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3 Steps to Launch Your App in 2022: Our Successful Marketing Plan

March 4, 2022

3 Steps to Launch Your App in 2022: Our Successful Marketing Plan

March 4, 2022

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Since convenience will always be a trend, companies should consider developing mobile apps for their clients and gain x2 revenue from this decision. This is because applications help digitize the way the company works and bring many new business channels for growth and development while also promoting customer loyalty. 

According to Statista, there are about 6.3 billion smartphone users worldwide. So it isn’t surprising that the mobile app domain is thriving. Smartphone penetration is still growing at a steady rate, showing no signs of slowing down in upcoming years. This is why companies have to know what mobile app marketing is and what are the best ways to present the product to their clients. 

presentation of the product

A proper launching of an app will play a key role in your success due to a high competition rate in almost all spheres. Therefore, your marketing strategy should be considered when identifying the idea and concept and then improved during the whole development process. Even though marketing was long far from apps, it has a significant meaning in today’s digital world where people want to fall in love first with your product before even downloading it. 

A well-thought-out marketing campaign covers every user interaction from the moment they first see your product to when they become a loyal client. It also involves defining the right and vast target audience, learning how to engage them, solve their pain points, best ways to communicate with them, as well as analyzing their in-app behavior and patterns to always keep them moving through your services. 

This easy guide has been expertly crafted to help you build an app launch marketing plan. Let’s start from the basics and move to the stages and steps you will need to achieve market success. 

What is a Mobile App Marketing Plan, And Why Is It Vital?

Mobile application marketing is a set of techniques and resources used to guide app users through the mobile app marketing funnel, which is made up of the following five stages:

  • Discovery: This stage allows companies to introduce the product to the chosen target audience. 
  • Consideration: During this step of the campaign, you will engage your target audience with specially written messages, allowing users to learn more about your application, showing its value and competitive benefits.
  • Conversion: Here, you will need to find all ways to motivate prospects to download your application and support them within the onboarding process.
  • Customer Support: This stage involves solving all user’s problems, responding to their messages, listening to feedback, and always communicating with them.
  • Retention: Finally, make sure your users are satisfied with what you provide and like your products. Providing enough reasons for them to stay and return to your application.

As you can see, a mobile app marketing plan is not a simple process. Every step requires attention and a team of experts who can manage the process. Everything used in marketing campaigns will help lead new users through the funnel, and it will generate downloads, purchases, and long-term user engagement. 

Creating an engaging mobile product for your business is only half of the whole work though most people think marketing is not essential. Yes, mobile apps are popular and will stay in demand for many years. But just imagine that over 65 percent of small businesses and almost every large-sized brand have already powered their processes with a mobile application. Therefore, you will meet high competition regardless of the sphere and will need ways to stand out from the crowd. This is where marketing campaigns come into their picture.

1. Pre-Launch Stage: How to Launch an App

This stage is essential. You will have only one chance to present the product to users, so pay close attention to every minor detail here. This step of the mobile app launch marketing plan is meant for building brand awareness, brand name, and product visibility. This stage involves the following points:

launch an app

Competitors & Users Research

Try to find important persons in your industry that also have apps and identify their target audience. Learn common characteristics of your potential users and those who are interested in the products or services you provide. There are many techniques you can apply when looking for a target audience, but it all depends on your sphere. To create an in-depth analysis of what your domain is used for and analyze competitors. 

Define Your Revenue Model

If you are going to monetize your application, you will need to choose the revenue model. Let’s learn more about exciting options:

  • Up-front fee + in-app purchases – Even though this model is hard for most mobile app marketing strategies, it can be a great idea for app monetization. 
  • Free + in-app purchases – Also called the microtransaction model, it is mainly used by the world’s most profitable and successful companies. 
  • Free (“lite version”) + paid version – This model will be an excellent option for those using a model with a free app that works as advertising for mobile apps having a more complex paid option. 
  • Free + advertising – While people don’t like ads, it is a common practice used in mobile apps. Another good way to gain revenue is to provide a free option and then ask a fee for reducing ads.
  • Subscription – Last but not least, this is a popular option that is simple to apply. This model will allow you to build a recurring revenue stream that you can use for further development and growth.

Determine A Release Date  

In contrast to Google, Apple has a strict review process. Therefore, your release may be delayed, or you might encounter a setback you didn’t anticipate. This is why it is vital to plan a date you will 100% launch the app considering all these rules.

Create A Website Or Landing Page 

Even though it may seem surprising, mobile websites are the most popular place where users can download the app. Therefore, making a pre-launch landing page for the application has become a great practice. What is more, aside from providing hype around your product, creating a pre-launch website will also be a great way to perform some early search engine optimization (SEO).

Set your KPIs

The success of the chosen marketing strategy usually is tied with KPIs. Designed to measure the performance of the app, KPIs play a great role in the campaign and in-app activity that is most valuable for your goals. Therefore, measuring an app’s performance with such KPIs will give you a clear view of where your app is placed well and areas for improvement.

Main KPIs you should consider when promoting your app are Active users, daily, weekly, and monthly (DAU, WAU, MAU), Cost per Install (CPI), and Cost per Mille (CPM). You can also think about Click-Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate, Retention Rate, and Churn. 

2. Launch Stage

Paid Strategy

Once the app is on the marketplace, you can start rolling out paid advertising, including ads on social platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram, that are extremely effective for user acquisition. According to the target audience and demographic, you should use other platforms like Twitter. However, the reach won’t be as extensive though it’s still effective.  

App Store Optimization (ASO) 

App Store Optimization includes optimizing your App Store page to ensure your products will rank higher in search results and, thereby, convert at a higher rate. When your application is ranked in search due to certain keywords, it will remain popular for months after. The better you promote your apps, the higher the product’s visibility it will have. 

app store optimization

Email Marketing

Creating engaging mail sequences is an excellent way to always keep users informed as well as send promotional offers. This marketing strategy can also help you boost retention rates and improve revenue. One big company suggests that email marketing is the key driver in customer retention for all companies regardless of the size and sphere.

Create A Blog

Since blogs can help you gain revenue and improve how you rank, they are also a critical method of growing organically and reaching the highest audience. Writing articles can be another great way you can apply SEO. However, remember to keep the blog interesting, well-structured, clear, consistent, and easy to follow while also sharing articles across your social media channels. You can use analytics to identify the type of content that is most valuable to your overall strategy.

Pitch Your App

Finally, try to find sources and pitch your brand’s story to tech, mobile, and industry journalists, bloggers, and influencers if the sphere allows you. Here you can also create a demo video which later will be used by people to help other potential users better understand the product. Prepare yourself for answering any questions and consider them another focus group who can try your app, find bugs, and provide useful recommendations.

3. Post-Launch Stage

Keep Going

The main mistake companies tend to commit is to stop the marketing strategy when the app is launched. Therefore, you should still promote your app even after launching. You can either improve your techniques or just keep going with everything you did before.

Collect Insights

Since the first few weeks after an app’s launch are essential, you will need to pay attention to what your first users admit and respond to their feedback. Here you can collect the best insights from users, as they usually provide information on bugs and UX/UI recommendations for further improvements. Learn more about mobile app launch services.

mobile app launch

Improve Your App

So when you are ready with feedback and recommendations, you should always update your app and keep it interesting for users in the long term. Support your app’s visibility and offer users promo codes or other coupons to keep them thriving about your products and services. You can also add new features along with modern tech solutions, like Face ID and more opportunities.

Partner Interexy

Interexy is a well-known, trusted company specializing in app and web development while also bringing fresh solutions for mobile app marketing. We are experienced in over 15 industries, where the most popular are healthcare, e-learning, NFT, blockchain, FinTech, and delivery. 

Whether you are looking for a partner that can help both develop and promote your app or just want to apply best practices for app success, our mobile app marketing services can be an excellent option for you. With our team, you won’t need to worry about any stage of the process, as we hire only the best talents worldwide for your convenience and growth.

Final Thoughts

Maybe the plan we described might seem complex, but when you apply it in practice, you will see great results. The steps mentioned above are significant for your success in the competitive market, as everyday companies develop their apps, and you will want to stand out from the crowd with the best ideas. The moment you are thinking about developing the app is the starting place you have to consider how to promote it. If you feel overwhelmed and don’t think you handle both development and marketing campaigns, get our help and gain more revenue from the app we develop.


What is a Mobile App Launch Marketing Plan?

A mobile app marketing plan is a set of techniques that involves everything right from the first user interaction with your application to the way they are becoming loyal users. The primary goal of app marketing is to gain revenue traffic and boost customer loyalty by improving its visibility.

How to Market an App Successfully?

There is no simple answer to this question as every sphere is unique. But generally speaking, the key to success is to follow the best practices we mentioned above, do not stop after the app’s launch, learn the target audience and always respond to their feedback for improvements.

How Much Does It Cost to Launch an App?

The cost of launching an app depends on the company and varies. With Interexy, the development price starts from $50.000, and we always help with the app’s launch when discussed in advance.

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