Details

Let’s get deeper in our fitness app development experience and learn how our clients reach the highest goals with our dedicated team!

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Today Tinga Nutrition Inc. for Android platform is already on the market and gained interest from users worldwide, while iOS launching is in progress curated by our team.

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Crumb is a revolutionary fitness mobile application that was supported by Interexy from the very beginning.

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FAQ on Fitness App Development Services

How do I choose the right fitness app development company?

Choosing the right fitness app development company always starts with research. We recommend checking trusted services like Clutch and Upwork to select those with higher ratings and a number of reviews. The next step is getting in touch with the company to check the communication, ask for the relevant cases, and meet the team you want to work with. The last step is checking the tech skills of candidates offered if you plan to go with staff augmentation or a dedicated team model. Choosing a reliable and reputable company like Interexy makes the process smooth, safe and ensures top-notch results.

How do I know that my wellness and fitness idea is safe with your fitness app development company?

As your chosen fitness app development company, we always ensure our clients and their ideas are safe. We usually follow an NDA with all our partners for data protection. It will ensure that both sides are safe and all the information provided during any type of communication between our company and a partner stays within the company. Whether it is your idea, business model, or design – you can rest assured we keep it secret.

What are the benefits of outsourcing fitness app development services?

In contrast to team augmentation and outstaff models, outsourcing your fitness project allows you to focus on more valuable business tasks while still being able to participate in the process. Key benefits of the fitness app development services include:

  1. Conduct meetings according to your time zone;
  2. Developers with industry-relevant expertise and skills;
  3. Speed up development times;
  4. Constant support;
  5. A project manager is responsible for managing the project.

Do you have flexible engagement models for fitness app development?

Yes! Interexy offers three types of cooperation models. These include outsourcing, outstaff, and team augmentation. This makes it easy for you to find a model that suits your business goals, timelines, and budget best. Each model has its benefits, but team augmentation for fitness app development is currently the newest and the most flexible choice in terms of cost and effectiveness. With this model, you can hire a fully-equipped development team within 10 business days. You get specialists based on the project requirements. The team you hire works on a contract basis, meaning no costs associated with creating an in-house team. Yet we guarantee all specialists joining your project works as a full-time employee, meaning they run only one project, are fully dedicated to your success, and participate in every brainstorm.

How do I create a fitness app?

If you want to develop a fitness app, you will have a choice to either hire developers, designers and QA team one by one or partnering with an already completed team that helps you reduce costs and time.

How long does it take to develop a fitness app?

The time needed for the development also depends on many factors, like number of features, resources needed and app’s complexity. But taking average complexity, the development can take somewhere between 6 – 12 months.

Are fitness apps profitable?

The answer is yes! Fitness apps provide founders with a huge range of monetization options. This is why they are one of the most favourite apps among large enterprises.

Fitness app development ideas for business

Let your business fly high with a fitness app development company

Every business needs a good foundation, so we are here to help you create real value with cutting-edge fitness app development.

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