Multi-Tenant Software-as-a-Service Platform

Next Street, a New York-based firm that designs and develops solutions to connect entrepreneurs and small business owners with the right resources at the right time, gave us an idea for a multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service platform that needed to be built from the ground up adhering to security protocols.

Project overview Project details

Services used:
NestJS PostgreSQL React Web
About the project:

Client: Next Street

Location: USA

Industry: Business consulting

Team Size: 9 team members

Project Duration: 13 month

Next Street aims to connect small business owners in any market sector to easily navigate and connect directly to the best-in-class national and local resources they need to grow revenue, hire talent, and build wealth. The platform can be customized and built to help clients coordinate their small business ecosystem, run programs, support growth sectors, and/or build the capacity of diverse suppliers.

Customer idea Idea and business challenges

The client highlighted the importance of specific issues:

  • Possibility to schedule a call using third-party services like Calendly;
  • Provide clients with service packages that offer various and customizable options;
  • Possibility of free registration and free consultation;
  • High level of data security and platform resilience;
  • Integration with the Tenant’s CRM.

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Project delivery Development process

The development process, although similar to outsourcing, involves constant interaction with the customer. Although the client had a design at the start of the project, changes were necessary during development. Our designers collaborate closely with the client’s team to promptly enhance the existing UI/UX and add new features.

From the beginning, we worked with the requirements, delving deeply into the concept and business cases, identifying any inconsistencies, and finding more natural and elegant solutions to problems.

The platform’s first client is the NYC Department of Small Business Services, with support from Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and Kresge Foundation, which has imposed strict security requirements, including NIST compliance and AWS Well-Architected.

Design and tech stack The scope of the project


NestJS is based on Express.js, which is recognized for its scalability. This was essential for our application since we expected a growing user base and required a framework capable of effectively handling increased traffic and data volume.


React is ideal for creating dynamic and responsive user interfaces. Its component-based structure promotes code reusability, which significantly accelerates the development process.


We implemented Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines to automate the build, test, and deployment processes. The automation reduces manual errors, ensures consistency, and accelerates the delivery of new features and updates.


PostgreSQL was selected for its robust data integrity features. It supports constraints, triggers, and foreign keys to ensure the accuracy and consistency of our data. This is crucial for an application that handles sensitive user information.

Amazon Aurora

We selected Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) Aurora for its exceptional performance. It offers up to five times the throughput of standard MySQL databases, essential for our app to efficiently handle a potentially large user base and complex queries.

Features Key Features


Small business owners can obtain loans, credits, and grants to start or support their ventures.


Helping potential and existing business owners get assistance from a consultant based on business needs and location.

Training Courses

Integration with a platform that provides learning videos.

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Results Project outcome

A soft launch occurred in July 2023, and the platform was officially launched in September 2023.

Their capacity to deliver a technically sound product that also aligned with our strategic vision was appreciable.

Interexy's work translated into immediate success for the client, achieving initial market penetration and user engagement. The team adhered to the project's timeline, communicated proactively, and was highly responsive to the client's needs. Interexy's innovative and technical skills stood out.


Kamran Qamar

CTO & Partner, Next Street
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71% BIPOC-owned businesses

50% Women-owned businesses

1,700+ Small businesses enrolled

15+ Vetted capital providers

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