App for Creating 3D/AR Models is an iOS application shaping the future of 3D and AR modeling by providing the tools to create and interact with AR/3D models. has been launched on the App Store, and the team is making updates according to user feedback.

Project overview Project details

Services used:
Metaverse Mobile Application NFT
About the project:


Location: USA

Industry: AR/VR Development

Team Size: 8 team members

Project Duration: 12 months is an iOS application that allows users to create 3D and AR models using photogrammetry, Lidar, and AI technologies. Users can upload photos of any object, and the app will automatically create high-quality immersive models. The models can later be exported in popular file formats, like USDZ, GLB, and GLTF.

Customer idea Idea and business challenges allows users to craft AI-assisted 3D and AR models, interact with them, and share them via messengers or email. The app is compatible with the latest iPhone models.
The app revolutionizes the industry by providing cutting-edge tools, allowing users to create highly realistic 3D models without any special equipment and at a reasonable price.
The key challenge is to make the 3D models and AR experience as realistic as possible. Now, the app allows the use of 30 pictures for AR/3D model creation, but the team is working on updates allowing the use of more than 30 pictures for more detailed models.

Project delivery Solutions application allows users to:

  • Create a realistic digital model of any physical object using photos from the smartphone;
  • View the created models and interact with them;
  • Export models in various formats (USDZ, JLB, GLTF) and share them. can be used in:

  • Gaming;
  • 3D printing;
  • AR applications;
  • Marketing, e-commerce, website creation;
  • Product design and architecture.

Design and tech stack The scope of the project

Technology Stack


  • React Native + TypeScript;
  • SCSS;
  • React Context;
  • Three.js for 3D rendering;
  • Redux + Saga + Persist.


  • Node.js;
  • Express.js;
  • AWS S3;
  • Object Capture API;
  • PostgreSQL.

UX/UI Design


  • Intuitive design;
  • Realistic and immersive 3D models;
  • Detailed instructions;
  • Switching between 3D and AR views;
  • Highly interactive interface.

Features Key Features

Create Your Digital Universe

Users can transform physical objects into 3D and AR models using a smartphone camera or uploading photos from the camera roll and USDZ files.

Interact With Your Models

Users can view and interact with the created models (for example, real-time interior rendering), switching between 3D and AR views.

Supporting Popular File Formats

The app allows users to export models in popular file formats (USDZ, JLB, GLTF) and send them via email or messengers.

Subscription Options

The app has a free and Premium mode (allowing the creation of three models for free) and a subscription mode (monthly and annual).

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Results Project outcome

The app was launched on the App Store in December 2023. The team is now making improvements based on user feedback and adding new features. The team plans regular updates to extend the app functionality and improve user experience.

They’ve made everything easy to understand and kept the project on track and on time.

“Interexy has completed the front-end development of the project after three months and is expected to finish the back-end work in six months. The vendor’s designers have taken the vendor’s concept to a new level. They’ve also made the entire process easy to understand and kept the project on track.”


Justin Sabo

Full review

20 Months of active engagement

8 Interexy team members

4 Еngineers

>30% Mobile user retention

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