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Tinga Nutrition Inc. is a Canada-based startup that was founded by Robert Fedun and his partners.

The founder has a background in the cosmetology industry and decided to produce a genuinely unique application that will enhance human well-being and help people support health by offering needed knowledge about the food we eat on a daily basis.


Product Concept

Today people are more aware of their health and wellbeing than ever before. This is why they closely take into consideration sleep, sport, and, of course, food. However, it could be said about the whole food ecosystem, as due to lack of education and accessibility in this space, people turn to fast food, skip meals, or struggle with weight gain or allergies.

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We developed UI kit to simplify and integrate sophisticated approach. UI kit is our main design document, to everyone who work over the project refer to at each stage.

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Business challenge

Health is now more than one’s responsibility since people actively started training in the gym, striving for a good work-life balance, and choosing only high-quality food. Nevertheless, the demand does not justify supply. While common malls are full of GMO and antibiotics-filled items, it is a tricky task to find something better without going the extra mile and sacrificing time.

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Robert was shocked by the current situation in the industry; this is why he came to us with the idea to develop a brand-new mobile application that will help users learn more about each product online.

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In addition, the app should contain energy value for every item, a list of recipes, and even allow customers to select specific dietary requirements to get foods according to their allergies, intolerance, or religion.

Application Development

UX/UI Design

After being developed and confirmed by our client, we start designing our application. Our team chose pleasant colors like grey, light red, and grey. Our UX design was focused on content efficiency, easy manipulation, simple steps to allow users to complete the task within a few steps, and clear navigation to ensure customers always know where they are and won’t be lost.

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Our UI team designed the app with consistency in mind to increase products’ learnability. It started from creating a sense of familiarity and ensuring that everything on each screen makes sense and works in ways that the user expects it to work.

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App Development

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Application Development


After collecting every feature our client wants us to follow, we curated a team of dedicated developers with relevant experience. As a result, we produced a mobile application that allows users to create their own profiles and get through all products they usually see on the shells at local stores. While each item can be checked for energy value, the filters available in the app help customers to avoid unwanted products that may cause allergies, intolerance, or eliminate animal-based products in their search. It was also hard to import recipes from and on our platform, but we overcame this problem within weeks, and now the app contains everything they need to cook dishes with the best guides available at the market.

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During our development process, we faced several issues with database transfer, as we had to postpone all products from such market giants like Walmart, Grocery Gateway, and additional seven stores, which have complex and extensive bases of products.

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Due to the solid background of our engineers, all issues have been resolved, and we finally put all information on our app.

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App Development

Full Cycle App

Our team aims to deliver world-class mobile applications for famous & trusted B2B & B2C providers across different industries over the globe.
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Application Development

Technology Stack

Development technlonogies

React php

For Tinga Nutrition Inc., we create a team of 2 front-end and two back-end developers who have relevant experience in the food and nutrition sphere. For front-end development, we choose React Native, as it is one of the best languages for mobile apps, contains numerous additions and libraries, and ensures we get precise and efficient code.

For back-end development, our engineers use PHP since this language has been around for years, which proved its effectiveness in keeping databases safe, accurate, and without bags.

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What are we proud of?

Today Tinga Nutrition Inc. for Android platform is already on the market and gained interest from users worldwide, while iOS launching is in progress curated by our team. We are proud of this app, as it was our first project with the most significant investment from our client, and we have gone the extra mile to ensure the product will succeed and overcome all competitors. Robert was satisfied with the final product and was pleased that we followed everything he wanted, as the application met all his expectations.

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Doug Scibilia

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Before choosing Interexy, I’ve hired a firm out of India – they gave me a great price, great timeline (…). And after close to a year, they told me they couldn’t get the project done. Then I started to talk with Stan from Interexy. I hired them, they quoted me 8 weeks to get this project done, well, 8 weeks later – the project is done. Now I just have nothing but a great thing to say about the company – they were on time, great communication and just great people there. I’d 100% recommend Interexy for any web development or app development project that you have out there, they’re just fantastic.

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