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June 3, 2021

6 Tips How to Create Women’s Health Tracking Application

June 3, 2021

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Most scientists agree that the human body has not yet been fully researched, despite scientific and technical progress. Women’s health, in particular, is also full of mysteries. A mobile application for health self-monitoring can not only provide science with new data but also make the lives of women easier. If you’re thinking about how to develop a women’s health tracking app, we have created this article to guide you along this path.

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mHealth Applications Market Overview

Wondering how to build a women’s health application? Let’s get started by taking a look at the recent statistics on mHealth applications market growth.

The market for mobile health solutions is growing, and it is expected to grow even more. There are many tools, apps, and technologies that may be helpful with different tasks and goals of doctors and their patients. For example, there are remote and virtual surgery platforms, applications for self-diagnosing and health issues prevention, telemedicine apps, CMS for hospitals, and a lot of other promising innovations. 

Most of them are perfectly tailored to the specifics of the target audience — for example, post-surgery patients, those with chronic diseases, apps for kids health and vaccinations monitoring, and the solutions developed specifically for female users.

FemTech as a Promising Direction for mHealth Apps Development

FemTech stands for the set of tools, apps, and technologies created to meet the specific issues of women’s health, different lifestyles, and demands.

The global FemTech market was estimated at $487 million in 2020 and is expected to reach $522 million by the end of 2021. And this is not the only reason why women’s health app development is promising.

women health tracking app
  • Women are more likely to want to control their health than men. That is, your future FemTech solution may expect a better demand, and this is quite a reason for creating a women’s health app.
  • Some women’s health specifics need ongoing control. Menstruation, ovulation and pregnancy need to be controlled continually to keep accurate period tracking, plan a pregnancy or prevent it, and better manage and understand female health symptoms.
  • Women are the most active users of fitness, weight control, and nutrition apps. The popularity of a healthy and active lifestyle largely provoked by social media and increasing health necessities awareness make more and more women integrate fitness, weight, and nutrition control practices into their everyday life. The use of smartphone health apps is the most convenient way to schedule fitness sessions online and offline, set goals and track progress milestones, revise and improve nutrition plans.
  • In response to the previous trend, wearable devices (like fitness trackers) are also more popular among women. They are not only useful but also come with a beautiful and trendy design to complement a fashionable outfit.

Together, these trends combine into a sufficient reason to make an app for women’s health. Idea development and competition analysis are the first steps along this path.

FemTech Solutions Overview by Types

There are many successful FemTech solution examples and ‘how to create women’s health tracker app’ practices. Let’s find out more about the most prominent apps from different categories.

women's health track app

Period tracking solutions — Clue

This is quite a famous ovulation and period tracker with advanced features. The application is powered by AI-driven data analysis and smart predictions to help women better control their monthly changes.

Menopause symptoms control solutions — MenoLife

Going through menopause is quite challenging. The perimenopause and menopause periods may be accompanied by different physical and mental symptoms that need to be tracked and controlled. MenoLife helps 45+ women stay aware of the changes that happen to them, plus the app has quite an active community to get support from. It is also full of useful tips for menopause symptoms relief, overcoming insomnia and anxiety.

Women’s sexual wellness apps — Ferly

Ferly is quite a non-standard solution. It uses a cognitive behavior therapy framework to help women re-discover their bodies, overcome sex challenges, find out the approaches that work for them and make a step along the mindful sex experience path.

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Childbirth planning, pregnancy, and nursing support apps — BabyCenter, BabyFeedingLog

BabyCenter is an app to track a baby’s development, control women’s weight, choose the most beautiful name, calculate childbirth costs, and choose a community of women going through the same stage of life. 

BabyFeedingLog, in turn, is breastfeeding management software. It helps track the time and duration of feeding and establishing a sleep schedule.

Fitness and yoga apps for women — Fitness Buddy

This is one of the most popular fitness applications on the market. With it, the users may access thousands of workouts perfectly suitable for different goals and previous experience in sports. Engaging fitness apps are especially relevant in the post-pandemic times when social distancing restrictions are still here.

Nutrition apps and calories trackers — Yazio

Yazio is an innovative calorie counter and weight loss manager. It is teeming with healthy recipes, including gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan. Yazio may also help you choose and follow the most appropriate diet step by step using the predeveloped nutrition schedules and plans.

Wearable devices — Ava

Ava is a fertility tracker app, but it also has branded bracelets developed with female health specifics in mind. The main function of Ava is to identify the opening or closing of the fertile window and define the best days to conceive a baby.

Women safety solutions

There are also solutions for women’s safety. They work like smartwatches for kids and have geolocation identification and route control features.

Inspired by the ideas above? Let the Interexy tech team help you transform your idea into a promising FemTech solution!

Advantages of Women Healthcare Mobile Application Development

There are several advantages to building a women’s health app.

smartphone with women health tracking app
  • This is an opportunity to meet market demand.
    If you have a promising idea in mind, right now is the right time to join the FemTech market. But you still have to analyze the market, modern women’s behavior patterns, and necessities driven by the current health and economic environment. For example, many women are abandoning the idea of giving birth because of the shaking financial situation, uncertainty, and the necessity to stay in hospital.
  • There are a lot of competitors to analyze and get inspired by. We have reviewed the most promising solutions of the modern FemTech market. Use them as a source for inspiration, additional research, improving your idea and its validation.
  • You may utilize the experience of a tech-savvy development vendor. There are also many opportunities for getting in touch with an experienced development company and re-use their best practices for mobile health application development.

6 Unobvious Tips for Female Health Mobile Application Development

How to develop a women’s health tracking app? Consider the following features you have to embed to make it outstanding.

1 Embed customizable reminders

The goal of any health app is always to stay aware of the health changes. To help your users make the most use of this opportunity, consider making your reminders and notifications fully customizable depending on your app specifics and the goal it may help achieve.

2 Prioritize sensitive data protection

Medical data is quite sensitive and expensive on the black market, so you have to follow the best data protection practices to let women feel safe when sharing personal and intimate information. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA is a set of data protection regulations developed for the health industry every hospital, medical practitioner, and developers have to follow.

3 Add “Share with a doctor” feature and/or online consultations

Telemedicine is on the rise since this is an effective approach for accessing top-notch medical care more affordably and safely. The lack of face-to-face interaction is a recent reason for telemedicine solutions’ popularity. Think about adding such a feature as well.

4 Think about smart suggestions based on the data and behavior

Most healthcare applications are powered and supported by scientific research, data analysis, and smart suggestions. How to create a female health tracking app with a scientific approach in mind? In this case, you have to utilize artificial intelligence and build custom algorithms to provide the users with a more innovative experience.

5 Think of embedding social media features

Most women love to share their experiences. Building a community and adding some social media-life features is a good strategy to drive engagement and establish user loyalty.

6 Drive engagement via marathons and contests

In addition to some kind of social media experience within your app, you may also think about running marathons and contests. For example, you may invite women to run or swim for a week and award the most active participants with subscriptions and access to more advanced features.

Challenges in Developing Women Health Tracking Apps

Like any other solution development, making a woman calendar app may be challenging. How to develop a women’s health tracking mobile app, meet market demand and possible pitfalls? Keep the following insights in mind.

screenshots from women health app

Your app design shouldn’t necessarily be pink

This is quite a hackneyed color, but it may still be suitable for teen girls’ health apps. But if you are targeting the older users segment, think about other design solutions, and try to match the psychology of colors with your app’s goal and mission.

Choose the right business model

There are several business models you may choose from, but it isn’t necessary to make an ultimate choice right now. For example, you may get started by providing your solution for free but making money from the relevant in-build ads. 

P.S. Be thoughtful and careful with ads — they can be highly annoying.

Then, as your solution grows, add more innovative post-subscription features. You may also think about selling additional products or services.

Legal regulation compliance

In addition to HIPAA, health solutions need FDA clearance. Make sure to follow the procedures established by FDA to offer your users a safe and legal-compliant final product.

Final Thoughts

We have covered the main issues related to the question of how to develop an app for women’s health. Like with any other solutions development, you have to power your own one with a promising and well-validated idea. Considering the rising market demand, a technically powerful solution can match the user’s preferences and solve their problems. 

Interexy can help you develop a top-notch FemTech application. Our expertise and experience in mobile health solutions development, understanding of the technical issues, target audiences specifics, and legal regulation rules will help create a high-end female health app.

Get in touch with us to discuss your project idea and outline the future development milestones to achieve them together!

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