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November 24, 2021

How to Find a Reliable App Development Partner: on What to Focus When Searching

November 24, 2021

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Although there are numerous developers who are ready to take your project, what should affect your decision is a tricky question. Constructing a mobile app development partnership powered with the newest technology, such companies would be your lifesaver or either ruin your businesses without any additional thoughts. Hence, even if you are not a big fan of the sport but are an active player in a modern digital world, we prepared this guide to help you trust your ideas with confidence and rely on your chosen partnership.

Although you are probably seeing many companies that ensure sky-high results and the most transparent cooperation that has ever been in your life, most of them are highly unlikely to be honest, informative, and skilled. So in order to achieve success without wasting money and nerves, look further at our answers to the questions that bother you so much:

  • Where should you find a reliable partner for building applications?
  • What factors show you can trust the company?
  • What red flags can you see to prevent wasting time on unworthy developers?

… and many, many others!

building a mobile app

High Costs

The creation of your future service costs a bunch of money. However, hiring developers one by one and creating a team on your own could be too expensive even for middle companies, not talking about startups. This high price became the biggest driver for brands choosing to outsource the whole process. According to the latest survey, over 59 percent of companies outsource, as it significantly reduces or controls their costs. 

Even though you may get significant funding and have enough money to hire developers rather than the whole team, remember that keeping extra money can do a big favor for you later. You can spend them on additional features, marketing, and advertising after the launch. 

Lack of experience

When choosing to develop any digital product without a whole team, you risk hiring experts that lack needed experience. Yes, they may be good coders, driven designers, and dedicated QAs, but do they all have the relevant experience required for your project? 

This is a second ponderable reason to choose app development partnership over other options. They are usually crafted with only high-skilled and experienced specialists, as only this way can the partner guarantee that the final product will meet strict quality industry guidelines. 


deadline control

Sometimes unexpected situations happen, and you may have to launch the app with strict deadlines due to investors’ requirements, for instance. Therefore, you need to know precise dates when you can expect the app to be ready and published. So now we are at reason three why outsourcing companies should be your choice if you are one of these cases. 

Again, no matter how experienced your crafted crew is, the research shows that a team of developers hired one by one will require a lot of time to connect with each other, making development time much longer. In addition, they can also not follow deadlines as strictly as most outsourced companies do. 

1. Sketch The Idea

This is essential for any development partnership because it gives the base of the whole further process. You should understand what you are going to present to customers, what the main idea is, what is the target audience and the potential features and outcomes you want to achieve. Sketching and introducing the concept to a future partner is a perfect strategy to refine your plan by making cheap mistakes. It could be either document, product designs, or clickable prototypes that are relatively inexpensive and easier to make for the first time.

2. Define clear milestones

When designing a sketch and planning your idea, you should also define what milestones of the project you have. Once done, discuss these timelines with the partner and ensure partners understand the desired project roadmap. 

Although companies may say that they’ll perform the product within four months, but later they can mention that they are not able to start the app for another three months. Therefore, it will delay the launch of your service while also losing valuable time in the market.

3. Available Budget

budget calculation

Unless you have unlimited resources, you have to consider what price you are able to pay. Take into consideration additional fees that may present, like new features, the complexity of the application, or in case you will have to switch the chosen platform during the process. Check the approximate costs of all the prospective companies and make your decision. However, you have to remember not to go with the lowest as they may not give you the quality that you want.

The overall price depends on the type of platform you are going to develop. It will also depend on the country your partner is based. For peace of mind, you can research as many websites can give you details about approximate hours of work needed and the cost of the members. You can also discuss these things with an app developer to partner because costs range from company to company.  

4. Try to create a business plan

Do not be afraid about this point; there is no reason for panic. The plan should not be professional or extra detailed. Just mentioning basic steps and approximate numbers would be great for a company to understand your business and idea better. 

Consider your connections

When you have a driven mind that either goes through fundraising or already has a business, you can find trusted developers through connections. Ask your business partners, check who developed products for them, discuss the best options you have, and make a choice who will be your mobile app partner. 


There are numerous ways you can find prospective partners. For example, LinkedIn – it is a great source of various specialists, and whole teams specialized in building app in numerous spheres. 

social networking

Other services

Storm Ventures is a website filled with talented app developers, making it easier for you to launch a great startup. CoFoundersLab allows users to discuss most hot topics, so you can easily ask for trusted developers for your project and get a great piece of advice. Upwork is also a go-to option, as it was specially designed for brands like you. Here companies mention what they provide, average costs, and timelines. 

1. Background Analysis

Before signing any contract, the first step you have to do is to conduct background analysis by going through their business portfolio and the process overview. Seeing case studies and learning in what spheres the company has already worked is an essential task to do in advance. If the developed products are already in marketplaces, it is recommended to check them out, their functionality, design, usability, user reviews, ratings, etc. You can also create a list of questions for the prospective company on their expertise and better understand their skills.

2. Industry expertise

It is vital to ensure that the development company you want to take as a partner has specialized expertise and necessary certifications to craft the highest-quality mobile app for your project. Besides deep expertise, knowledge, skill sets, hire only those brands that have already worked in the required industry. These factors are essential for your business’s success.

3. Rate UX/UI Design 

A great point that should also play a role in choosing developers is how their apps look like. Coding is vital, but UX/UI design makes 70% of success. Therefore, ensure the chosen company provides a satisfying user experience, thereby, high sales revenues. Also, ask the prospective partner how they are going to present the design before the development stage, as trusted companies offer it through a detailed mockup/prototype. 

app design mechanism

4. Check Coding Standards

When creating a business plan, you should also consider what platform you want to develop an app, as it will later help you understand what prospective companies can offer and check their coding standards. You need to ensure they are well versed and provide full expertise in both iOS and Android platforms. In addition, ask what framework they are going to use with your project in case of both native and hybrid applications.

5. Testing

Testing of the final programme is vital before launching the app for public consumption, as only through several steps of testing it can be safely named as high-quality. Check whether your chosen partner has an experienced QA team that uses the latest tools for rigorous testing. 

6. Security and Honesty

First of all, you have to ensure that the rights on the app will be yours during and after the development. Before signing a contract, read all documents and ask everything you don’t understand. You also need to make sure that you will be involved in the process through daily calls or other forms of communication online. You have to stay aware of changes, updates, and costs that might be changed, so inform the chosen team you want to keep close contact with the members and mention this in the agreements. 

security within the app

Interexy LLC is a Miami-headquartered custom software development and IT consulting company with in-depth expertise in more than 15 industries. We offer innovative solutions for such market giants as SAP, Pampers & General Electric. Since we are usually informed about newcomers into the mobile market, we are happy to be a part of someone’s success with our high-skilled team and well-thought-out development process. Look what we build for our clients.

We were proud to be a trusted partner for AcneAway, which got 50 patients who bought annual subscriptions with a total profit of 5 thousand dollars within a half year after launching. It is a New York-based startup that was founded by two men who strive to bring the difference into the skincare space. They chose us due to our experience in the healthcare system, deep knowledge of vital industry requirements, and our open transparency. 

We also loved to work with Tinga Nutrition Inc., which is now already launched on the Android platform and has gained interest from users worldwide, while iOS launching is in progress curated by our team. As usual, we go the extra length to ensure the product will succeed and overcome all competitors. The founder was highly satisfied with the final product and was pleased that we followed everything he wanted, as the application met all his expectations.

If you are still looking for a company that will bring your business to the next level, contact us, and let’s pre-estimate your project for better understanding. You’ll never walk alone with our team!


What Are the Advantages of App Development Partnership?

There are many benefits, but the most crucial are reduced price, in-depth analysis, strong background, support, bugs-free result, compliance with industry requirements.

What to focus on when choosing an app development partner?

Check the team’s experience with development through case studies, read reviews on websites and Clutch, talk to the team, learn coding standards.

Where to find an app development company?

The most popular way is Upwork and Linkedin, but you can also ask your connections or google online your local services for this purpose.

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