Main Ideas 6 Great Mobile App Ideas for Your Healthcare Startup

4 августа, 2021

6 Great Mobile App Ideas for Your Healthcare Startup

4 августа, 2021


When looking at the numbers and the economies of this market, you will be thrilled. According to research, the global digital health market is expected to reach US$ 551.1 bn by the end of 2027, with a CAGR of 16.5% by the same year. The number grew over five times, reaching $33.59 billion between 2012 and 2018. As you can see, it is a highly profitable ecosystem, targeting numerous ways of earning money and possibilities for investors and developers.

Some medical apps designed for physicians help boost the connection between patients & doctors both virtually and physically, while some of the other digital products provide a specific health consultation. Although there are various types of healthcare applications in this industry, we have carefully crafted this article to help you find the amazing app ideas for medical care that will differ your services from all the rest. In addition, we provide you with examples and highlight what you should strive for to achieve success. 

As a company specialized in mobile development, our team of professionals has a background and expertise in the medical space and is ready to support your ideas with customized solutions. Contact us and start your journey in this booming industry.

The healthcare ecosystem was doing great, and worth even before the Coronavirus broke out. Four years ago, the overall global mHealth market was valued at around 10 billion U.S. dollars. Also, research revealed that this market would reach 31 billion dollars by 2025.

According to Statista, by the end of this year, the global healthcare mobile apps industry is estimated to reach $100 billion, which is half of the predicted total digital medical share of $206 billion. Based on the latest studies focused on the mHealth space, there are over 95,000 medical applications for medical practitioners and patients available in AppStore catalogs.

Since mobile healthcare apps are gaining popularity, the pandemic is forcing the rise of health-integrating technologies. Due to such a demand for applications in medicine, startups and other companies always need to stay informed on the latest trends. The majority of digital products contain only the basics of the industry’s standards, thus, becoming outdated today. Although they give the ability to monitor vitals, check supplements intake and chat with a doctor in real-time, these features alone are highly unlikely to survive for a long time in this fast-speed space. 

The cooperation of technology and medicine is said to recreate the whole healthcare ecosystem to achieve higher standards of care, boost accessibility and increase awareness in medical services across the world. Today this sphere is largely driven by electronic health records (EHR), medical data, electronic medical record (EMR), AV/ AR solutions, and more. 

Even though there are many digital products and services that can significantly improve regular medicine, mobile applications play one of the main roles in developing a new ecosystem powered by technologies. They offer healthcare organizations to consult their patients using chats, audio, and video calls, boost user’s loyalty, provide updates on their health condition, send notifications and even allow tracking of dangerous symptoms to call the doctors as soon as possible and avoid lethal outcomes.

 Mobile applications have already shown a significant impact on the whole industry and are predicted to only raise their influence in upcoming years with new ideas and solutions coming to the market. Now, let’s go to our main topic and discuss unique healthcare startup ideas.

Modern technologies have made it possible for doctors, patients & the government to leverage digital solutions and have comprehensive data management. However, most of the products lack creative medical app ideas, producing another regular product that will probably get lost on the market within a week.

Advanced mHealth solutions should allow the professionals to store, share and analyze health-related data across various platforms and be a trustworthy partner for patients struggling with chronic health diseases. This implementation will assist in the speedy diagnosis of a severe medical situation and improve the process of establishment of diagnosis and treatment plan for each patient. Check out these best healthcare app ideas that will definitely change how medicine works and help your startup make a solid step to a bright future.

Appointment Booking App

One of the best startup ideas for founders is developing the doctor appointment app. It is simple and primarily designed for doctors’ benefits. Most of the healthcare professionals and famous doctors produce their own appointment booking app for the patients to help them be informed about open times for their specialist’s appointment and give an easy way to book the preferable day for them.

While this is a go-to healthcare mobile app idea, you can also develop a social platform for both doctors and patients where they can chat in real-time, discuss a patient’s health condition t and ask for a consultation and then book an appointment for the home visit. 

Personal Medical Records App

This type of mHealth application represents one of the most profitable mobile app ideas for healthcare, as they allow patients to track personal medical records. The concept of the product could be in the form of a diary that allows patients to add their personal records manually and share changes with the doctor before the appointment. 

These digital products can help doctors to understand a patient’s health history better and prescribe medications or take further action according to what they learn from the app. 

Medications Delivery App

The third bright option from our list of top healthcare app ideas is a delivery app that will take patient’s medications from a pharmacy and deliver them by their door. It should be mentioned that such a type of app is now in demand more than ever before due to pandemia and global lockdown. Being blocked at home with symptoms of any diseases, patients can’t go to the local drugstore by themselves, and they will be happy to just open an app and get their medicines within a few hours.

For instance, Uber for medicine apps or delivery apps has made the first step in this sphere, making it possible for the patients to get the needed medicines whenever they want. This is a definitely worthy idea now because of the third wave of Coronavirus ahead.

Reach out to us for crafting a user-centric app that is worth a thousand downloads!

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Mental Health Apps

Still looking for new medical app ideas that can help your startup boom the market? Meet this one and enjoy the fascinating results! Since 90% of people worldwide have an increasingly busy lifestyle and some kind of mental health disorder, they face a lot of stress on a daily basis. Some of the most common mental health issues are anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and insomnia. And if it might have seemed not a valuable idea 10 years ago, now people tend to improve their mental health with the help of specialists, yoga, sport, and meditations. 

Therefore, you have a perfect opportunity to catch the trend and develop a multi-functional or one-purpose application focused on improving mental health. It could be a sleep app that tracks the normal sleep cycle, could also be a meditation app that contains numerous practices to boost mood, ease tension and regain homeostasis in the body. Luckily, the target audience is large, and your app will find its users. 

App for Woman’s Wellbeing

No one will be surprised that women and men have different medical demands and needs. Women’s monthly menstrual cycle has a vital role in their health and can affect many biological processes in the body. 

This is why you can develop an app focused on resolving issues related to women’s special requirements and their overall wellbeing during this time of the month. Only a few outstanding applications cover vital needs, so you can provide a real sensation in your country by giving a multi-task product for the female part of the world. Therefore, you can add not only tracking the menstrual cycle, create a child development option for pregnant women, and even a blog where they can get useful tips and recommendations from the gynecologist. 

Fitness App With Virtual Training

As the last option in this list of medical mobile app ideas, mobile fitness applications are one of the most in-demand digital products today. They can be designed for riding, running, and training in the gym with other people virtually. Especially during these challenging times of Coronavirus, people feel lonely, and they find it hard to train or even go for a walk by themselves. This is because mental issues appeared due to the pandemic cause lack of energy and interest. This is why the opportunity to train with other people all across the globe will be a genuinely unique chance to return to the previous life. 


It is a recently launched HIPAA compliant healthcare blockchain network that gives patients access to share their medical records with the best researchers and medical practitioners. In addition, the technology they integrate allows patients to pay for this platform with cryptocurrency in exchange for sharing their health data with researchers. 


By implementing state-of-the-art antibody technology and powered by recent discoveries in neuroimmunology, the startup strives to combat neurodegenerative diseases. The company’s technology creates and validates antibody drugs with beneficial properties that engage disease-causing targets and develops novel therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease as well as many other neurodegenerative disorders. This gives physicians the ability to help the immune system fight dementia and neurodegeneration.


Using artificial intelligence to decode molecular processes connected with specific diseases, this recently launched startup can pair medications with the proper patients. Currently, their digital solution can also determine better ways to treat people and potentially cure diseases that have been unresponsive to treatments.  

We at Interexy strive to support startups in their ideas and help them create unique applications with excellent outcomes. Reach us out and become a sensation on this market tomorrow!

Once you come up with the final idea, it is time to brainstorm the concept of your future product. YOu should find a niche-down development team that will include the following features: 

Front-end and back-end developers;
UI/UX designers;
Technical documentation specialists;
MVP testing professionals;
Polishing and bug fixes.

Your team should be qualified enough to quickly come through the process and start developing according to your ideas and their expertise. Remember to hire professionals that know every tiny aspect of the process and follow standards of medical application development. By finding the right and trustworthy tech partner for your ideas for a medical app, your product will succeed in this fast-speed market. 

Interexy knows that mobile technology is changing the medical ecosystem today, so without losing time, we created outstanding products that help our customers make a new step in their business journey.  

One of the most beloved products designed especially for the healthcare industry is called MedKitDoc. The company’s founders came to us with an idea and concept and wanted our team to create something unique for their goals. 

The main idea was to finalize the scope of functionalities for MVP to boost the value product is expected to bring to its users, validate market fit within the shortest time and improve their financial situation.   

One of the key challenges during the development process was smooth and straightforward design. It wasn’t easy for our UX UI team as most healthcare mobile applications today lack simplicity and user-friendliness due to heavily integrated hardware. We knew that we should create a robust & responsive product, so through research on telemedicine products, we took the best UI & UX solutions and integrated them with MedKitDoc — the result was dazzling.  

So why are you still waiting? Our fully-packed team of experts is ready to cover all your needs and ideas! 

Looking out for great healthcare app ideas? You choose the right place to stop. We have carefully crafted this article to help you find ios medical apps ideas and android medical apps ideas you can consider developing for your startup in 2021. Do not forget to find an experienced team or a trustworthy company that will work for your product.

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