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top niches to build mobile products

May 27, 2020

Top Niches To Build Mobile Products In [2020 Overview] [Based on Real Data from our Clients]

May 27, 2020

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Top Niches To Build Mobile Products In [2020 Overview] [Based on Real Data from our Clients]

2020 kicked off in a very interesting way, with all this situation going on there are certain types of businesses who are taking huge losses & are forced to close and the other ones who have their revenues bumping through the roofs and expanding aggressively at the moment to take a recently vacated share of the market.

best niches for creating mobile apps

So what are those businesses? Of course, speaking about our service & people we work with – businesses who use the software as a complimentary & enhancing tool for day-to-day processes & understand the value of mobile.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into each of them.

Health is pretty obvious. With all the info panic in media, people want to see a doctor (or have a video call with him!) with any symptom of the flue, sometimes it’s even getting ridiculous now.

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Telemedicine applications we are working on currently & telemedicine products addressed to connected with doctors & getting consultation via video communication features are going to be on the top this year. Really, why do you need to go outside of your safe place to the place where all the sick people are?

Delivery services – pretty obvious as well. In the times where everyone is trying to stay at home and several countries & states applying penalties for people going outside without any reason delivery services are essential for a well human being. Not only food ones, different kind of things – people spend more time at home, don’t waste time on driving to the workplace & have more free time to spend on things they were putting off for a great while – like cleaning the basement or continuing repairing activities in the certain parts of the house. And they need materials for it.

Online education – not everyone wants to waste their precious hours on entertainment. Matter of fact, many people losing jobs right now & will be looking for new skills/professions to educate on to be able to work from home & earn a living. Online education platforms are crushing it now and this tendency will probably stay in place through the whole of 2020.

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