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5 Top Benefits of Staff Augmentation for Node.Js Development

September 20, 2022

5 Top Benefits of Staff Augmentation for Node.Js Development

September 20, 2022

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Staff augmentation has been growing across several industries and areas. Considering its highly competent structure, this cooperation model combines the firms’ skill gap with cost-effectiveness, boosting its usage. As a result, team augmentation seems to create a profitable environment for companies trying to scale up with the aid of technology.

Hiring skilled Node.js devs through a staff augmentation model is an excellent option for businesses that want to scale their development process quickly without wasting a bunch of money. Having a team augmentation for node.js development allows companies to select the best candidate who has already been working on similar projects and has needed skills. This also seems to be a hassle-free option for finding the best developers in the talent pool.

This article will help you learn what Node.js means, how it works, and explore the benefits of staff augmentation for Node.js development. Let’s get to it.

hire dedicated node.js developer

Node.js refers to a single-threaded, open-source, cross-platform language for fast and scalable server-side and networking app development. Node.js runs on the V8 JavaScript runtime engine, using event-driven, non-blocking I/O architecture, making it efficient and suitable for real-time software. Node.js is written in C, C++, and JavaScript, combining the best of these languages.

Node.js works using “Single Threaded Event Loop” architecture that allows it to handle various clients at the same time. To understand how Node.js is different from other runtimes, you first have to learn how multi-threaded concurrent clients are handled in languages like Java.

In the case of a multi-threaded request-response model, several clients send a request, while the server is able to process each one before sending the response back. In contrast, multiple threads are designed to successfully process concurrent calls. Therefore, these threads are defined in a thread pool, so whenever a request comes in, a new thread is created to handle it.

Now we know what Node.js means, let’s explore Node. js benefits below:

Node.js Allows Faster Delivery

Node JS allows for faster delivery and test concepts. That is what drives Node. js popularity. This runtime environment is highly used by startups, allowing businesses to focus on the fast delivery of prototypes and follow lean startup methodology. However, every new product development greatly benefits from fast delivery.

Node.js releases this by sharing model code and tests between the client and server, providing significant efficiency for a developer. In addition, Node JS excels as a “framework” for applications offering real-time experience or streaming. This can be used for features including chats, transactions, and even some forms of advertising. 

Node.js Allows Teams to Pivot Faster

As you may have understood, Node.js is all about speed. Startups always require constant changing of fundamental elements of the business model, so measuring and learning are essential. And all products and businesses require changes from time to time.

Therefore, the introduction of substantial changes to software caused by changes in the business model will happen smoother and faster when the application model is based on Node’s event-driven model rather than a classic MVC.

Node.js Scales Easily

Even though Node.js technology can be more scalable than PHP, Ruby, or Python, the benefit of Node JS is that it is simply much easier to scale. That means that Node.js is close to scalable just out-of-the-box, so developers don’t need any magic to start handling the scale.

node.js development team

Let’s explore how to hire dedicated Node.js developers and the options available:


If you need a team of Node.js specialists for the long term, an in-house development option can be a suit. The team you hire will work on your project solely. In addition, this option is best for those businesses that don’t consider remote collaboration and want developers to always communicate through the development process. 

In this model, you will need to pay Node.js developers a fixed monthly salary regardless of their load. In addition, you will need to hire recruiters that will hire developers with relevant experience and skills. You will also need to pay them benefits, cover health insurance, and compensate for sports and courses if you want to create the best team. This option is beneficial for long-term work but also takes time and money.


Hiring a freelancer is a great choice if you want to save money. However, it is also worth noting that this method is risky. Although you can successfully hire a freelance Node.js developer for a small task, it is a high risk to pass the entire development of your project to a freelancer. 

That is because freelancers usually have less experience and work not only with your project. Hiring freelancers is cheaper than all development approaches since you are able to choose engineers from all across the world. Most freelancers don’t look for long-term cooperation as it exactly means freelance.


IT outsourcing is currently one of the most popular ways to hire Node.js developers for a project. Outsourcing means delegating either a part or the entire development to a third-party organization. 

This cooperation development model seems to be the most beneficial and cost-efficient since it’s a more reliable and cheaper alternative to freelance and in-house team development. The key reason for most businesses to choose outsourcing is that it helps to significantly reduce the time spent searching for and onboarding new candidates. In addition, it also offers the highest level of experience and expertise in specific tasks, languages, and industries.

A Dedicated Node.js Team

Team augmentation, also known as staff augmentation, is the last but one of the most loved approaches. This means hiring a team of Node.js developers that work solely on your project just like your in-house team, while you don’t need to pay a fixed monthly salary or worry about compensation like you would with full-time employees.

This method is considered to be an excellent choice for short-term projects, but it also suits any kind of collaboration. This team also brings the highest level of expertise and dedication, giving you a competitive edge.

1. Easy Access to Node.Js Specialists

It could be hard to find skilled developers. And it could be x2 hard to find qualified Node.js developers. That is why one of the key benefits of staff augmentation is easy access to a talent pool. In this model, you don’t need recruiters and spend time searching for candidates since the staff augmentation agency will handle the entire recruitment and onboarding process. In addition, you will be able to choose from a vast talent pool and get developers with relevant expertise.

2. Streamlined Deliverables and Productivity

Since hiring in-house developers to the office seems to be a tricky task in 2022, team augmentation is the way to go to solve this issue. The model provides experienced professionals, which also helps in preventing unforeseen resignations from delaying project completion while also increasing productivity.

That is because team augmentation allows you to choose between adding new full-time workers, paying extra for exciting development, or filling the skill gap in areas where it lacks specialized expertise, like Node.Js development.

3. Hire Based on Skills

When you are looking for Node.js developers for your project, make sure you focus on experience and skills rather than the price and location. The price can be discussed on a call, and the location does not play a role since they are likely to work remotely. However, skills are essential if you want to get a quality product and minimum issues during the development. We recommend you check the experience and unique skills of the candidate.

4. Improved Project Outcomes

The Node.js development team is highly flexible. That means you will be able to add or withdraw a Node.Js augmented team at any time using staff while minimizing business disruption. Compared to the outsourcing development approach, your in-house staff team does not need to always stay in your project and can enter your project within a short time without disturbing the process, which greatly improves outcomes.

5. Reduced Hiring Time and Costs

As we mentioned, staff augmentation is a cost-efficient option. Reduced hiring time and costs are one of the most beloved advantages of using Node js dedicated team. Since the recruiting process takes a lot of planning and resources to arrange and carry out, with team augmentation, you are able to save lots of money and time for more valuable things. That is because the Node.Js team augmentation agency is responsible for all aspects of finding the best candidates and presenting them to you.

Creating and activating your offshore development center is efficient, quick, affordable, and takes fewer time-consuming processes if you work with the programmers.io for Node.Js staff augmentation.

We are one of the most trusted mobile and web development companies with in-depth expertise in staff augmentation services for software development. Our team is made up of highly-skilled engineers that have experience in over 15 industries and the most popular runtime environment, like Node.js.   

Working with the latest technologies, we offer a vast talent pool for your unique business needs and personal requirements. We build a dedicated Node.js development team providing internal interviews, choosing the best candidates with needed skills, and providing you with experts within 10 business days. In addition, we always guarantee no hidden costs and an affordable price that starts from $45.

Since most businesses now need mobile or web development, Node.js has become a great way to scale their business. Node.js is still tricky for most engineers, requiring specific skills and expertise. As a result, it might be hard for some to find developers working with this runtime environment. This is where Node.js staff augmentation becomes an excellent option. If you have any questions or want to share your idea, book a free call with our experts!

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