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Outstaff Mobile App Security: Should You Consider It?

January 14, 2022

Outstaff Mobile App Security: Should You Consider It?

January 14, 2022

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Outstaff mobile security

Since modern-day applications are usually connected to numerous networks, brands offering services should ensure high protection. However, due to the world’s speed, implementation of new technologies, changes in customer patterns, and short timelines, it is a tricky task to guarantee security. 

Even though more and more companies are focusing on preventing or identifying cybersecurity threats every year, hackers also develop new techniques. So no one can be surprised to know companies are looking for trusted partners who can protect their applications and guarantee data safety. This article will explain in detail everything you should know about cybersecurity services for business and make your decision whether you need these services.

Today’s world is highly digital. Companies use mobile apps to provide convenience and show customers their services in the most enjoyable way. Users also tend to use apps for various things to make life easier. Latest statistics show that in the U.S. alone, users spent an average of 37.72 minutes daily using mobile apps. Although apps are hassle-free, they usually contain sensitive data that have to be always protected from unauthorized access. Nevertheless, it does not always happen. This is why most popular app providers are using special protocols to help developers develop protected applications. 

However, it is often a challenging task for the tech team because they are forced to choose from numerous options. In addition, lack of testing can cause feature implementation that experienced attackers will easily ruin. So mobile app protection is technically a practice of protecting high-value mobile applications from fraudulent threats in all available forms. They may include the following:

  • Tampering;
  • Reverse engineering;
  • Malware, 
  • Keyloggers, 
  • Other manipulation or interference. 

Let’s dive deeper into common issues that can affect mobile apps:

  • Storing or incidentally leaking one’s data, making it visible on the Internet or in another user’s phone.
  • Development of poor authentication processes that could be bypassed by users or malicious applications.
  • Implementation of cheap or vulnerable data encryption methods that can be easily broken. 
  • Sensitive data transition without encryption through the Internet.


Although the healthcare sector requires more robust cybersecurity, for some fields, it should be of the highest level. Hospitals and other organizations deal with a huge amount of sensitive information on a daily basis. This includes patient treatment records, communications with investors, and even medical secrets. 

Therefore, these things have to be protected against open and public networks by turning them into encrypted and secure portals. User authentication is essential, making it secure to prevent unauthorized third parties access.

healthcare app

Small businesses

As Statistics show, small and medium-sized brands like startups are always in danger. This is mainly because they are the primary target of attackers who understand their vulnerability compared to market giants. These companies usually rely on available protection methods and don’t have as many resources as large ones. 

Since almost 60% of small businesses experience various cyberattacks within only 6 months, they require advanced security. In addition, due to the poor reputation and resources needed to successfully recover after a major attack, customers will lose trust in them.  


That’s not surprising that federal governments are highly vulnerable to attacks due to the bunch of information they store. Imagine what data is stored by various agencies, like finance details, biometrics, number of phones, and addresses. Everything listed and much more is very attractive for hackers, so they do not skip corners to steal these data. 

Financial services

The sector is also one of the most attractive ones for cyberattacks. All companies dealing with personal finance data are always in danger, and even high protection can’t guarantee their protection. The Finance industry is one of the most important fields that should consider advanced cybersecurity to prevent threats.


Although businesses in the retail industry are aware of attacks and always use the latest protection methods, a large number of big-name brands faced threats in 2019. 

 The information stored in these apps, like credit card numbers and addresses, makes them an appealing target to hackers. A significantly growing number of attacks puts lots of pressure on retailers’ cyber defenses. For example, one of the biggest companies in the field – Amazon – has a strong cybersecurity in-house team to reduce the number of threats and recover from them. They recently applied to Amazon Web Services, providing “management of encrypted data storage” to protect customer data.

Retail app

Android OS 

The Android platform is not a popular choice due to its questionable security reputation. To put it simply, no one regulates what is offered as an app on Android and what information is present within these apps. 

High risks appear due to a larger market share and the open-source OS provided by Android. Therefore, attackers have all tools and immense potential payoff to target Android systems. However, Google works hard to guarantee security to Android users. In addition, users can get complete control over their own privacy and protection through app customization. 

Apple iOS 

This one is a good choice for advanced security, as the whole iOS operating system is strictly controlled by Apple, checking what apps are available in the Apple Store. For instance, Apple allows only one copy of the product on each device. Therefore, in case one has a brand-offered security-restricted copy of the application, the user won’t be able to get an unrestricted version of the app for personal use. Providing only limited touchpoints within the whole iOS ecosystem, Apple ensures higher security for a longer lifespan. 

Outstaff mobile protection is the same as its basic meaning but performed by an experienced partner. Since all apps require a high protection level, not every company has developers who can achieve the same level of protection as more high-skilled experts. So whether you run a business and need to protect your app, your product is in the development stage, or you just consider the building process – hiring a team can be a great option to guarantee the prevention of threats and stolen information.

Although outstaff and outsourcing are popular terms used in the IT-sphere, not everyone fully understands their meaning and difference. When outsourcing the development of software, a company commissions another to perform the whole process. In outstaffing, a company hires a specially chosen team to power its internal development team for a required field.

Scalable and efficient

A trusted partner that provides mobile app security services can quickly figure out your pain points and understand your needs. By performing independent research and testing, it can also easily identify potential risks and vulnerabilities to offer a scalable and efficient custom solution. These brands adopt the latest tools and protocols according to the complex changing needs of your business that may include an increased number of users, more power, higher network traffic, and even small changes in the app.


Since in-house teams usually lack needed skills, companies should spend money on staff training, expensive equipment or hire full-stack developers for protection. Therefore, when hiring an outstaff team, you can benefit from increased efficiency.

effective goal achievement

High-skilled and tech-ready

Companies providing these services have all the required skills to perform advanced security. This is why they are so popular in the tech world. By staying always updated and informed regarding the latest changes, third-party teams always know in advance new types of breaches, and they have in-depth experience in cyber security issues and how to overcome them.

Guaranteed support

Whether you are a startup or large-sized company, hiring an outstaff team can bring you many benefits where one of the most significant is a round of clock support. These teams are always ready to answer all your questions, constantly monitor the situation, and immediately respond in most tricky times. So having a trusted partner alongside you can be a life-saver when you don’t understand something or are unsure regarding some issues. 

Give you more time on business

As every business grows, in-house teams should integrate new solutions and tech tools. The same happens to cybersecurity that needs to grow as well. So it makes sense to get extra support to strengthen the cybersecurity policies and protect sensitive data. This is where an outstaff team can be valuable as it helps ease the transition process while your business grows and expands. 

You have more time to focus on business when you know that your apps and products are secured and in trusted hands. This ensures flexibility and reduced stress while also providing a great chance for you to integrate new solutions or start a marketing campaign.  

Interexy is an experienced mobile app development company providing cybersecurity services with its outstaff team. We always have the best experts in all spheres, so we apply a custom approach when choosing developers for every client. This ensures the team you take on board is already experienced with the industry you work in, making the process much easier and quicker. Interexy provides staff augmentation services for all companies required to fill the team gap for a desired amount of time regardless of the sphere and complexity. 

For example, we’ve been working with MedKitDoc – a revolutionary telemedicine product focused on the B2B market with a concept of reinventing how telemedicine works. Since the app is designed for healthcare, it has to be protected with several essential protocols to protect vital patients’ data. Our team quickly understood the task and produced a safe and stable mobile app that people could use with no worries. Contact our experts for further questions!

We curated this article to help you understand why cybersecurity services for businesses play a great role in their success on the market. Due to numerous hackers and their skills, all companies should know how to overcome these issues and prevent losing customers’ trust. Interexy guarantees only the unmatched on-demand mobile application development according to specific requirements and advanced protection of any application. 


What is cyber security?

It is the blend of technologies, protocols, processes, and tools used to protect software from hackers attacks.

What are outstaff mobile security services?

This is when you hire a team to boost your in-house crew to protect applications during and after the development when you don’t have the required skills within the company.

How much do mobile security services cost?

The answer depends on several factors, and there is no rough guideline for everyone. However, hiring an outstaff team is a cost-effective solution, and you will pay approximately $45-55 per hour for an experienced developer.

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