The client is from the US and runs a startup. He came to our team with an idea and concept of Treasure Hunt – a brand-new application for the NFT industry. The key idea of the application is to allow users to hunt NFTs, which then can be traded on the marketplace. The app is in its development stage, but we got a positive intermediate review from the client and he is satisfied with the result, so we continue working on the product.


Customer Idea

Treasure Hunt should become a mobile application designed for the NFT industry. The app allows users to hunt treasures, which are various NFTs, using their AR camera on their phones while walking around the city. Users should be able to both create and join the hunt based on many factors, like location, treasure chest value, live or?and upcoming hunts. Users will also pay an entry fee, allowing creators and app’s owner to monetise these NFT hunts.

user interface

Style Guide


Pair typeface


Sans Serif typeface designed by Indian Type Foundry
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Color Palette


Development Process

The development of Treasure Hunt required an experienced team with experience in AR and NFT domains. We created a team of developers and designers who have already worked on similar projects, making sure the result will be above industry’s standards. Before users will be able to join or create hunts, they will have to go through registration stage which involves:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Confirm email through the code

Once the personal user profile is done, they can add funds to the balance through credit card to participate in the hunting. In the V1 of the Treasure Hunts, users are able to:

  • Create treasure hunt
  • Join treasure hunt
  • Review upcoming hunts

When choosing the treasure hunt NFT based on location and treasure value, users should pay an entry fee which is established by the hunt creator. The app allows everyone to earn out of the hunt through the following process:

  • Create treasure hunt
  • Creators get % out of the hunt
  • App is monetised by taking %

Once the hunt is chosen, users should look for it using a map in the app and their AR camera. The hunt looks like a dower chest, which is opened when found by the player.


UX/UI Design

The design of Treasure Hunt is created with the goal to bring convenience and ease of use on the go, allowing users to get the best playing experience. We decided to start with wireframes to allow the client to add changes before the development, saving both money and time. The key things we take in mind when developing NFT

Treasure Hunt design are:

  • Brand color palette
  • Illustrations for better gaming experience
  • Simple & understandable UI elements
  • Confirmation of most actions

Technology Stack

The development team for Treasure Hunt was developed within a few weeks, allowing us to collect qualified engineers with relevant experience and skills for this project. Even though the app is still in its development stage, the tech stack is choosing and we strive to continue working with those technologies:

Development technlonogies

NodeJS React PostgreSQL

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