Interexy’s Mission – Bring High level of Standard Internally, Making Us Invincible Externally

Our Core Values

Our main value is our people. This is why we ensure every specialist who joins our team can apply with the following criteria.


Getting Things Done

For us it is about accountability, responsibility,
reliability and initiative


Hunger for achievement

Desire to improve everything around us, the focus on achieving goals, the generation of ideas, hard work, focus on growth, smartness and the ability to work quickly



We value honesty, confidence, stability, relationship-building skills and ability to work under pressure



We seek only for ambitious, proactive and learning person



Every person in our team makes changes quickly, find hidden solutions and adapt to everything without compromising the quality

Why Interexy


Evolve and Adapt to Modern Reality

Keep a sustainable connection with your customers. We help to adapt to innovative technologies immediately and provide next-gen expertise to save your time and money on app development.


Open New-World Opportunities

We combine your business ideas, new market challenges, answers, and next-gen technologies and transform them into specifications and product prototypes to illuminate all risks and create strong solutions.


Secure & Compliant Always

Innovations can be strong and healthy just when it’s safe. We care about the security of your customer’ and your business data, and will make an app compliant to legal and user requirements.

Work with Us


We Help With Relocation
IOS Developer
Android Developer
Trainee Full Stack Developer (React + Node.js)
Junior Full Stack Developer
Middle Full Stack Developer
Senior Full Stack Developer
Blockhain Developer
Lead Generation Specialist
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Why Join Interexy?

From the first day of employment:
  • 12 salary policy;
  • Compensation for online/offline literature;
  • Birthday gifts;
  • Corporate events;
  • Material assistance on significant life events.
After probationary period (+ social package from day 1):
  • 12 salary policy;
  • Compensation for online/offline literature;
  • Birthday gifts;
  • Corporate events;
  • Material assistance on significant life events.

Work with Us

    What Interexy is Seeking in People?

    Getting Things Done

    Anything can happen, but complaints and barriers will not change the situation for the better and will not allow you to achieve results. The result is important and it is the engine of progress at Interexy. Without your initiative, reliability and responsibility, we cannot be the best in the market. Focus your efforts on finding solutions to problems and achieving results.

    Hungry for Achievement

    At Interexy, we have every opportunity to grow, but we adhere to the principle: knowledge is not given, knowledge is acquired. The career of everyone on the team is important to us, but it depends only on you. Without the desire to improve everything around you, your focus on results, and your hard work, we will not be able to conquer personal and shared heights.


    We focus on business results. Look at each task from different angles and offer more than is expected of you. If you know how to do something better – suggest it. Be bolder and don’t be afraid to take the first step. New ideas are always welcome. Self-development is the criterion by which the company and all of us get better every day.


    In the event of problems, difficulties, or force majeure, analyzing the situation and identifying the culprits, each team member should start with themselves. “What did I do to prevent this?” “Did I do everything within my power?” – these questions should be answered first, and only after that should others responsible be identified. These actions reflect personal maturity, honesty, ability to work under pressure, and confidence in one’s actions.


    If the task is impossible or requires additional resources (material, time),it is important to try to find a hidden solution. To see the very alternative option in which you will be able to solve the problem. When performing a task, if there are difficulties or a lack of knowledge, it is necessary to consult with a colleague or manager. Due to flexibility and adaptability to the situation, the result will be achieved and the company will not incur additional losses.

    Who we are

    Stan Sakharchuk

    Co-Founder & CEO

    My mission is to ensure that we, at Interexy, always stick to our values. We have an obsession with our clients’ success, laser focus on a select few businesses and staying at the forefront of mobile development to help our clients beat the market.

    Evgeny Mahnach

    Co-Founder & CTO

    I am a scientist turned Software Engineer turned Senior IT Consultant and will be the bridge between your business objectives and development strategies. My intention is to be the last developer you will ever need to partner with.

    Yaroslav Redevsky

    Head of Marketing

    Andrey Bulynko

    Head of HR & Recruitment

    Liza Shubenok

    Head of Sales LinkedIn

    Julia Mikholap

    Account Manager