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MedKitDoc is a revolutionary telemedicine product focused on B2B market with a concept of reinventing how telemedicine works – with innovative Bluetooth-based MedKits. The physicians that are using the service are capable of diagnosing 49 more diseases than through default telemedicine products.

Enabling physicians with real-time health data from connected medical devices, MedKitDoc can double the capabilities of telemedicine.

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Product Concept

MedKitDoc founders came to Interexy with just a concept & idea in mind of how to reinvent telemedicine worldwide by creating a revolutionary product. We quickly went through the consultation process understanding the requirements, outlining the drafts of the solution’s development & proceeding with the full planning stage to finalize the MVP.

health measurement devices
choice of action
appointment schedule
patient profile

Goals & Objectives

The main objective was to finalize the scope of functionalities for MVP to maximize the value product will bring to its potential users, validate market fit as fast as possible & increase the chances of fundraising.

Interexy’s team followed the process with the creation of Software Specification, outlining functional, technical & business goals of MVP, finalizing the best technologies to use, and reach the target product goals fast with a market-winning solution.



Initial Consultation



Planning stage & prototyping



Functional & Technical Overview



Finalization of Scope & UI/UX Design


Style Guide


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Style guide


Following our team expertise in healthcare products, we’ve outlined clear & clean UX concepts and started with careful UI creation leveraging native mobile technologies capabilities.


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Design Creation

One of the main differentiators in Healthcare is the UX of the product – many companies develop functional telemedicine apps but they often lack clear & simple UX with sophisticated design in place – that what Interexy’s team focused on during the design process.


We also knew that the design should be robust & responsive to the standards of B2B healthcare space – here at Interexy we did research on competitive telemedicine products taking the best UI & UX solutions and applying them with MedKitDoc.

interaction Design

Hardware Integration Design Challenges

One of the main UX challenge was the fact that MedKitDoc is heavily hardware-integrated – we had a range of devices to connect with the app via Bluetooth and needed to provide seamless user experience in case of connection issues.

  • bluetooth integration flow
  • hardware worfklows
  • video & audio calls design
  • synchronous data reflection

Interexy’s UX & UI team carefully went through the most challenging parts of the product iteratively creating a range of prototypes to finalize the UX and user interface design part to fit the product’s objectives and users’ expectations.

list of devices for measuring health status online patient contact
user account Physician App Flow
interaction Design

Physician App Flow

One of the challenges with the UX part of the product was creating a separate flow for physicians & adapting it to the standards of healthcare software tools making the design beautiful and clean at the same time.

Many healthcare products that being used by practicing physicians nowadays lack simplicity & beautiful UX and UI solutions and with MedKitDoc we had a goal to disrupt industry standards and create an iOS app that will distinguish itself from the similar products in the industry with its’ modern design approach.

  • clear & clean phyisician flow
  • UX with existing software healthcare products
  • responsiveness to save specialists’ time
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App Development

Explore more opportunities in healthcare mobile app development.

Our team aims to deliver world-class mobile applications for famous & trusted B2B & B2C providers across different industries over the globe. Click the button below to see more case studies.

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Tinga app screenshots
Application Development

Development Process

Native Technologies

Swift was chosen as a development language to meet market standards & be ahead of the competition with robust UI & app responsiveness

Healthcare Compliances

We did a separate set of planning sessions finalizing the backend architecture of the product to meet healthcare compliances

Fastest way to navigate

The goal of the project was to provide healthcare specialists with modern, intuitive & fast product to optimize their work time

Development technlonogies

Swift php

Start of the app development

Following designs prepared based on the Software Specification we divided whole work into development sprints and began with setting up the architecture of the project, outlining the required compliances in place & building the flows of front-end mobile part of the product to allow for simplicity, ease & speed of use.

Vital points of the build were speed, quality & frequency of updates – we needed to move fast with the MVP development and add or chanrge functionalities of the go due to startup nature of it.

User Experience Importance

Implementation of design pixel-perfectly & connection of the UI with the user experienced outlined by clickable prototype provided at the completion of design stage were the most important points during the UI implementation part of the project.

We set a high-end goal with changing how healthcare is treating the user experience & user interface with the software products and apps especially and wanted to provide similar to popular social apps type of user experience.

App Development

Full Cycle App Development

Our team aims to deliver world-class mobile applications for famous & trusted B2B & B2C providers across different industries over the globe. Click the button below to see more case studies.

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Fundraising Activities

Picus Capital Investment

picus capital

MedKitDoc Fundraised €500k with the MVP developed by Interexy in 10 months after initial contact & €1.7M euros 5 months later

Picus Capital was one of the first investment firms to recognize the market potential of the technology concept & MVP developed by Interexy. They were the initial investors for MedKitDoc providing €500k in pre-seed funding to develop the concept further.

Three months later MedKitDoc announced investments of several more million coming in to enlarge their team of 25 employees & continue the development of the project making it certifiable & compliant to hard-wired German healthcare standards.

Application Development

Technical Implementation

1. Intuitive flows for patients & physicians

Using Xcode performance & responsiveness testing tools we were carefully checking out the flow of the native app making sure the product won’t have glitches, main UI thread blocks & keep its’ users satisfied & secure.

2. Attractive UI design & native user experiences implementation

The app is focused on the implementation of native iOS Swift SDKs & libraries – the goal was not to use 3rd party services to ensure pixel-perfect design implementation and native user experiences.

3. Encrypted secure video calls & patients data

One of the main challenges through the technical implementation of the product was to establish encrypted video & audio calls and secure patients’ data on the backend – we used a range of available industry-specific technologies following healthtech best practices.

doctor and nurse

Product Completion



Full functional MVP with iPad version of the product was developed in 4 months starting with the Software Specification development & UI/UX design and implementation.


Pre-seed Funding

Within 6 months upon completion of MVP MedKitDoc team got €500k pre-seed funding allowing to continue the development process & prepare the product for heavy go-to-market strategies implementation.


Seed Funding

14 months after the first contact with the Interexy product team raised several million euros in seed funding to continue the growth of the development team and work on certifying the technology with the main healthcare & health tech institutions in Germany.

patient complaints health measurement devices

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People that trust us

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Saad Saeed

Founder & CEO @ Crumb

Within its first nine weeks, the app received 8,000 users and a 4.7-star rating. The platform is well designed and hasn’t had many bugs. Interexy LLC is fast and efficient at building new features as well as taking scope changes in stride. Expertise and responsiveness are hallmarks of their work.

Will von Behr

Founder @ Urbs Travel

I got an amazing product that was exactly what I envisioned when I first sat out & drew the plans. The two areas that I think where Stan & his team particularly excel: first is attention to detail (…) & secondly the kind of support they’ve provided after the app was largely complete. I’m sure the number of teams just do the bug work & leave it but they are [Interexy team] always on hand to answer any questions really at any time of day which is incredible. So I’d encourage anyone who wants to build any sort of product to use Stan & his team. It’ll accelerate your business and make your life a whole lot easier.

Doug Scibilia

Founder & CEO @ SQRK – Squaker

Before choosing Interexy, I’ve hired a firm out of India – they gave me a great price, great timeline (…). And after close to a year, they told me they couldn’t get the project done. Then I started to talk with Stan from Interexy. I hired them, they quoted me 8 weeks to get this project done, well, 8 weeks later – the project is done. Now I just have nothing but a great thing to say about the company – they were on time, great communication and just great people there. I’d 100% recommend Interexy for any web development or app development project that you have out there, they’re just fantastic.

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