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remote team productivity metrics

May 27, 2020

Remote Team Productivity Metrics Comparing to Inhouse Team [First 2 Weeks Data]

May 27, 2020

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Remote Team Productivity Metrics Comparing to Inhouse Team
[First 2 Weeks Data]

So how remote work is affecting our business & what kind of data we’re getting so far?

We’re in ~20 people inhouse team at the moment and around 2 weeks ago got everyone to work remotely from homes. People definitely see several challenges to overcome when working remotely, I did a video on that already which you can find here – 5 practical tips on how to structure remote work.

Currently, we are tracking the data using Hubstuff & constantly getting feedback from team members on a weekly basis.

remote team effectiveness metrics vs in-house team

However, I have to say that during the story of interexy we never neglected the remote work paradigm & many times where working with remote people or giving current inhouse members an option to work remotely, so from this point of view we have an advantage over other more conservative companies – we already have processes for accountability, communication & management in place which are well-tested and proven to work.

So, what are our data showing currently when we moved people who were seldom working remotely before the whole situation?

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Despite the challenges people are facing currently, we’re seeing a boost ineffectiveness of the work & involvement level of each team member – our metrics are going up in terms of how much time people actually spend working, how effective they are when doing a certain task.

We don’t have to spend time each morning & evening right now to drive to the office & go back home (for some of us it’s 1.5 hours a day which you could spend working – calculating just this number brings us to 30 hours saved a month which you can spend working – imagine your competition is already doing it).

I know that many companies are anxious right now regarding a need to put everyone to work from home but the whole industry of work, work-life balance and general approach to work is definitely going to change after these times – in fact, when bigger companies will see that in some cases they can even increase the productivity of employees they will definitely practice this approach. On the other hand, you can also save on office costs.

An interesting thing I see right now that people who never worked remotely before are learning new habits & consuming information on how to structure their day because it’s simply difficult to be on track in home environment. So this whole situation also is helping us to grow, build better habits & grow as human beings.

Times change.

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