Gamifly is a Web3 gateway that connects traditional gaming companies and mass consumers to the Web3 ecosystem, by offering no-fuss SDK to onboard games onto blockchain and simple customer journey and rewards for mass consumers.


Customer Idea

The founder of Gamifly develops games with his partners. This is why he came to Interexy with an idea of developing a web platform that will provide users with a list of NFT games and allow them to both earn tokens and transfer tokens into the available games. The web services had also been adaptive to mobile devices, as it will be easier for users to tap and open the game. Gamifly had to be connected with Metamask through blockchain. Now the project is in its development phase with the finished design. Let’s explore our NFT game marketplace development.

user interface

Style Guide

Development process

Color Palette

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Pair typography


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  • B1
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UI Elements

Menu bar

Menu bar




View details


Enter name
Enter name
User Name


Gemifly Wallet
checkbox done
Credit / debit card


Profile card

Profile card
User Name
Edit profile


You received an Reward 21 Gamefly token. Check it in your Gamifly wallet!

Development process

Gamifly had to become a solution that meeting customer needs lies in a Web3 gateway that brings together the best of traditional gaming industry and blockchain token economics and NFTs for mainstream gamers. The key idea was to develop a web platform where users can find top NFT games, transfer their NFTs to the games and earn tokens and cryptocurrencies from them equally. Since the client has already got games, they will be first placed on the platform and then we will add other games that work with NFT. The client also has plans on building a mobile application.
Once user enter the platform, they can create their own account through three available options:

  • icon Google account
  • icon Facebook account
  • icon Metamask (Polygon Blockchain)

Value proposition to gamers


Next Gen Web3 Platform with lots of fun games to play


Earn cryptocurrency and limited edition NFTs while playing


Sustainable cross-game token economics


Cross-game NFTs


DAO community owned and promoted by the ecosystem

App Development

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Application Development

UX/UI Design

Our design team was responsible for developing both web and mobile design from scratch. Since the goal of the design was to deliver an easy and engaging experience, we involved a graphic designer who created visual concepts to ensure user satisfaction and high retention rates.

The design we created for the Gamifly is highly interactive, packed with game elements and interface in colors of the NFT industry. Since the design of gaming platforms plays a critical role in how users interact with products, we created a team of designers who have already worked with such projects and can deliver engaging yet easy to use and understand interface for user satisfaction.

Application Development

Technology Stack

Even though this NFT game marketplace is still in its development stage, we have already come up with all tech stack. The frontend part is developed using React as one of the most stable and efficient languages.

The backend side we build using Node.js. Our blockchain engineers are using Solidity, Hardhat and ethers.js to allow hassle-free registration through Metamask.

Application Development

People that trust us

Mutual trust is vital when working with a marketing partner. See what our other partners have to say about working with us

Saad Saeed
Founder & CEO @ Crumb
Within its first nine weeks, the app received 8,000 users and a 4.7-star rating. The platform is well designed and hasn’t had many bugs. Interexy LLC is fast and efficient at building new features as well as taking scope changes in stride. Expertise and responsiveness are hallmarks of their work.
Rob Fedun
Founder of Tinga Nutrition Inc.
I was very impressed by their level of knowledge, willingness to learn, creativity and customer service. They are a growing company and take this opportunity very seriously, looking to learn from their overall process and client interactions. Interexy LLC is in line with our expectations and they are always available.
Jason Kelley
Founder @MUSL
I was always looking at where it intersects with the skill base of the team and the customer service, communication, project management. You can have a really amazing team of talented developers and programmers but you’re going to end up spending a great deal of your time actually trying to self-manage them. Versus you have the opposite which is really good project management and really excellent communication but not so great development team. And what I’ve enjoyed working with Interexy is the fact that I get both of those pieces together and that has been very satisfactory.

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