A message from CEO, Interexy

We’re facing one of the toughest times through the history of the 21st century as people who were born in Europe & the world overall. During the time when people build spaceships, work on constantly improving everyday’s life, where there is much more benefit in the world when you focus on building than destroying old-minded people who decide to start wars and kill are not caring about the future, the legacy, their own people and the world.

Stan Sakharchuk, CEO @ Interexy
Stan Sakharchuk,
CEO @ Interexy

Interexy stands with Ukraine

We have a certain portion of our internal team based in Ukraine. The bravery and courage of Ukrainian people in defending their homeland is what is admired by us. Hard times forge strong men and we expect a surge of development and prosperity after these unfortunate events will end in the region.

We take care of those who don’t want to fight the enemy directly but apply their skills in the best way they could since we all have our unique ability which Interexy uncovers in each and every of our employees. Part of the team who was or is based in Ukraine is being helped by us through donations, necessary day offs, help with visa and relocation, moral and professional support. Main value of Interexy is people and the team, so we stand behind our people and our values.

Interexy stands with Ukraine

Our vision

There are definitely many events happening in the region and us, as the company that initially started in it, we would like to share our view on the situation, the future of the market, business risks for us and potential clients. It’s obvious there would be a huge restructuration of the market – due to the fact the Russian market is closed right now for foreign companies and the situation in Ukraine would affect companies who were basing a large portion of their resources there.

That would lead to many losses for ones and for a range of opportunities for others – the way Interexy’s business model was created and followed always made us working with high risks on the market – way higher than our peers providing similar services. This structure led to the fact that we’ve built an antifragile structure, helping us to put the interest of our clients at the forefront and making sure it’s not a question that something will be delivered or not when clients engage with us. Therefore, it’s only a question of time, and we’re working tirelessly on making this timeline as attractive as possible.

The fact we’ve built this structure and have processes inside the company to replace engineers on the projects in up to 10 business days with engineers of the same level or higher with onboarding being handled on our end almost removes the business risks for our clients whatsoever. It’s only about the timelines, and if the timeline will work for you – we make everything to make things happen, and we deliver.

At least 300% yearly growth

The antifragile structure we’ve built is setting up Interexy for success and is the reason why we grow at least 300% yearly each year we exist. We’re setting the foundation for the further growth right now, improving the processes daily, tapping into new markets and working hard on figuring out how we can provide even more value to you and your business, our existing client.

The core value of our company is the team and people we work with.

That is specifically tied up to the value we’re capable of providing on a marketplace as a tech consulting partner – we tie up each part of our culture, values, company & goals to serve our customers the best we can. We also make sure that we can and are providing value on a deep level, uncovering leverage points.



Principles in our work and our clients businesses, enabling them to grow faster than competition and acquire larger market shares.

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Support Ukraine

Support Ukraine

We ask our clients to support our team and Ukrainian people during these hard times, we commit to serving clients best and do everything possible in the interest of our clients and your businesses. We make sure that structure we’ve built over the years would allow for minimal business risksfor you. High standards internally make us invincible internally.

We’re Interexy, we’re future. We’re committing to make the world a better place and doing it on a daily basis – by serving our clients.


Thank you!

Stan Sakharchuk,
CEO @ Interexy