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8 Top Blockchain Developer Skills So Far – How to Become a Blockchain Developer in 2022

June 30, 2022

8 Top Blockchain Developer Skills So Far – How to Become a Blockchain Developer in 2022

June 30, 2022

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No one is surprised that In 2022, most developers are considering learning Blockchain. This is because the majority of modern applications and web products somehow use a blockchain ledger to provide a more secure and transparent user experience. However, the set of technologies they have to know also depends on the sub-niche they want to enter. Therefore, healthcare applications using Blockchain will be built differently than in the NFT marketplace.

The most successful combination in 2022 is a mix of technical and soft skills. When talking about the technical side, engineers must be highly tech-savvy and well-versed in programming languages, cryptography, smart contracts, and data structures. But it is not always about technical skills, as quality blockchain developers will also require strong communication skills, good English level as well as collaboration skills. 

In addition, blockchain developers also get the highest salary compared to other engineers. This is because everyone wants to add Blockchain to the development process as it has lots of benefits for further products and their usage. So if you wonder how to become a blockchain developer in 2022, below you will find the list of must-have skills you’ll need to succeed.

blockchain developer skills

Blockchain is one of the top emerging technologies in today’s I.T. environment. According to statistics, the global market for blockchain technology is going to reach $20 billion by 2025. Even though most people connect Blockchain with Bitcoin, it offers much more benefits from over 10 industries and currently is revolutionizing how the digital world works.

Since Blockchain offers a vast range of applications and uses numerous technologies, it is hard to find the exact answer to this question. However, a blockchain developer is an engineer who develops and optimizes blockchain protocols while also crafting the architecture of blockchain systems. Quality blockchain developers are also responsible for the development and integration of smart contracts and web applications using blockchain technology.

Data Structure

Data Structure is now the key to all blockchain developer skills. Engineers have to easily and quickly operate with data structures to ensure the advancement and deployment of systems. And in reality, the entire blockchain ledger is made up of data structures. To put it simply, a single block in blockchain technology can also be called a data structure. Since blocks have encapsulating data structures and the public ledger operates as the Blockchain, they act as groups of all transaction activities connected with the open register. 

Data structures are essential skills every Blockchain developer must have, as they allow them to learn the underlying behavior of the most vital element in the technology, the block. When talking about the Blockchain Platform, some blocks are also made up of a header, which is much smaller than a regular block. Therefore, the knowledge about data structures will boost the development of a solid foundation for grasping complex topics with higher speed and more effectively.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are something extra challenging for most future blockchain developers. It is worth noting that smart contracts have become a popular solution in various projects after the launch of Ethereum. But now, most Blockchain projects strive to use smart contracts to benefit from them rather than waste time on it.

They allow users to exchange products and services, which reduces the need for a third party or a middleman. Smart contracts are primarily used in cases where all users participating in the transaction have met their contractual obligations. The decentralized nature of Blockchain allows for the productivity of these smart contracts.


When you wonder what skills are required to learn Blockchain, one of the main things you need to know is cryptography. It is a special methodology that is used to design procedures and algorithms that prevent foreign parties from reading and learning content located in personal messages throughout a communication session. Kryptos and Graphein refer to two old concepts that from Greek mean “disguised” and “to record,” respectively, and are widely used in cryptography. 

Interoperability Skills 

The ability to see and collect data across various blockchain systems is called interoperability. Let’s take as an example, when someone sends information to another blockchain, will the viewer read, understand, and answer it without any hassle? Even though some believe that it could be done in the future, now it can not be achieved by sharing data between the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. But one of the key things that can be done to achieve this now is to make data capacity transfers easier. 

And developers can achieve this through application programming interfaces (APIs), which have been specially designed to accommodate information that then can be easily exchanged with each other. APIs are highly popular and usually do not require any specialized skills in Blockchain. 

Blockchain Architecture

Blockchain architecture is essential for anyone wanting to know what skills are needed for a blockchain developer. It is also a vital idea in the core of technology that all experts should be familiar with. This will be the first that your future employer will ask you as you have to know the definition of consensus, as well as the working mechanism of smart contracts. There are three main types of Blockchain architecture, including private architecture, consortium architecture, and public architecture, which all have to be learned and mastered. Learn how to create an app for IOS & Android using Blockchain?

skills required for blockchain developer

Basics of Object-Oriented Programming

Object-oriented programming, also known as OOPs, forms the basis of the whole programming world. And just like programming, it also creates a vital element of blockchain development too. So it is crucial for you to know how to reuse code, resolve issues, and gain flexibility through polymorphism while also using modularity for quick troubleshooting.

Know Key Standards and Eco-Systems

If you want to be able to develop an effective and solid blockchain system, ease the business process, and drive the business outcome, it is vital for you to learn key blockchain principles and practices, so it can be easier to know how they can be used within your business workflow.


As you might expect, aside from key blockchain technologies, you need to know how to develop basic and complex web applications. It is essential to be familiar with web design, development, as well as programming of apps, which will be highly useful in the creation of Dapps. Web development skills are needed since most brands require blockchain developers to create applications that people with no or minimal blockchain expertise could use.

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Now you know the technologies you need to know to become a blockchain developer. Let’s explore the top 3 courses for you below:

Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases

This course is provided by Coursera and is perfect for non-developers and developers alike who want to achieve a strong understanding of the fundamentals of blockchain tech. The course has been made by ConsenSys, a well-known name in the blockchain market. The course also provides the philosophical concepts of decentralization, showing why it is essential in the development of applications.

Blockchain Specialization

This course focuses on the most vital blockchain concepts, which will be enough for you to start your blockchain development career. The course will be a great choice for developers who want to learn all the secrets of designing, deploying, developing, and executing smart contracts.

Berkeley’s Blockchain Fundamentals Professional Certificate

Finally, this is an edX blockchain course that will teach students both technical and non-technical aspects of the subject, starting from exploring ecosystems to central ideas to technologies related to blockchains. The course also covers the working process for blockchain technology that will help students create various hypotheses and informed models.

how to become a blockchain developer

High demand  

First and the key one is the potential for your career growth in upcoming years. This is because when Blockchain appeared, it was used only in a few areas, but now it enters almost any industry that needs security and transparency. And the market is overflowed with various blockchain projects, so your position will always be in demand even when you are a junior specialist

High Salary 

Depending on the experience level, the salary of a blockchain developer is huge. These specialists can make between $150,000 and $175,000 on average yearly only in the U.S. This report also shows that the salary of the blockchain developer is one of the highest salaries paid in the industry. 

Ability to Teach Others

Blockchain developers usually make other revenues by teaching others. Since this industry is complex and requires high-quality specialists, you will always have a chance to teach someone through online platforms or within the company you work in.

Understanding of Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are in high demand today, and everyone wants to know how they can earn through this concept. Blockchain developers are the best experts in this field, and they can easily get a passive income through their knowledge.

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Blockchain is a hot topic in various industries today. And this is a worthy topic to discuss and invest in. This is why engineers that previously worked with other technologies now consider switching their development profile to grow their skills and become in demand for many years ahead. This guide hopes to show you why and how you can become a blockchain developer in 2022 so far.

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