App for Strategic Financial Management

The innovative solution represents an app for personal financial management and direct lending. Interexy’s role in development has been instrumental, bringing to life a concept that marries the scalability of SaaS with the personalized impact and convenience of direct lending services, all while preparing for a promising beta launch.

Project overview Project details

Services used:
AWS FinTech Mobile Application React
About the project:

Location: USA

Industry: FinTech

Team Size: 2 team members

Project Duration: 6+ months

This innovative FinTech app, developed in collaboration with Interexy, represents a unique fusion of personal financial management and direct lending capabilities. By integrating real-time capital advances with a comprehensive suite of financial management tools, the app empowers users to optimize their debt repayment and enhance their investment strategies.

Customer idea Idea and business challenges

The initiative aimed to create a platform that not only simplifies personal finance but also introduces an innovative approach to capital access. The app’s core features are designed to automate financial processes, aggregating financial accounts and tailoring budgeting to individual needs.

More importantly, the key differentiator for this product is its ability to leverage personalized financial data to devise strategic debt repayment plans and offer the necessary capital (all under the same umbrella). By doing this, the app hopes to offer a holistic financial management experience for its end-users.

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Project delivery Solutions

The development process encompassed the integration of sophisticated features, such as:

  • Unified Financial Services Integration: Seamlessly connecting with a variety of financial platforms (Fuse, Method, FDIC) to provide a comprehensive management solution for assets and liabilities.
  • Advanced Analytics: Crafting algorithms to deliver in-depth financial performance insights and cash flow analysis; leveraging these statistical models to underwrite capital offerings.
  • Customized Debt Solutions: Offering users tailored and flexible debt management and repayment strategies to achieve financial goals efficiently and with end-to-end automation.

Design and tech stack The scope of the project

The app development focused on AWS serverless architectures for high performance and scalability.

  • Front-end: Developed using React.js and React Native, ensuring a responsive and intuitive user interface across web and mobile platforms.
  • Back-end: Developed using AWS Serverless Framework, AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, and the managed MongoDB Atlas, coupled with Prisma for ORM to interact with database models. This setup enables efficient, scalable, and flexible app deployment and management.

Project development Development highlights

Strategic Collaboration

The client’s active participation in the development and strategic decision-making ensured that the project remained aligned with their vision.

Technical Execution

Addressing the challenges of integrating with diverse financial services highlighted the need for meticulous attention to data compatibility and synchronization.

Innovative Business Model

The app’s unique proposition lies in its blend of SaaS scalability with the personalization of lending services, aimed at delivering superior financial outcomes for users.

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Results Project outcome

The collaboration with Interexy has been pivotal in the creation of a FinTech app that seamlessly blends the efficiency of SaaS with the impact of personalized lending solutions. As the app advances towards its beta testing phase, it stands as a testament to the potential of innovative financial technologies to redefine personal finance management.

The team seamlessly served as an extension of our in-house engineering team to bring our vision to life.

Interexy successfully developed and tested all critical backlog features. The team automated budget, creditor payments, and loan payback tracking. The team demonstrated technical expertise and had effective communication. Interexy delivered on time and followed solid principles and design patterns.


Founder & CEO, FinTech Startup

2 Interexy engineers

8 Months of development

15,000 Linked financial institutions

<100ms Response times

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