Main Ideas Good Mobile App Ideas for Startup During COVID-19

13 июня, 2020

Good Mobile App Ideas for Startup During COVID-19

13 июня, 2020


On the grounds of feeling spiritless during COVID-19, at some point, you must have arrived at, “I must start doing something meaningful that keeps me on the move and fetches me good money!”

The next moment, you aspire to develop the greatest smartphone app ever! You begin brainstorming ideas on what you should do. Every passing day, you embrace them more and more. In fact, you even start fathoming how millions of users across the globe will religiously use your app on their mobile phones, iPads, and smartwatches! Soon, you start racking up various strategies. You have a remarkable concept in mind. However, you are off the mark on how to implement those ideas. If you are anything like this, then our article will explain all the particulars of developing a distinguished idea and transforming it into a rewarding project. In essence, you will get a step-by-step lead on what to do if you intend to keep your smartphone app idea afloat! Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Why is a mobile app startup a great idea during COVID-19?

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has overwrought almost every country in the world. It has inflicted tremendous panic amongst everyone. With the drastic surge in positive cases every day, more and more people are confining themself within the boundaries of their homes. With no signs of improvement anytime soon, every person is compelled to find alternate ways to run their daily operations. On the other hand, some are just seeking ways to pass their time. In light of these circumstances, the lockdown has brought a casket full of good fortune and opportunities for app developers! Did you know that despite the catastrophic repercussion of COVID-19, the mobile app spending is likely to double by 2024? (Sources: With this, we can incur how you have the potential to outgrow these challenging times.

Everyone today is exchanging views on mobile apps. Moreover, all those who tend to own a smartphone (basically everyone), have dozens of these on their phones. From the littlest of things to the most crucial activities, we need a mobile application for everything. Even for the tasks, we cannot perform on an app, we certainly need one! Therefore, if your app makes the cut, who knows, you might become the next millionaire we know! Top 5 sought-after app ideas amidst COVID-19

We know how online start-ups have the potential to surmount the effects of the pandemic. Now, let us have a look at the following million-dollar ideas in the umbrella of app startups, each of which guarantees a futuristic growth!

1. Leisure and hobbies

We all are under lockdown, staying at home can feel somewhat overwhelming. At the same time, this can be a chance for people to reconnect with their long-forgotten hobbies and talents! Developing an enjoyable app can ensure that your startup boosts from day one. Moreover, these apps prove to be an instrumental way of killing time. Apps such as book-colouring and online scrabble are the ideal choice for developers who want to offer their users with a rejuvenating “me time.” Additionally, your tool can incorporate attractive graphics, special effects, eye-catching visuals like fireworks, and so much more! These apps even hold the potential to load you with heaps of revenue, which is a cherry on the cake!

2. Well-being and happinessThe mobile well-being app market has drastically grown over the past decade. Such apps can be a positive addition to anybody’s phone, and drive them one step closer to attaining tranquility! With the ongoing pandemic, everyone is trying to get hold of their sanity. Therefore, developing such an app can get you an audience in large numbers. Also, these applications will be a user’s one-step solution to de-stress and feel better, and, at the same time, ensure a promising growth for your business.

3. eLearning and education“Getting bored? Learn a new language!” Fascinating! Isn’t it? Today, e-learning is no longer a “no-strings-attached” activity. Rather, it has become mainstream and is guaranteed to grow in the coming years. There’s no age to learning something new, and you can use this as your brand-new gimmick to season an excellent app in 2020. Moreover, apart from discovering apps to keep their little ones occupied, people are in pursuit of building their knowledge. This is the perfect time to build a tool that facilitates an engaging and fun-filled learning process. With your innovation and a pint of uniqueness, the world can be just an app away from new ways of learning!

4. Home delivery Most of the businesses are trying to get accustomed to new ways of living. Also, these days, a majority of people are relying on home-delivery solutions for every little requirement. In this case, these on-demand apps can become a life-savior for the users, and generate a decent capital for developers. From groceries and medicines to food, a home delivery app can offer essential supplements at the doorstep. This has led to a spike in demand for these mobile applications amid the COVID-19 widespread. Therefore, during these darker times, you have a golden opportunity to reach users online and give your app a remarkable hike!

5. Remote working smartphone applications have transformed the face of working. These are becoming more powerful and prevalent every coming day. In the hurricane of the COVID-19 spread, several companies are incorporating useful apps that accelerate remote working. For instance, these might offer webinar services, data sharing and management, secure audio-call windows, and other aspects that neutralize the need for a workplace. Remote working tools can be a great concept for a spontaneous boost in the sales of your newly-developed app.

6. Podcasts and audiobooks The art of brainstorming unique ideas for app development is that you must introspect from the viewpoint of every individual. Reading is not everyone’s cup of tea. Yet, all the non-readers welcome words of wisdom with open arms!  Creating an exclusive app for podcasts and audiobooks can churn out significant results for you. Your app can accommodate inspirational, comedy, drama, or other categories for podcasts and eBooks. Additionally, make sure to design a user-friendly app that they can operate while running errands. This fool-proof idea will certainly get your users hooked onto your app!

Tips to successfully implement your app idea startup If you’re a new kid to the building of outstanding mobile applications, you must have various questions in your mind: Does my app make sense? Is it unique enough? What if it fails? Regardless of what people say, there’s no denying the fact that building an app is a dubious and challenging process. Formulating an exclusive concept is only one-fourth of the entire drudgery that follows! However, with the right procedure (and a know-it-all blogpost like ours!), nothing is impossible! Word of advice: Follow the 3 Ps of building your own app — Practice, Persistence, and Patience!

The following steps will help you develop your idea into a profitable application: 1. Accept the risk As much as you are thrilled to actualize your idea, launching an application is not a mere hobby. Rather, it is a business move. It involves a myriad of time, funds, and dedication. Moreover, an app startup involves both — high risks but higher rewards! At the same time, you must comprehend whether you are fully committed and open to all the subsequent risks. After all, you must be prepared for the aftermath if anything goes south. 2. Design your value proposition With millions of applications all over the internet, having your app recognized by users is harder than an uphill battle! The only way to accomplish lifelong success is to ensure that you launch a unique app in the market. In simpler terms, your selling proposition is basically the “killer” factor that makes your app a hit! Of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the first groundbreaking discovery, but it must possess an aspect that sets it apart from the crowd. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are my users looking for?
  • Does my app meet the requirement?
  • What are the other plausible solutions?

Take inspiration from Bumble’s “Women make the first move” strategy. This served as an essential value proposition to their marketing technique!

3. Select a priority platform Choose the platform you wish to launch your application on. This plays a major role in determining the success rate of your app startup. The most popular app platforms in today’s time are iOS and Android. 4. Create a persuasive draft For this step, you do not have to rush to provide every single detail of your tool, including the specifications and other intricacies. Rather, you can begin by creating a precise pitch document. Just figure out the basics and combine them to evaluate your app’s workability. 5. Get a rough estimateBefore you pitch your draft to an outsourcing business company or a freelancer app developer, make sure to get a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) signed. Your idea is worth a thousand gold coins. Therefore, you don’t want anyone robbing and taking credit for it. You can also inquire about the potential investment along with the developing time for your app. This will help you get a picture of the estimated expense and the timeline of your project. 6. Work out a deal After receiving an estimate and partnering with a mobile app development company, you can begin to elucidate the details of the venture. This is the right time to look into their policies and negotiate accordingly. Exchange your views regarding the app’s functionality, design, deadlines, and other crucial factors. After settling on a common verdict, it is imperative for a Software Development Agreement to be created, that can be signed by both the parties. 7. Initiate the wireframing processWireframes are the backbone of your startup app idea. These incorporate the essential elements of your mobile app. In essence, a wireframe creation offers you a draft version of user-interaction on your application. It also provides you a decent idea of how your final product will look. A wireframe for your app must provide the following details:

  • The major sections of content
  • Details of the app’s structure
  • Depiction of user interaction and a visual representation

8. Finalize the design In order to ensure that your app blossoms into a successful endeavor, you must choose a wonderful design. You can either formulate one by yourself or delegate the task to a smartphone app designer. Be it a freelancer or someone from the development company, a decent designer will present various options and take into account your wishes and concepts. However, if you do not like the design, you are offered, pack your bags, and run towards the other direction! 9. Perform a run-throughAfter the approval of your design, the next step would be the testing of your app. Remember, it is essential to assess the working of your app at each stage in order to eliminate the chances of viable errors. 10. Designate a fabulous title This is the final icing on your cake! Your app is incomplete without an amazing, catchy name for it. An exceptional title is the best way to draw engagement and create a long-lasting brand impression on your customers.

In the end, Successfully building an app comes down to engaging with customer-needs as if they are your co-founders! Having a blockbuster idea for a mobile app can transform into the most rewarding and exhilarating experience ever. Moreover, the better part is watching your concept come true! After all, execution is everything! We hope that our article helped you streamline your ideas and gauge the best strategies to implement them. By now, you must feel confident to put your best foot forward and build a fruitful app that sweeps everyone off their feet!

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