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It is a charity application founded by Rama Raju – a doctor at the University of Alabama, USA.

The first MVP of Healthsmart has already been realised and worked with a focus group for several weeks before being returned for new implementation and updates to Interexy. The application got a lot of interest among all Alabama residents, so now we are focused on a wider group of people who would benefit from using Healthsmart. A university sponsored the application as a grant focused on healthcare, wellness, and the improvement of life of poverty among the US residents. He came up with an idea and chose Interexy as a development company to bring this amazing concept into reality.

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COVID testing places
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Product Concept

With many changes that have happened in our fast-speed world, poverty only increases globally, especially in the USA. This causes poor people to start doing rash acts that put their future and life in danger. Even though there are a lot of places where they can get food, haircut, and even take clothes for free, during the pandemic, all of them struggled more than ever, as everything was closed.

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Such lack in basic human requirements and rapid growth of poverty in Alabama gave Rama Raju a great idea to change the situation. He chose a focus group and decided to develop an application with Interexy that can improve healthcare, overall wellness and self-care of poor people in Birmingham city to gave them motivation maintain a better life during these hard times.

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The aim of our UX/UI design was to provide a simple and easy-to-follow design to ensure all users can use it without going the extra mile with every feature. The app has a great onboarding slide with custom illustrations to create familiarity easier and build trust with prospective users.


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Business challenge

The application we needed to develop had to motivate poor people to take action and get back to a healthy, active lifestyle. For this purpose, we had to connect the application with Apple Health Kit and Google Health, which collect all information regarding each user’s daily activities and create a table to estimate the personal results. After all, the app compares data and chooses winners who get a certificate for free healthy food.

During the development, the main challenge was to power the app with a “find the user” feature. This was an essential point as by using it the app is able to show users nearby gyms or sports grounds. It’s also hard to integrate the app with Apple and Google Health kits, as developers require a lot of time and knowledge.

The last hard task was to make sure the app would connect the winners with healthy food suppliers that we also dissolved thanks to the strong background of our team in the relevant industry.

Application Development

UX/UI Design

Once opened, users can quickly get through a sign-in part with only relevant information and understandable steps required. In terms of the UX design, our team was responsible for content efficiency, including easy manipulation, simple steps, and clear navigation. We also ensured users would be satisfied with the value, performance, and vision provided by the product.

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When moving towards the UI design, we ensured that the app contains only simple UI elements that will support a good user experience, embody the brand’s values, and build an emotional connection with them. Our UI team was focused on three key factors – attention to details, balance, and accents to provide an outstanding visual design.

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App Development

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Application Development


We developed a great-looking and smooth working application that contains numerous technical implementations and can be easily used by people with all experience levels with digital products. The final platform contains four types of users, including the main one (it has the main functionality), the second is designed for owners of restaurants and healthy food suppliers (only can read the QR code), the owners of various food trucks (have QR codes and geolocation) and the administrator.


In addition, we also powered the application with a map by using a GPS tracker in the phone that can easily show them the location of food trucks, stores with health food, sports grounds, and gyms near them, while also places where they can take a COVID test to always stay updated about their health. The administrator panel allows users to check the table of winners, add prices and send them to a chosen user.

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The primary users can create a personal account that will be connected with Apple Healthkit и Google Health we bind using several technological libraries to provide vital information about their activities during each day. The app then gets the data collected and creates a table of the most successful ones who will get certificates for free food that all the above-mentioned organizations can provide.

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App Development

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Application Development

Technology Stack

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Development technlonogies

React yii 2.0 PHP MySQL

For Healthsmart, we chose one back-end developer who worked on Yii 2, PHP 7.4, MySQL 5.7, and one front-end developer who stopped at React Native. These languages helped us ensure the app has a slick, smooth, and responsive user interface while significantly reducing load time.

React Native allows us to develop an app much faster and cheaper without the need to compromise on quality and functionality. We also got a lot of additional libraries to overcome challenges we faced when trying to connect the app with different services, leaving behind a top-notch result free from bugs and ready to launch.

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The first MVP of Healthsmart has already been launched and used by a focus group created by Rama Raju. Users admitted the high functionality, simplicity and value the app provides. The whole idea and our platform was noticed by Alabama residents who were surprised with this amazing idea and the quality of product we crafted. The client was delighted with the result and transparency of our product so he admitted that he would definitely advise others to choose Interexy as a development company. He got back after a few weeks and asked us to be responsible for improvements and updates of the app when trying to expand the app to a larger target audience.


What are we proud of?

We were highly pleased to be a part of such a great idea and be a development partner for this amazing client. We are also proud that our developers crafted this application within only three months and worked in synergy with UX/UI designers, QAs and BAs to ensure the customer is satisfied with every step of the process.

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