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Top Best Mobile App Development Trends In 2022

February 8, 2022

Top Best Mobile App Development Trends In 2022

February 8, 2022

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The mobile app development sphere is growing every day. However, with the demand grows competition as well, so surviving and thriving in this digital industry might be a tricky task. Since people will always tend to convenience and speed, the mobile app ecosystem seems to develop and shine in upcoming years with no sign of slowing down.

Today, the phone is the main thing we take to work, when traveling, or even when we want to eat. The pandemic caused a significant impact on how we live and what we use for a more engaging way of life. And companies also take the benefits of this situation, providing users with mobile applications that allow them to perform the most vital daily functions. 

Applications can fundamentally boost most business models, operating models, and even marketing campaigns the company has. Even though the strongest in 2021 was the mobile games segment with a revenue of over 200 billion U.S. dollars, followed by social networking mobile platforms, which created revenue of approximately 31 billion dollars, Statista suggests that revenue within all segments is going to increase over the next few years and reach around 613 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2025.

To ensure you won’t waste money and time, you will need to implement the best ideas and trends that have been shown to be effective. The first step to success is to stay updated with the mobile app development trends in 2022. Let’s learn more about the latest advertisements in the tech sphere and learn more about trends you can consider for the next project.

Although healthcare and food delivery were the most popular trends for the development, below we will discuss ideas that are going to emerge this year:

Use of 5G

The 5G has been here for a while, but the technology gained immense popularity and became a buzzword this year. Many tech companies have started to implement 5G at full power; therefore, we can find 5G-enabled devices available in the market. Researchers expect that 660Mn smartphones will be powered by 5G technology next year, which is equivalent to 47.5% of all devices. 


Some people believe that Pokemon Go, popular several years ago, was the main reason for AR’s success. This platform gained immense popularity and showed that the world could practically use VR to provide user engagement and satisfaction. 

Today many companies use AR/VR app development to enhance user experience. For example, Ikea implements AR that allows users to easily see what a particular piece of furniture will look like in their home. In addition, such market giants like Apple, Google, and Meta bring AR & VR innovations.

Mobile Commerce

Just like with food delivery app development last year, mobile commerce is now more popular. People can’t go to a physical store to buy clothes due to COVID-19 restrictions. Therefore, these services allow users to buy online, forcing retailers to build native apps or progressive web apps (PWAs) that promise a better shopping experience. 

In contrast to e-commerce, mobile commerce (also known as m-commerce) means online purchases through a mobile app directly rather than a mobile web page. The m-commerce sector is believed to be estimated at around $22 billion by 2022. This is mainly because most B2B and B2C companies have gained engagement, boosted conversion rates, and increased revenue after building a PWA for their business. Learn more about on-demand apps development.

AI & Machine Learning

After the immense success of FaceApp, the AI and ML technologies became an ultimate choice for many companies. For example, the MyHeritageApp provided a unique photo animated feature that transforms photos into realistic animations. Machine Learning and AI app development can be an excellent option for any business looking for promising trends that will stay in demand during the following 5 years. 

Beacon Technology

Even though beacon technology was brought to the market in 2013, they are gaining popularity for mobile app development, especially in retail companies. This technology can bring many benefits for users, including real-time, location-specific deals and notifications. This also may boost the convenience of mobile payments. Beacons can also benefit business owners, helping them understand their users’ shopping preferences, behavior, and patterns and transform this data into a better shopping experience.

Even though we learned the best ideas for successful development, the design also plays a great role in the user’s satisfaction with using the software. Therefore, below you will find trends in the design you should consider during the development process:

1. Clarity and Minimalism

Even though this is the hottest trend in app design, this was always the key to success. Clear, straightforward, and easily following interfaces will remain relevant for any mobile displays, industries, and the limited size of the device. Over the last several years, it has become more apparent that customers love clarity and minimalism. 

2. Dark Contrasting Design

Dark colors that contrast the text displayed in the app have been proved to be one of the best UI practices. The main reason for the popularity of dark design is that it helps reduce eye tension when using devices. In addition, different highlights look extremely great and fascinating against a dark background, allowing users to clearly see every detail. 

3. Functional 3D Graphics

The 3D graphics might seem not really popular today, but in reality, it remains efficient and particularly in-demand in the e-commerce industry. But it is vital to understand that 3D technology also changes every day. The wow factor is now not as essential as a few years ago. Comparatively, today’s vital point is emphasizing 3D interactivity.

4. Customization

Just like its name suggests, the customized design allows users to feel like the design was specially made according to their needs and preferences. This creates a more personalized experience and can significantly boost users’ loyalty. Experts believe that trend is only going to grow stronger while the design becomes even more person-focused.

Now we know what trends will boom in the development and design, but it is time to learn marketing trends you should consider to achieve market success.

1. Increase Mobile-Optimized Emails

Email optimization for mobile devices has long been a great practice. This includes limiting image sizes, specially crafted for customers who don’t like to pinch and scroll too much to see the content. Therefore, using short paragraphs and various bullet points can help make content more scannable.

Experts suggest that mobile-optimized emails will become even more popular in 2022. More technically, they believe that mobile-first design will become a happy medium for this industry.

2. Mobile Games as a Great Marketing Tool

Since many people do not like traditional forms of advertising now, they are more likely to pay attention to something that helps them have fun: For instance, research revealed a 12% increase in customers playing mobile games since the start of the pandemic.

A mobile product could significantly drive in-store traffic if used correctly and in various ways. However, it is worth noting that mobile games are not suitable for all spheres to use as efficient marketing strategies. But in some cases, they are suitable for the market and target audience. 

3. Potential of Metaverse for Marketing 

After the announcement of Facebook’s parent company, Meta, companies realized the potential of its popularity. People might notice some of the advertising of metaverse during interactions with their friends or purchasing something from brands. Metaverse represents a hypothesized environment blurring the gap between the real and virtual. Imagine a person who wears a VR headset and goes shopping to their favorite store rather than going into a physical one or using one’s website. 

A study showed that metaverse applications might capture over $3 billion in users spending during this year. Considering these applications and technologies popular within the metaverse can be beneficial for companies looking for additional exposure or business expansions. 

4. NFTs and Blockchain

By implementing non-fungible tokens (NFTs), gaming companies can benefit from immense market opportunities. Starting from digital plots ending with land to rare gear, NFTs developed into core gameplay loops can have great potential to boost in-game purchases. When used as player motivations, NFTs would appeal to completionists, customizers, collectors, and different strategists. Interexy provides custom blockchain app development services for any idea you have.

Why Choose Interexy as a Partner?

Interexy is well-recognized in the tech industry due to its in-depth app and web development expertise while also providing unmatched quality design and marketing campaigns. As a leader in many industries, Interexy always knows the latest trends and implements the brightest ideas to guarantee clients’ satisfaction and success in the market.

One of the most popular examples of our work is MedKitDoc – a revolutionary telemedicine application focused on the B2B market with a concept of reinventing the way telemedicine works. By working with Interexy, the MedKitDoc team gained €500k pre-seed funding allowing it to continue the development process and prepare the app for heavy go-to-market strategies implementation.

Interexy also ensures that every project is performed only by a high-skilled team with relevant experience. Open transparency, a high level of dedication, and an industry-tied team guarantee your product will stand out from the competitors. Whether you need mobile app marketing services or are looking for a trusted partner, reach us out to learn more and discuss all further questions!

Final Thoughts

These best app ideas 2022 are going to help companies develop only popular platforms with engaging designs and implement the latest marketing strategies for higher ROI and better market results. Since our fast world is constantly moving and changing, it is vital to always know what your target audience wants and how you can benefit users. If you want to attract more users, stay ahead of the market, and do not worry about development details, consult our experts and bring the future of mobile products to the industry right now.


What are the mobile app development trends for 2022?

Alongside the trends we mention in the article, ideas like courier delivery, medicine delivery, fashion apps, beauty service apps, health services, and grocery apps will be popular in 2022.

What is the most popular app in 2022?

Even though we use many applications daily, the most popular app in 2022 is now considered Facebook, with 416 million users.

What are the future mobile app design trends in 2022?

Among most design trends, experts believe that colorful data visualization, 3d technologies, dark color palette, multi-directional navigation, and limitless imagery are the most promising.

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