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    How does this referral program work?


    Please bear in mind that in case the contact information for Referrer or Referral is incorrect, the whole referral program is void. The personalised link should be used only once. To represent another company, you will need to refill the form again and get a new link. Personal data processing specifics by Interexy LLC.

    Who is a Good Referral?

    We would be happy to see both mid-size and large businesses within all industries, including healthcare, fitness, food, delivery, retail, communication and other unique professional services. You could also bring promising startups that have gone through the first fundraising stage.

    Step 1

    First of all, you need to fill out an online application to help us learn more about you and the brand/company/organisation you’re referring us to or their current digital project(s). Once the form is submitted, we will send you a personalised link that can be shared via email or copy/paste to show the Referral that we offer.

    Step 2

    Once the company you want to introduce opens a referral link, they will be suggested to fill out an online application. If this company is an entirely new customer to Interexy LLC and fits all the pre-qualifications mentioned in our Terms & Conditions, we will mark your application until the contract is signed

    Step 3

    Once we sign a contract with the company you introduced, you will receive a 10% of the project we would make as a bonus.

    How Interexy can Help these businesses:


    Developing a full-cycle strategy that includes digital transformation

    Developing a full-cycle strategy that includes digital transformation, implementation of brand-new technologies (AI, AR/VR, IoT, image/video analysis, etc.).


    Outsourcing niche-down experts with relevant experience

    Outsourcing niche-down experts with relevant experience for every sphere. The business can get front-end, back-end developers, UX/UI designers and a QA team.


    Creating a plan and collecting all requirements for a future app

    Creating a plan and collecting all requirements for a future app or web development. Maintaining scope, architecture, specification and letting them see the whole process at every stage.


    Performing all stages of software testing to ensure high functionality

    Performing all stages of software testing to ensure high functionality, performance, smooth usability, compatibility, and complete security.


    Application improvements, updates, integrations and final launch

    Application improvements, updates, integrations, testing, security, support and final launch. We can assist them on every stage of business growth and make sure the goal will be achieved.


    App development for successful fundraising

    App development for successful fundraising. We can start from only an idea and come up with a launched product so startups can get investments for marketing, upgrades, sales analytics and more.

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