Immyoutable is a web application designed for students in universities across the US. The web app has two sides – one for graduates and one for students.

The idea behind the product is to transform the graduation diploma into an NFT for seamless and fast verification of the degree in the future.

Our team was also responsible for the website of the product.

Immyoutable screen app

Development Process

The development process started only after a rigorous investigation process where we collected all points vital for the client. Then, we allocated a team suitable for the project so every specialist has the required experience in the field.

Immyoutable screen app

Graduate’s side of the web app allows users to:

  • Create their profile;
  • Verify the diploma;
  • Verify user’s identity;
  • Enter data required by the web app for data reconciliation (performed by the product itself);
  • Create the card in the small design studio (choosing color, university logotype, etc);
  • Mint NFT which will be stored in the crypto wallet.

Student’s side of the web app is designed to perform the following functionality:

  • Collects data transferred from universities the web application partner with;
  • Send login and a password for each student;
  • Verify the data about students;
  • Pull all data required for the card;
  • Mint NFT to verify their degree once they graduate.

The web app will be monetised through subscription either from graduates or from universities. 

The client also has plans to expand the use of these NFTs and make it easier for people to not only verify their university education but also driver license, courses and so on.


Technology Stack & Team

The team allocated for this project included:

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst;
  • Front-end Developer;
  • Blockchain Developer;
  • UX.Ui Designer;
  • QA.

Considering the complexity of the project, integrations we had to implement and the industry the client work in, we chose the following technologies for the Immyoutable web application:

Frontend tech stack:

  • React+Typescript
  • Scss
  • React Context
  • Three.js for 3D rendering
  • Wagmi for Metamask connection

Backend tech stack:

  • Docker
  • Node-JS
  • Postgre-SQL
  • Blockchain

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