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7 Benefits of React Staff & Team Augmentation

October 27, 2022

7 Benefits of React Staff & Team Augmentation

October 27, 2022

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React.js staff augmentation will be one of the most popular trends in the tech world in 2022. Also called “React team augmentation, “this process has been shown to be an effective strategy for companies looking for React development and outsourcing opportunities as well.

Therefore, this type of development cooperation between organizations is applied to outsourced projects that build software using React.js specifically. The key idea behind the process is to evaluate the existing teams’ skill sets and, when required, to handle staffing requirements by hiring more experts. In addition, React team augmentation can also become an effective additional option when seeking the optimal way to reach your business goals.

But if team augmentation is so popular and beneficial to companies looking for software development, why are we talking here about React? First of all, React has long been one of the leading programming languages. Numerous companies are now using React.js for both web and mobile apps. For example, market giants like Instagram, Facebook, and Dropbox, are among the top ones. Since React.js requires specific skills, we created this article to help you learn something smaller but substantial about the benefits of React team augmentation.

react team augmentation

React team augmentation, also known as staff augmentation, is one of the most popular outsourcing approaches to fill the team with experienced React.js developers following concrete business requirements. This process usually means you already have an existing team of developers and need to hire React experts to access specific skills. React team augmentation helps to ensure project results and timely delivery.

This cooperation model usually results in the in-house employees working side-by-side with new contractors having specific programming skills to deliver quality results. This model is so popular since it reduces the need in the hiring process and document management required when you need to find full-time employees. The demand for this cost-efficient and speeded-up approach is growing due to the highly vigorous market where all companies are looking for the best software solutions.

React Team Augmentation

We have already mentioned what team augmentation is; let’s now explore the differences between it and the second popular cooperation model. Even though staff augmentation and project outsourcing have significant differences, they still share some benefits. Staff Augmentation is when you hire specialists to fill your in-house team or be responsible for a specific task for some time.

Project Outsourcing

Outsourcing means delegating the entire development process to a third-party development partner. Here you are the client; all you need are the project idea and concept. In this cooperation model, development partners are responsible for everything else, starting from creating a team and ending up with launching your product. 

But if you hire a dedicated team to build your product, this will be almost the same as the outsourcing model but with higher responsibility and control. So when you choose to outsource the project, features, or design, you lose control over the team since the provider is in charge of everything.

Outsourcing is considered to be the best option for large and long projects requiring a full team of specialists and leaving you time for more valuable business things. In addition, outsourcing works great when you have no or small experience in the tech field and need a trusted partner who can cover all questions. 

Let’s explore when you can consider React team augmentation as an ultimate choice for you:

Require Skills

Staff augmentation is the best option when you already have your in-house team, yet you need to find talents having specific skills, like React.js. Since training your staff or looking for perfect candidates all across the internet will be a tough and time-consuming task, React team augmentation is the best choice.

Short Term Project

As we mentioned, short-term projects benefit from team augmentation the most. That is because when you use this cooperation model, you are free from any responsibilities that you have with in-house employees, like vacation or benefit packages. This makes it easy for you to hire experts for a few months and not worry about the length of their work. 

Higher Expertise

In some projects, like healthcare or blockchain space, you may need higher expertise than you have in your team. That is because only experts with relevant backgrounds know the industry’s requirements and regulations. So if you want to build a safe and stable product, hiring experts with expertise is the way to go.

Reduce Time on Hiring

Finally, the most valuable reason why React team augmentation is a great choice is that you don’t need to worry about looking for a developer. When you need to hire new experts, you might start a hiring process that takes too much time from your work. React staff augmentation allows you to find perfect candidates within a week or two (depending on the agency).

react staff team augmentation

1. Flexibility

In any software development, some unpredictable situations may happen. For example, your in-house employee may leave, and you will need to start the hiring process, which usually takes months. React team augmentation is an excellent way to reduce this need and stay flexible and independent from unforeseen circumstances.

2. Fill the Skill Gap

The market is challenging now, so every company wants the best talents to deliver exceptional results for optimal cost. However, not every company already has these talents in the in-house team. That is the place where staff augmentation enters the picture and offers you to hire the most qualified and experienced specialists with specific skills to join your team and fill the expertise gap.

3. Train Staff for Less Investment

With React team augmentation, you don’t need to invest in training your full-time employees. If you have many juniors on the team and hire React.js developers with over 5 years of experience for a project, they will have an excellent opportunity to learn from specialists. This allows you to cut costs on training and get skilled developers within a few years, so you won’t need to hire extremal devs next time.

4. Faster Delivery

More skilled people in the team means faster product delivery. Since time is essential in this fast-speed market, you won’t like the idea of waiting for years until your project is built. Hiring top-notch developers will solve these issues and help you finally launch the product.

5. Low Impact on Internal Processes

Adding a specialist to your team won’t affect your regular processes or become a danger to your current employees. Therefore, your in-house employees won’t feel threatened by this approach, in contrast to project outsourcing, so they will be able to establish healthy communication with new guys.

6. Access to a Wide Talent Pool

If your company focuses on diversity and has specific values or goals, React team augmentation services are the way to go. You get access to a wide and diverse talent pool, allowing you to get unique faces that can perfectly meet your company’s morals and deliver expected results.

7. Boost to the Development

A trusted team augmentation agency will also grant access to project managers and business analysts upon your request who may be useful team players for your development success. Since they also can have relevant experience, you will be able to get fresh new ideas and suggestions on improvements, allowing you to both reduce unnecessary costs and gain higher revenue.

benefits of react team augmentation

Interexy is one of the leading React development companies. We offer both outsourcing and staff augmentation services for software development while also allowing clients to hire a dedicated team. Thanks to the flexibility in choice, clients can get the most qualified and experienced developers on the market. 

We have a well-thought-out and practice-proven hiring process, so now we can offer specialists for over 15 industries, including healthcare, blockchain, and fintech. We offer React.js developers within 5 business days, and if any questions arise, we replace them within 10 business days. 

Team augmentation for React.js development has quickly become a popular choice for businesses worldwide. Thanks to its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and a higher level of expertise, this approach seems to only gain popularity. Finding a trusted staffing agency is vital to make sure you can benefit from the cooperation. Book a free call with our experts to discuss your project and your current needs!

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