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October 14, 2021

Why Choose Artificial Intelligence for Mobile Application: 7 Advantages of AI For App Development

October 14, 2021

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Why Choose Artificial Intelligence for Mobile Application: 7 Advantages of AI For App Development

AI is now becoming a star in the development world, as it helps understand user behavior based on previous requirements and patterns. This allows brands to customize their app to cater to all user’s expectations and needs. This improves user engagement and overall retention rate. Involving AI into your development, you can stand out from the crowd of competitors and boost the growth of your business.

For the past few years, Artificial Intelligence has proven its flexibility, benefits, and significant impact on countless types of applications. Now it is considered more than a smart technology in all senses. AI is integrated into development to fix complex, vital issues and maintain better services for users. 

Such vast functionality of AI is used by a lot of enterprises, startups, and market giants in the development industry to decrease the gap between the users and the businesses. In this article, we explain the detailed benefits of Using AI in Mobile App Development, so you can check every point and consider AI for your business growth. 

Increased App Authentication

The role of AI in mobile app development could be life-changing for many companies, as it provides a significant impact on the security of the application and user authentication. Since cybercriminals and hackers always tend to ruin all technological advancements, companies should ensure their apps remain safe and be ready in advance to prevent these threats in real-time.

This is where AI comes into the picture, as it can maintain a stronger defense from such attacks by staying informed about irregularities and abnormal user behavior. AI, machine learning, blockchain, and other advanced technologies help significantly reduce threat perceptions and vulnerabilities. Therefore, you will get a smoother authentication process and an increased user experience.

Automated Reply Functions

ai in mobile app

The second among undoubtful AI advantages for mobile app development is to create auto-reply features. It has been shown to increase communication between your application and the targeted audience. This benefit is highly valued even among market giants like Google, which has already incorporated AI with auto-reply features into the Gmail application, commonly known as a smart reply. Once you receive a message from someone, the auto-reply feature in Gmail understands it and, thereby, suggests how you can answer according to the context.

Enable Real-Time Language Translation

When you consider artificial intelligence benefits for app development, you should stumble upon this one, which allows you to integrate AI-enabled translators into any mobile app you launch. Although there are over 25 transition apps on the market, the biggest part of them work online only. 

This is where AI-provided offline translators show their impact. This means users can use devices to translate different languages almost instantly in real-time just by tapping on the phone without looking on the internet.

In addition, AI technologies ensure the translation can be adjusted for latency, meaning customers can set the lag between a spoken word and its translation. Overall, AI-boosted translators in laptops, phones, and other devices help users communicate with the world without any problem.

Improved Security with Facial Recognition

Everyone is probably familiar with facial recognition that was launched by Apple 4 years ago. It was crafted to improve user satisfaction and security. Even though facial recognition had issues, like light sensitivity, it couldn’t open the phone if something happened with the user’s appearance, today everything has changed. 

Even though there are many pros and cons of AI in mobile app development, improving security is a great advantage you can get from implementing AI. Due to the implementation of Apple’s elaborate hardware, Apple iPhone X and later iPhone versions use an AI-based algorithm to deliver a smooth face recognition, meaning it has been powered by added features and increased functionality. Now AI-enabled face recognition allows users to unlock their phones even with piercings, different hair colors, or other changes in their looks. 

Enhanced Search

building a mobile app with ai

Among all benefits of AI in mobile app development, developers like to use AI and ML technology to maintain voice and image recognition to boost mobile app performances. Google also involved this AI-based solution, now called Google Lens. Users can click a picture of a certain product using Google Lens and then get detailed information about the particular product. This enhanced search is a go-to option for any company striving to improve user experience, retention rate and make applications more user-friendly. 

Recommendation services

Whether for food delivery business or film watching applications, the benefits of artificial intelligence for app development can be non-obvious but efficient. If you want to boost the growth of your company and keep your users always engaged in the services you provide, use AI to provide relevant content. 

For instance, almost 89% of eCommerce applications contain features like this “customers who bought this also purchase..” with item suggestions. Besides getting more orders, you can also increase the overall retention rate.

By collecting customer data and putting such patterns in your learning algorithm, the mobile app can provide users with recommendations based on previous requirements and needs. This also saves time for customers searching for something in your app, increasing their experience. 

Emotion Recognition

recognizing human emotions

Among the advantages of AI for mobile app development, this may be the most exciting today. AI integration provides the ability to read human emotions using advanced image processing and audio data interpretation. It can collect human senses via voice intonation and subtle speech signals combined with facial signs. 

Since this feature can improve mobile app performance, companies use AI to pair with the most in-demand apps. For instance, users can watch movies or play the soundtrack that fits their current mental health using this recognition.

Inefficient computing

As AI requires an incredibly advanced and efficient type of processing, it might be quite hard to boost your app with these solutions. This is considered one of the biggest cons of artificial intelligence for mobile app development. Cloud computing seems to be the number one solution for this con, but with current software and devices, it also won’t work. 

cloud computing

Lack of Support

This usually happens as only a few percent of people understand what artificial intelligence is, and they do not know how to use these technologies. The lack of support from people is the main reason holding AI back from achieving new heights of development and progress. Since a great number of people are not interested in pros of artificial intelligence in mobile app development, it could be hard to find investors. However, you can create a plan with detailed information that would show how you are going to improve the world with AI implementations.  

Unable to gain trust

With all other disadvantages of artificial intelligence in mobile app development, the inability to gain trust is also urgent and can stop companies from developing apps with these integrations. AI usually raises doubt in customers about how a machine is able to make decisions and why they should trust it. Since people do not understand the whole algorithm AI uses for its choices, users are distracted by apps that are powered by AI. 

Interexy is a well-renowned company that strives to improve the world with custom applications. Our clients came from various spheres with one request – develop an application that will overcome competitors. 

Since we usually stay informed about startups and the latest technologies, we combine modern solutions with well-thought-out development processes, delivering great solutions for every customer’s needs.

This also relates to AI and the machine learning sphere. Once we collect all necessary information regarding details of a future app, we ensure every project is led by the best team. Starting from business analysts to ending with developers, we make sure the whole team has relevant experience and has already worked in the needed industry. 

Using Machine Learning and AI, we built an AI-powered free writing assistant – Linguix. This SaaS product strives to help users eliminate grammar and language mistakes and find the perfect words to express their thoughts. If you are still looking for a trusted app development company, reach us out to estimate the project, and trust or team put your app in the first place in all markets. 

The above points show advantages and disadvantages AI for mobile app development, how both users and your business can benefit from new technologies, and the way you can interact with them via AI. With the help of an experienced development team, you can integrate AI, making your apps intelligent and improving your business. Since it is worth investing in AI, contact our team, and let’s make the industry glowing together. 

6. FAQs

What Are the Advantages of Ai in Mobile App Development?

The main benefits of implementing AI into the development process are

Better security, improved user experience, increased retention rate.

Why Do You Choose Artificial Intelligence for App Development?

The main difference that makes AI different from most other technologies is its potent research background. The computer science industry has always been an open community marked by academic conferences where scientists present their latest findings.

Why Use Ai in Mobile App Development?

AI enhances the speed, precision, and effectiveness of users’ efforts. In a wide range of applications, AI techniques are used to identify which transactions are likely to be fraudulent, adopt fast and accurate services, as well as automate manually intense data management tasks.

How is Artificial Intelligence impacting mobile app industry?

AI helps mobile app developers to cut-throat competition with a straightforward process for customers. With the new technologies, AI has a great impact on how apps function. AI enables applications to boost user’s interactions with smart devices.

How does AI affect application development?

Using AI, developers can build better and smoother software in less time. AI also includes machine learning (ML), deep learning, natural language processing, and business rules. This not only makes development hassle-free but also results in top-notch and bugs-free applications.

What are the challenges of using artificial intelligence?

Choosing the correct data set, inner app infrastructure, lack of support, hardness with finding right developers with a solid background, complex algorithms, and training of AI models.

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