Coinhook is a centralized exchange platform that offers a safe and simple way to buy, sell, store, and trade cryptocurrency. Our team was hired to develop a cross-platform mobile application assuming the same code for both iOS and Android operating systems.


Customer Idea

The most common way to sell and buy cryptocurrencies and other digital assets is through crypto exchange platforms. Exchanges can accept credit card payments, wire transfers as well as other forms of payment in exchange for cryptocurrencies. The Coinhook founder wanted our team to build a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that would act as a mediator between buyers and sellers, monetizing through transaction commissions and fees.

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Development Process

Since cryptocurrency apps require the highest level of security, our team developed a strong authentication process. Users are not able to perform any transactions without verifying their identity. The multi-factor verification process is done through a third-party service that takes and ensures the highest levels of data protection.

Besides email and phone verification, the user can set up additional security in the form of 2FA.

The product is integrated with Kraken and Coingecko. These cryptocurrency exchanges allow us to collect all data about currencies users have access to. One of the key challenges during the development process was to integrate Coinhook with fireblocks for digital wallet storage. In addition, we had to use a separate Azure for signing transactions, as it should be done on a highly protected and separate server.

The app allows users to connect their bank cards and digital wallet for transactions. As a regular crypto exchange, Coinhook allows users to:

  • Buy cryptocurrencies
  • Receive cryptocurrencies
  • Exchange cryptocurrencies
  • Send cryptocurrencies (scan the QR code)
  • Check the history of currencies
  • Check historical Market data for each cryptocurrency

We are also currently working on a paybyface feature. We were happy to bring this idea to the client as a way to power up the Coinhook app with AI. We were responsible for:

  • All tech issues related to the technology itself and its implementation
  • Finding the supplier in China
  • Explaining what AI-solutions are already existing and choosing the right path
user interface

UX/UI Design

The design team for the Coinhook crypto exchange was assembled to deliver top-notch results. That is why all designers participating in the project had relevant experience in the crypto niche. We followed the color palette of the brand, offering an immersive yet simple user experience. The design contains simple UI elements and is easy to understand for extra convenience and smooth navigation.

Color Palette

DM Sans

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Technology stack


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