The client has already worked with our team on the project “Have a Nice Day” and decided to develop a more complex application that will be connected with the previous one. HAV WTR, the abbreviation for “have water,” is a wellness app designed to help Miami residents get quality water while also tracking how much water they consume per day to keep their health in check.


Customer Idea

Since 2019, people have become more aware of their health and wellness. Not talking about visiting a doctor, one of the key things to keep health in check has always been drinking enough water. However, the water quality in the US isn’t always high, and the modern lifestyle is hectic, so some forget to hydrate themselves during the day. Therefore, HAV WTR will become the first ever platform that rewards you for hydration and also allows users to recycle used bottles to contribute to a better ecology.

Screen app

Development Process

HAV WTR is in the development stage. The key function of the platform is linked with ordering water from a trusted company to ensure Miami residents get only high-quality water for their health and wellness.

This water tracking app allows users to:

  • Buy water
  • Buy a subscription to order water with the preferred interval (every day, once a week, once a month, etc.)
  • Buy brand clothes
  • Track water delivery
  • Recycle bottles to improve the ecology

In addition, the idea behind HAV WTR is to motivate people to consume more water, so we decided to add a key feature – hydration tracking and rewards.

So users will be requested to fill out the simple form, which is made up of questions like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Lifestyle
  • Weight
  • Habits
  • Mood
  • Symptoms (psychical and mental)

Once they fill out the form, they can track daily water consumption. To make this feature more useful and accurate, this hydration tracker app calculates the recommended water intake based on answers.

Users will be able to input all beverages they drink during the day, like coffee or tea, and the app will calculate an accurate percentage of water needed and consumed. If users input other drinks, like alcohol, this app for tracking water intake indicates that their hydration percentage goes negative.

The goal is to achieve 100% hydration daily. If the app does not contain information about a specific drink, users can also scan it to avoid manually filling in the information.

The platform will also allow users to connect with family members and get rewards for 100% hydration. Since the app is in the development stage, we discuss the opportunity to connect it to cryptocurrencies for higher user satisfaction, enjoyment, and convenience.

user interface

UX/UI Design

The design of HAV WTR has been crafted based on themed colors and brand attributes. Since tracking water intake should be as simple as possible, the app contains white and black colors and is also packed with images for better visualization of drinks and percentages. We had several ideas for the design, so we started with wireframes, and now we are working on a new design after a client’s approval.

Color Palette


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Design background

ADD Water

screen app
screen app
screen app

ADD Water

screen app
screen app

Technology stack


The tech Stack of the HAV WTR is made of the following technologies:

  • Kotlin for the Android platform
  • Node.js and React for Web admin panel
  • Swift for iOS platform
  • Stripe for payments
  • Apple maps for tracking the delivery
  • Bluedot SDK for tracking geolocation
screen app

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