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corona is affecting business

May 21, 2020

How Corona is Affecting our Business

May 21, 2020

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How Corona is Affecting our Business

We’re providing custom mobile development services for startups in the United States, Western Europe, Canada & Australia.

So how Corona is affecting our business so far?

corona affects business

Recently we got everyone to work remotely, we don’t see any kind of low performance or distractions issues so far, even a slight improvement in how much time people spend on the work & their productivity.

We don’t have too much data so far on this point, but the general opinion is that remote work is definitely going to be reprioritized after this crisis – bigger companies & enterprises will collect & see data from it and in upcoming years we’ll see more and more online remote-based businesses.

For some people it’s a challenge to get used to remote working, it’s harder since you are working from the same place you spend your leisure time in, there is the definitive set of rules I’m using personally to achieve that:
– Dress in the working close;
– Change the room you are working in (make sure it’s a different room from the one you sleep in);
– Block all the social media websites & resources you are using in the free time;
– Create a list of tasks to achieve before starting the workday & keep yourself accountable to them.

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It’s not bad overall, we used to work with some people remotely & have clear accountability and management processes in place.

Now, from our clients’ point of view – unfortunately, we were forced to hold on the projects with b2c non-essential businesses based in the United States. They are revenue-driven & everyone is trying to cut on costs atm to survive – so this decision is totally understandable from their end – if they are not making any money at the moment why they should keep investing in the development if we don’t know when the whole situation will end.

We have several issues on the fundraising point of view of our clients due to quarantine – meetings with investors are being cancelled & there is a hold on these projects as well.

From the other point of view, businesses that are not affected by the situation or are even benefitting from it – food delivery & production services, health-based businesses, etc. – these are the ones that doing good currently & the ones we’re putting our resources to work with.

From the sales & lead generation point of view we don’t see any huge influence at the moment – at the end of the day, we’re in b2b & diversifying by taking on projects in many different niches & industries.

We have ideas currently to focus on healthcare & health tech services development since this is the industry that probably will be bumping during the whole 2020 – and after that, since people always need assistance with their health & automation of existing processes with mobile applications and adding value to the patient-doctor relationships through the software will definitely be on point not only during an upcoming couple of years but through the whole century since people are eager to live longer & healthier lives.

Harder times teach us to focus on the things that are really important & grow real human relationships which are essential for any business activity, business natural selection has begun.

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