Interexy’s Case Studies of Mobile & Web Development

We are an experienced mobile app development company, focused on doing more than coding native apps: we work with innovative entrepreneurs to launch products that solve real market needs and create delightful experiences for their users.

Admin panel Application Design Health


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Quarterdeck is a web admin panel designed solely for the US market.

AI Android iOS mobile


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Coinhook is a centralized exchange platform that offers a safe and simple way to buy, sell, store, and trade cryptocurrency. Our team was hired to develop a cross-platform mobile application assuming the same code for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Marketplace Metaverse NFT

NFT Ticketing

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Since the NFT industry is growing rapidly, NFT Ticketing should become one of pioneers in the field of sending tickets in the form of non-fungible tokens.

AI Android Health healthcare iOS mobile Sport


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The Physact platform was founded by a group of people with the physician as a founder.

Android iOS mobile


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URBs is the next-gen mobile trip-planning app.

Android iOS mobile Shop Sport


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The client has already worked with our team on the project "Have a Nice Day" and decided to develop a more complex application that will be connected with the previous one.

Android iOS mobile NFT

Treasure Hunt

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The client is from the US and runs a startup. He came to our team with an idea and concept of Treasure Hunt – a brand-new application for the NFT industry.

Android iOS NFT Product


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The app is in development stage, although the client is satisfied with our work and wants to go further with our team after raising investments.

Android Health iOS

Medico Stores Delivery

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Medico Stores is the retail mobile application designed to work as a marketplace for medications and connect users, retailers, pharmacies or private clinics and couriers.

Android Health iOS mobile


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ELOSIA is a health check app designed to allow users of private clinic networks to easily perform analysis of urine right in their homes

Game Marketplace NFT Polygon Token


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Let’s explore our NFT marketplace for game industry development. Learn how we perform blockchain analysis to ensure success

Cash Location Money Payment Product


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MORewards is the bonus-based B2C marketplace app that allows users to buy services or products provided by vendors.

Health Location Product Shop Warehouse


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Solstice is a pioneer in the healthcare marketplace industry.

Animals Food Health Pet

Penn Vet

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Let’s learn about our vet app development process for one of our clients.

Cooking Food Health Social

Cook Book

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The CookBook is an application designed for people worldwide to help them easily find any food recipes based on personal preferences and even food found in their fridge

Admin panel Android iOS mobile


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Ryan Ruud wanted Interexy to help digitalize the way the company works by producing mobile and web versions of Compassly

Location Product Repair Shop Warehouse

Vending Bizz

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Within the last 30 days, Vending Bizz got 6400 active users and was successfully monetized

ip servers support vpn


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The EMPIREVPN founder Preston Anderson from the USA came to Interexy with a goal to develop a startup VPN mobile application

Food Health Sleep Smart Sport


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The first MVP of Healthsmart has already been realised and worked with a focus group for several weeks before being returned for new implementation and updates to Interexy.

Acne AI Doctor Skin


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AcneAway is a New York-based startup that has been founded by two men who strive to bring the difference into the skincare space.

Food Health Sleep Sport


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Today Tinga Nutrition Inc. for Android platform is already on the market and gained interest from users worldwide, while iOS launching is in progress curated by our team.

AR/VR E-learning Full-cycle development


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Labster is an AR startup helping teachers & students across the world to get study faster & efficiently by providing virtual labs experience.

Android Fitness Germany iOS

Crumb App

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Crumb is a revolutionary fitness mobile application that was supported by Interexy from the very beginning.

Android App UI Kit iOS mobile Swift Tablet

Scout it

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Scout it now Scout It Now – New York-based startups that chose Interexy to develop a market-competitive mobile solution from scratch to succeed with fundraising and automate the way the existing industry works. The result: $260.000 pre-seed funding acquired & seeking more.

Full-cycle development healthcare


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MedKitDoc is a revolutionary telemedicine product focused on B2B market with a concept of reinventing how telemedicine works – with innovative Bluetooth-based MedKits.

Android iOS

Room Snap – An App For Real Estate Photo Editing

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Room Snap is an application to provide real estate with a fast, clean & secure way to enhance property photos and create a listing for potential buyers and sellers.

Android Delivery iOS USA

One Rover – Request a Ride

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One Rover is a leader in Rideshare cost savings, options, and satisfaction. A Rover is a professional partner Driver that is dedicated to providing robust commute options to One Rover platform users in boundless locations around the world.

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