Marketplace App Development Services

Let’s learn more about our marketplace app development. Interexy is an expert in creating turnkey marketplace apps of various scale, complexity and profile.

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Marketplace App Development Services

2.9 billion

The sales made via mobile apps will soon reach $2.9 billion. Mobile apps show rapid speed and this number is projected to grow even further.


The global marketplace market size was estimated at USD 9.09 trillion in 2019 and is suggested to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.7% from 2020 to 2027.

50.10 billion

Due to the presence of NFT, the NFT marketplace size reached USD 50.10 Billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a revenue CAGR of 10.7%.

Who can benefit from marketplace app development services?

Marketplace & Startups

Since marketplace apps are in high demand and will only grow in upcoming years, startups can enter this flourishing industry without wasting time on outdated spheres.

Large & Mid-size business

Marketplace apps provide a range of opportunities for businesses, as they help build a strong brand name, get a stable revenue and open up new marketing channels.

Consulting Agencies

Depending on the type of marketplace app, consulting agencies can significantly benefit from having such an app as it connects top consultancy & advisory firms with entrepreneurs.

Our Marketplace App Development Services

B2B marketplace App Development

Our team assists clients in the creation of brand-new B2B marketplaces where businesses can sell and buy items and services from each other. Help your business grow and reach new heights.

B2C Marketplace App Development

We provide the entire cycle of B2C marketplace building services to make sure your users will have the best possible shopping experience. By connecting owners and clients in a single ecosystem you will get a game-changing product!

C2C marketplace App Development

For those who want to overcome market giants like Craigslist, Fiverr, or eBay, our C2C marketplace app development services would be an excellent option. Let’s allow your customers to interact in any way they want, while we ensure high satisfaction.

Multi Vendor Marketplace App Development

Let your platform be used by third-party sellers to sell at one place. Gain revenue from commission paid by the vendors and sellers who are selling in the marketplace. Create an all-in-one product for different business models.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) Marketplace App Development

Craft a brand-new peer-to-peer marketplace business model that falls under the eCommerce umbrella. Connect people worldwide who want to sell/rent any kind of service or product and get stable income.

NFT Marketplace App Development

Since NFT is a buzzword, you can enter the most popular domain today with our NFT marketplace development. Allow your users to sell and trade assets and we make sure a seamless buying experience.

Custom Marketplace App Development

If you didn’t find the right option for your business, we strive to make custom applications to cater to all users’ needs. Just show us your idea and we will handle the rest!

Marketplace App Development Company

Enter the flourishing industry of marketplace applications and provide a unique product for your future clients.

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Our expertise in marketplace app development within industries

Real Estate Marketplace Apps

Let realtors list all the properties for rent or sale, handle the documents and keep the schedule in check in one platform with our scalable marketplace services.

Healthcare Marketplace Apps

Especially vital during COVID-19, we help build online marketplace apps where users can list various types of healthcare providers and insurance providers, so users can easily find the perfect fit for them.

E-commerce & M-commerce Marketplace Apps

Being the most popular type of marketplace today, having an e-commerce app can provide affordability, flexibility and a wide range of products users can choose from.

FinTech Marketplace Apps

With digital finance apps, banking and financial organizations can digitalize the way they work to stay in demand, provide hassle-free and quick services.

Blockchain & Crypto Marketplace Apps

With the demand of digital currencies, providing a crypto marketplace app will open up many business channels. Partner our team to stand out from the crowd and beat the competitive market.

NFT Marketplace Apps

We help businesses build an NFT marketplace of their own to organize bidding, selling and trading of assets backed by Non-fungible tokens. We help you launch your own NFT marketplace that gives your customers a seamless buying experience.

Automotive Marketplace Apps

Allow the repair service providers to gain customer’s loyalty and reach a target audience partnering with our marketplace app development company. Technologies we use help users contact mechanics & car service providers with a few taps.

Social Media Marketplace Apps

In this modern lifestyle, providing a social media marketplace is more than just an app. We offer solutions to allow companies to start direct-to-customer conversations while also having an excellent tool for presenting their products.

Fitness Marketplace Apps

Let users maintain a healthy active lifestyle through a convenient and feature-rich fitness marketplace. This app allows for stable income, connects you with buyers and helps you find new opportunities for growth.

Event & Travel Marketplace Apps

Let your future clients create, edit and keep events in one place, while also reaching a wide user base through a brand-new marketplace. Since people always tend towards convenience, you can allow organizations to list hotel & accommodations, compare offers and choose the best option.

Marketplace Mobile App Development Company

Choose the sphere you want to enter and reap the benefits of having a trusted development partner who brings your idea to reality.

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Must-have Features of Marketplace Apps

Customer Service

Proper customer service can help to boost customers’ loyalty, generate positive user’s feedback and boost retention rate.


Users should always have a chance to stay with you in close contact for any questions.

Shipment Tracking

In order to reduce manual work in future and reduce resources needed, provide a shipment tracking system for your buyers.

Search & Filtering

Smart search feature allows users to quickly perform an action they came for without wasting time for unnecessary things.

Must-have Features of Marketplace Apps

Payment Gateway

Since there are many ways users can now pay online, make sure you include all the most convenient getaways.

Reviews & Ratings

Since word-of-mouth plays a great role in your app’s success, it is vital to help users leave reviews.

Wish List

Wish lists have become a must-have feature, as clients will easily find what they want and make purchases.

Dashboard with Statistic

This feature will help you gain insights, learn customer’s behavior for better user experience.

Our Roadmap to Creating a Successful Marketplace App

Arrow stages

Planning & Analysis

To ensure your satisfaction with the final product, our first step involves gathering the requirements and list of features.


Choice a monetization model & payment gateway provider

Once data is collected and resources needed are identified, our Business Analyst creates a detailed estimation.


Create a user-friendly UX design

The design plays a huge role in how users will use the app, so we pay close attention to minor details and give your great advantage in the market.


MVP Development & Analysis

When we are ready with mockups, our development team starts the development process, where you can add or reduce features during the process.


Marketplace App Development

This is an essential step and we do not compromise on the app’s quality, providing rigorous testing with all possible and prospective scenarios.


QA & Testing

Depending on the platform the app is developed for, we go through the entire launching process with your app and guarantee success.


Launch & Maintenance

When we are ready with mockups, our development team starts the development process, where you can add or reduce features during the process.

Why Choose Interexy


Clear, Understandable and Consistent

We strive to provide outstanding services, so we stay transparent and consistent in every step of the process. We also keep you informed about each step.


Industry’s Expertise

Interexy’s hiring process is unique and ensures that every member has the relevant expertise, high soft skills and a wide tech set for your success.


Custom App Development

Since every idea is unique, we provide custom services. This helps any client achieve goals set with no template-like development.


On Time and High Quality

We understand that time is an essential resource, so we always provide products on time without sacrificing the quality.

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How much does it cost to develop a marketplace?

The price for marketplace development depends on several factors. However, the minimum cost is usually from $50k.

What features should a marketplace have?

While features also depend on the sphere and the app’s main goal, the main feature list is commonly made from customer services, filter and smart search, payment gateways, live chat, shipment tracking and wish list.

What does the marketplace app development process look like?

The process starts from the market analysis and concept creation. Then we move to design, monetisation and MVP development. Once ready, we again perform analysis and identify resources. The next stage is the app’s development and testing. Once done, we help launch the app and provide further maintenance.

What technologies should I choose for a marketplace app?

The tech stack used for marketplace development should be chosen alongside your team of engineers. However, most popular marketplace apps, like eBay, have been developed using Java-based stack.

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