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    Decentralized AI: Exploring the Potential of the Revolutionary Technology

    Traditional artificial intelligence (AI) models are centralized and controlled by a group of large corporations, raising concerns regarding data privacy and security, accessibility, and transparency in decision-making processes. However, with the widespread adoption and constant evolution of blockchain technology, it has become possible to build a decentralized AI system, thus addressing the limitations of conventional AI models.

    Stan Sakharchuk April 3, 2024

    5 Ways Hybrid Smart Contracts Affecting Blockchain Domain in 2023

    The blockchain industry has long been defined by interest and excitement around smart contracts. These are tamper-proof self-executed digital agreements happening when a certain set of rules is met. Even though smart contracts are mostly associated with blockchains like Ethereum, they are also used to develop decentralized applications (dApps), which are gaining popularity thanks to the reduced need for intermediates.

    Stan Sakharchuk March 19, 2024

    How to Hire FinTech Developers?

    FinTech has shown unprecedented growth over the years, boosting the demand for FinTech app development companies. FinTech applications provide enhanced security, data protection, convenience, and accessibility.  The proliferation of such apps helped reach a wider audience across devices and countries, streamlined everyday processes and reduced associated costs. Banks, financial institutions and companies hire FinTech developers […]

    Stan Sakharchuk March 4, 2024
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    New product features, the latest in technology, solutions and updates.

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