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November 16, 2021

Why Startups Need App Development: 6 Reasons Why It Is Essential

November 16, 2021

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Even though the biggest pros of building a custom mobile app for startups are a great chance to grow and be in demand, they will also get much higher chances for funding. This is because statistics show investors are more interested in startups who have already worked with “just a concept and idea” and moved to action. Therefore, no matter in what industry your startup works, you will get a higher opportunity to impress investors, reach an audience and overcome competitors with mobile apps. Let’s dig deep into the top 6 practice-proven reasons why startups should turn to mobile apps in 2021 and beyond. 

1. Health and Wellness

The benefits of mobile apps for the health and wellness industry are significant. Such platforms maximize patient treatment in numerous ways and make the documentation process much easier for doctors. As a result of COVID-19 and technology breakthroughs, the healthcare space has undergone tremendous changes, and now applications are even more in demand than three years ago. 

screenshots from health tracking app

Real-time data sharing, hyper-connectivity, personalization, and protection of patient information are the main features that make mHealth solutions so popular. Custom mobile app development for startups in the healthcare industry would be an award-winning point for any company that wants to bring a top-notch solution to people, optimize processes, gain investors’ trust in the project and grow revenue. Getting in touch with an established app development company with relevant experience can assist in developing intelligent apps that can benefit businesses in the long run.

2. Fintech

The financial services are booming worldwide and giving a ride for the Fintech application development, which is undergoing a time of flourishing. Fintech applications boosted banking and payment processes, from regular ATMs and swiping machines to mobile banking, digital payments, and monthly bills. 

Fintech apps also provide ultimate convenience and flexibility of carrying out financial transactions by easing transactions and lowering costs. Fintech application development has brought a huge difference in designing reliable and secure applications for any kind of financial procedure, as it provides increased security and enhanced attention from all sectors.

3. Delivery

Even though a few years ago people were likely to go to the physical store, cafes, and restaurants, now they don’t have such an opportunity and have to order everything online. Statistics show that over 70% of users choose applications rather than websites, allowing for faster orders, hassle-free delivery, and easy payments.

Every startup that runs a delivery business, no matter food, clothes, or other things it would be, must consider app development as it can significantly increase the profit, help learn target audience behavior and patterns, impress investors and create a better marketing strategy for your business.  

screenshots from food delivery app

4. E-learning

Although most schools and universities prefer to organize the studying process offline, the increase of smart technologies in the e-learning space is gaining popularity and changing the previous habits. The implementation of AR and VR has made a great step in the whole process as it significantly enhanced students’ experience, making it more enjoyable and easy for teachers as well.

If you are looking for app development companies for startups in the e-learning industry, you should ensure the team has relevant experience and strong background. We, at Interexy, always stay informed about the latest advancements in this space and are ready for any project.  

1. Engage customers

Well-thought-out mobile applications are a great way to build a strong relationship with your targeted audience as well as increase customer loyalty and engagement. App development for startups allows you to push notifications to chat with your customers. You can also enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring that users can reach you out to resolve problems and find better solutions. This will not only boost the overall customer experience and make your brand stronger but will also bring increased sales, referrals, and word-of-mouth marketing.

customers leave their scores

2. Stand out from the competition

Building a mobile app for startups is still just an option today, and this is where you can easily overcome competitors. Running a mobile app can make you the first in your group to provide prospective consumers with the best service. It can also be highly beneficial for those startups on their second and third fundraising stages, as investors like the dedication and forward-thinking approach, and they are likely to choose you rather than others.

3. Boost the speed and number of sales 

One of the major pros of building mobile apps as a startup is that it could help you reach your users faster. If you run a business that sells products or services, mobile app development can help you offer many deals & promotional discounts to your audience through your startup app. These promotions and bonuses significantly boost the speed of selling something and increase the number of purchases while also bringing attention to your brand.

4. Improve your customer service

Since customers are the main focus of any company, you must ensure that your business attracts new users while supporting proper service for existing ones. Every customer has its own requirements and needs; it is vital to handle everyone differently and cater to all users’ needs. Now you must have a customer-centric startup app that provides users an opportunity to reach you no matter what time it is or where they are.

customer communication

5. It is a brilliant marketing tool

Selling services and products is significantly easier when you work via digital marketing using your website or application. When launching the app to the Apple or Google store, SEO- optimized or marketing app’s product descriptions and reviews will place your app on the first pages and give your brand a competitive advantage. Therefore, converting your startup mobile app ideas into a well-planned marketing strategy would be the best way to advertise your business to your users as well as against the competitors.

6. Improved revenue

One of the biggest pros of mobile apps is that they represent an effective way for users to interact with your services. In contrast to web services, applications are much more convenient and easier to help people learn about a company and its products. This smooth and hassle-free process aids in increasing conversion rates while also enhancing the company’s overall revenue. 

High costs

The main issue that arises when you want to find an app developer for a startup on your own is high costs. This is because it is hard to find the whole team at a reduced price, especially when you want experienced developers. When hiring a full-cycle mobile app development company for startups, you can be sure that the price would be much lower and won’t overcome your expectations like when doing it alone. 

Lack of experience

This point resonates when you want to find app developer for startup. If you are inexperienced in the development process, it could be challenging for you to organize the process that will help you develop a successful app. In addition, you must ensure that every team member needs knowledge in the industry you work in, as otherwise, it may result in numerous testings, inability to launch the app to the marketplace, or even legal issues. 

No support

When building an app for your startup on your own, it may be tricky to understand complex tasks and how to resolve them. This is why all app development companies have a project manager and offer 24/7 support, as it helps to run the process smoothly and helps you build an app stress-free. 

These are only the three most common problems that startups may face. Collecting all these points and taking into consideration minor details of every sphere, it can be safely said mobile app development companies for startups are essential, as they can help avoid all risks and minimize the cost of the development. However, choose wisely and find the best app developers for startups. Contact our team and pre-estimate your project!

We strongly believe that every customer and every idea is unique, so we are dedicated to providing a personalized approach to all clients. We are also fans of startups and always happy to assist them in every question and the idea they may have to help them get through all fundraising stages easily and with enjoyment. 

Labster was our client – a Series B AR startup helping teachers & students across the world to get study faster & efficiently by providing virtual labs experience. It has gained interest from 2,000 institutions and over 3 million students around the globe. Interexy was the team supporting them on the journey of app development from the existing web product from the first day.

Later, Labster raised a total of $103.5M in funding over 5 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Feb 10, 2021, from a Series C round. The startup is now funded by 12 investors, where the market giants – Educapital and GGV Capital are the most recent ones. The Labster app developed with Interexy vastly increased the Series C fundraising amount.

Our other client – MedKitDoc, is a healthcare startup that fundraised €500k with the MVP developed by Interexy in 10 months after initial contact & 1.7M euros 5 months later. App’s founders came to Interexy with just a concept & idea in mind of how to reinvent telemedicine worldwide by creating a revolutionary product. We quickly went through the consultation process, understanding the requirements, outlining the drafts of the solution’s development & proceeding with the full planning stage to finalize the MVP.

Three months after launching, MedKitDoc announced investments of several more million coming in to enlarge their team of 25 employees & continue the development of the project, making it certifiable & compliant to hard-wired German healthcare standards.

So if you are looking for an experienced app development company that can take you from the idea till launch, Interexy is up to you.

 healthcare app

In this article, we explained why your startup requires an application through 6 practice-proven reasons. Keeping in mind the fact that we live in a highly digital world where every business needs optimization for success, you can tend to hire an app development company that truly believes in your idea and can help with the whole process till the launch. We, at Interexy, are ready to take any project from scratch and ensure only top-notch results for your business.


What Are the Advantages of Mobile App Development for StartUps?

Mobile app development services for startups provide many benefits, including improved efficiency, high scalability, secured app data, easy brand building, encashed customer relationships, facilitated new client data retrieval, impressed investors, potent marketing tools, monetization, and better knowledge of the targeted audience.

What are the challenges & risks?

The main challenges always come into the picture when a startup wants to find developers, designers, QAs, and other team members one by one. It could be high costs, unnecessary features, unstable code, poor design, lack of communication in the team, issues with launching, and complying with the industry’s requirements.

How to find professional app developers for startups?

In order to ensure the chosen company would be a go-to option for your startup, it is essential to learn ist experience in the same industry. You can either find it on the website or ask for case studies, speak to a project manager, talk with the CEO of the company and ask all necessary questions. Interexy provides only unique custom applications personalized for every client while also showing our work examples to ensure open transparency and honesty in every step of the process. Reach us out, and let’s create something special for you!

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