ELOSIA is a health check app designed to allow users of private clinic to easily perform analysis of urine right in their homes. The client is a PhD doctor who wants to bring convenience into patients’ lives and make it quick for them to verify whether the main bodily function works properly or not.

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Customer Idea

The founder of ELOSIA was looking for a trusted development partner who could support and help with development after the team wasn’t able to provide top-notch results. He came to Interexy with a urine tracker app that lacked functionality, an admin panel, a more relevant design, and a smooth workflow. This is why we decided to enter the project with our engineers specializing in healthcare and help the client release the app that deserves attention.

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Development & Revision Process

The first thing our team decided to focus on was the revision of the exciting code and the identification of poor functionality that we needed to fix. Since the app was almost completely developed, rewriting the whole code would cost the client a bunch of money. This is why the team was created from only experienced developers who were able to work with foreign code, fix bugs, add new features, admin panel, and improve exciting pieces of code without writing it from scratch. We also added the core feature of the app – integration with the camera to define the analysis.

The final product was developed by our team and represented a mobile application that can be used by patients in a private clinic. The core functionality is:

  • Patient database of one clinic
  • Patients can get tester strips from the clinic
  • Patients can scan these strips via mail
  • The camera can define the analysis based on color
  • The app can give suggestions on improvement based on scanner results

This urine test app is already launched and successfully used by many patients of the clinic. Since we still work with the client to maintain and support user feedback, we also discussed the chance to add AI into the app, which is suggested to boost engagement and the quality of provided results.

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user interface

Style Guide

Pair typeface

SF Pro Display

Sans Serif typeface designed by Indian Type Foundry

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  • a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
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Primary gradient

Box shadows


App Development

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UX/UI Design

The client came with an exciting design for some parts of the app, but we also needed to create a new design for added pages from scratch according to what had already been done. The client was happy to add our fresh ideas to the interface, as our design team was made up of qualified experts who have already worked in this space and know how to better translate the idea to users.

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As a result, the design of the ELOSIA application was made following these points:

  • Light & calming colors (blue, white, dark blue)
  • Clear & understandable UI elements
  • Quick & easy to find buttons
  • Graphics for better visualization

Technology Stack

Since the code was already written, we had to adjust our technology stack to the exciting one. But we also wanted to overcome issues the previous company had and develop a more efficient solution. This is why the two languages our developers have chosen were:

Development technlonogies

react PHP

These are ideal solutions for mobile applications that need to ensure speed, efficiency, and seamless user experience.

App Development

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Our team aims to deliver world-class mobile applications for famous & trusted B2B & B2C providers across different industries over the globe. Click the button below to see more case studies.

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Saad Saeed

Founder & CEO @ Crumb

Within its first nine weeks, the app received 8,000 users and a 4.7-star rating. The platform is well designed and hasn’t had many bugs. Interexy LLC is fast and efficient at building new features as well as taking scope changes in stride. Expertise and responsiveness are hallmarks of their work.

Will von Behr

Founder @ Urbs Travel

I got an amazing product that was exactly what I envisioned when I first sat out & drew the plans. The two areas that I think where Stan & his team particularly excel: first is attention to detail (…) & secondly the kind of support they’ve provided after the app was largely complete. I’m sure the number of teams just do the bug work & leave it but they are [Interexy team] always on hand to answer any questions really at any time of day which is incredible. So I’d encourage anyone who wants to build any sort of product to use Stan & his team. It’ll accelerate your business and make your life a whole lot easier.

Doug Scibilia

Founder & CEO @ SQRK – Squaker

Before choosing Interexy, I’ve hired a firm out of India – they gave me a great price, great timeline (…). And after close to a year, they told me they couldn’t get the project done. Then I started to talk with Stan from Interexy. I hired them, they quoted me 8 weeks to get this project done, well, 8 weeks later – the project is done. Now I just have nothing but a great thing to say about the company – they were on time, great communication and just great people there. I’d 100% recommend Interexy for any web development or app development project that you have out there, they’re just fantastic.

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