Decentralized Crypto and Investment App

Nash is a FinTech company that utilizes blockchain for digital finance. It offers a comprehensive non-custodial financial services platform and aims to democratize decentralized finance, making it accessible, secure, and integrated with everyday financial activities.

Project overview Project details

Services used:
FinTech JavaScript Mobile App Python React TypeScript
About the project:

Client: Nash

Location: Switzerland

Industry: Crypto investment

Team Size: 1 team member

Project Duration: 2,5 years

Nash is a leading platform for crypto investment and financial management. It is registered with the Financial Market Authority (FMA) of Liechtenstein and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and was one of the first in Europe to facilitate compliant cash transfers between traditional banks and the crypto sphere. Interexy’s outstaffed developer worked on backend improvements and adding new features to the Nash mobile app.

Key features Product functionality

Decentralized Exchange

Users can purchase, store, transfer digital assets, and make online purchases via integrated payment services, all while maintaining self-custody and high speed.

Nash Widget

Fiat Crypto SDK simplifies crypto purchases for app users, enabling transactions using traditional money accounts. It supports thousands of tokens on various protocols and can be integrated into apps with minimal code.

Euro IBAN Account

Combines traditional and decentralized finance, allowing users to manage their entire financial lives from a single app. It supports money transfers, crypto transactions, and high-yield savings.

High Yield Savings

Provides a DeFi-powered high yield savings account, allowing users to earn interest on crypto investments without intermediaries. Users can deposit fiat funds, receive non-custodial tokens, and accrue interest immediately.

Self-Custody Wallet

Ensures the security and immutability of digital assets with Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and advanced encryption. It’s multi-chain enabled and integrates with Nash’s exchange and fiat ramp.

Tech stack The scope of the project

The platform was developed using the following tech stack:


  • React Native;
  • Elixir;
  • Rust;
  • JavaScript;
  • Python;
  • TypeScript.

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